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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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Disneyland is a cash cow for the Disney Corporation. They obviously feel that they don't need to add another E-Ticket attraction, because the Locals + Tourists keep showing up year after year.


But, in the long run this strategy will fail!!!


Revamping preexisting attractions like Space Mountain or the Submarines is NOT a good long term plan. (I like many others don't see these as new attractions)


I hope that Disneyland adds something significant in the near future, I live about 25 minutes from Disneyland, and this is the first year in a long time that I only visited the park once this year.


Take us "locals" for granted and it will cost you in the long term.


I hold Disney to a higher standard, and like Robb said it's been over a decade since they have added a significant E-Ticket attraction!


That is both surprising and a bit sad!

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FINALLY!!! Some people whom I agree with about the whole E ticket thing. Now, Disney DOES have a lot of dough to EASILY make a chart-topping E ticket ride that EVERYONE would like.. but Bringing back old rides... or like people here said.. refurbishing old ones just won't cut it. If DCA tore out the track and mad e this ride into a Peter pan type thing it might even be a B ticket ride..! But yeah. I hear DCA is getting a new coaster. Back on topic now. 0o;


Like BelizeIt said.. If they take the Locals for granted.. Bad things might happen.

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I went on the ride today also, with Brent (Socalman123). We were the first people to ride it and we both agreed that it was an awesume Disney dark ride. I liked they ending where the guy programed Ross to tell the two kids in the front row (me and Brent) I'm watching you. It really was an amazing experience. My favorite part of the ride was when Randall (the salamander looking guy)disappeared and reappered and looked like a solid figurine. The courtyard in that area has also been redown and the Muppet's 3-D sign changed a little (there is also a new Sorcerer Mickey fountain), but overall it smelled like a fresh coat of paint. The ride themeing i would give a 9/10.

Hey and for anybody that wants something to do at DCA go through the Toritlla and Sour Dough bakeries a couple of times you will get a sample at the end of the tour.

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Ehh, I was kinda hoping it would be suspended, like the doors at the end of the movie...

Yeah, I was hoping, when they first announced the attraction, that the whole ride system would be replaced - into hanging doors 'vehicles'.


Well, even tho it's now geared as "Fun for little ones," maybe they'll speed up the cabs just a little bit, like they originally intended for SL.


I read some where that one of their original design concepts was in fact a suspended door swinging indoor roller coaster design, but they didn't see how they would get it to work right, and so they went with this design, although the door design would have been cool, I'm gonna have to say I prefer the way its ended up better.

Besides, we'll probably see a "Cars" Theme ride modeled after Test Track in some way for 07.

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Hey and for anybody that wants something to do at DCA go through the Toritlla and Sour Dough bakeries a couple of times you will get a sample at the end of the tour.


IMHO, That is a prime example of what's WRONG with DCA. That Monetery Bay area is beautifully done from a theming standpoint, but what is there to do there? Nothing! (Except get tortilla and bread samples, and oh yeah, you can buy food there... Big deal!) Can you say LAME? Same thing for that farm area in front of "A Bug's Land" , and the wanna-be winery dealio over by Grizzly Peak. That stuff looks and feels so cheap and cheesy that it's hard to believe it's in a Disney park.


I get the impression, from having read this site for some time now, that the majority of people here lean more toward the hard core coaster enthusiasts side of things than most fans of Disney do. Nothing wrong with that at all, but I believe the hard core enthusiasts may have a tougher time wrapping their thoughts around what Joe and Jane average family that goes to the DLR once a year for a week is really after. Personally, I love Disney dark rides. Even the goofy old school ones. I was disappointed by Pooh, but mostly because they could have done so much more with it. (As evidenced by the Pooh rides at some of their other parks.)


To me, the Monsters Inc. / SSL deal isn't so much the deal with DCA. It's the fact that other than that particular ride, what do they have in the way of the "traditional" Disney dark ride? Nothing is the answer. They have Muppets, TTBaB, that Whoopie Goldberg movie deal, and Soarin'... All glorified movie screens. Disney can definitely do better. (Although I'll give Soarin' a break because it is pretty cool.)


What DCA needs, from my perspective, is to be more "Disney". Feel more Disney, smell more Disney, etc... The park just doesn't have the atmosphere of a place where you're overwhelmed by how much there is to take in. Disneyland does, and that's a big part of what makes it so cool.


If you look at some concept art for DCA, they have the park looking a lot more "busy" than how it turned out. If you ask me, they need to make it at least that busy, if not more so. Build the flume ride deal that has a big drop over the water in front of Paradise pier. Theme the living hell out of it like they usually do everything else. Build the rumored "Cars" movie tie-in ride that's supposed to be something along the lines of Test Track, but theme it to the LA freeways, or whatever... Do that, along with cozying the place up a bit with some trees, gardens, etc. Then last, but not least: Put some damn old school Disney-worthy dark rides in the place. Think POTC, or HM. Something that will become a timeless classic.


Don't get me wrong, I like the park and there's a lot that's good about it in addition to what's wrong. It's just that it isn't anywhere near being the complement to Disneyland that it should be.


I hope it gets there someday, but right now it's more like a red-headed stepchild than a sister park.

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Well, it looks better than Winnie the Pooh. The thing that annoys me is how the cars for these new dark rides are so big and the track is less twisty. The old dark rides are fun because you enter a room and you wonder how you get out of this room and then suddenly you turn and there's the exit right there, or and door opens and you go through it. Meanwhile in Winnie the Pooh sometimes there's just a big straight section. The nice thing about these new dark rides is the special effects and more of a storyline. Still, Alice in Wonderland totally owns Winnie the Pooh.

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  • 11 months later...

Look closely, and tell me what you see...or it may be easier to say what you DONT see....


(Photo from EarKid at MiceAge)








Due to having to cut away supports for the new Midway Mania attraction, California Screamin will remove its current loop and receive a new one over the course of the next three days!


Now, apparently it had already been a rumor around CM's for months, that they would be removing the loop, and replacing it with new a new one (with new supportwork)...but it was totally unbelievable, so never gained much momentum. Well, now it would appear as if it actually happening.


Yesterday, Screamin was down, as they ended up having to cut power to the attraction ahead of schedule, for the prep work. And now apparenlty it is actually happening. The ride is only expected to be down for a mere 3-days. But we all know how construction goes, so who knows. And yes--the loop will be replaced with another loop. So its not like it is being removed for good.



For a second, I was going to have to sound a "Derek Alert", which is like the missing-loop-equivalent of an "Amber Alert".



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