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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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One of my trainers has been on TSMM as she's going to be one of the opening day leads. The ride track is flat and doesn't have any elevation changes, or at least she didn't mention anything about them. Looks like cast preview dates could possibly be in mid May! I'm getting even more excited about this one!


Also, as far as the long term billion dollar plan is concerned, the Carthay Circle theater will no longer house a Walt Disney film, it just be an empty building with a great facade. There will probably be many more changes to the plan before ground is broken on any of the projects.


For those as interested in Walt Disney Imagineering as I am, a new DVD came out this week that focuses on WDI's Disneyland Resort projects. I'm going to pick up a copy today, they're for sale at the Disneyana store and I believe World Of Disney at DTD.

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FYI - the new cars ride will be using an updated system of the test track ride at epcot. At one point, the plan is for the two cars racing side by side to swerve and move over to the opposite side of the road, effectively switching tracks midstream for an added bit of drama.


In other words, this will crap all over test track.

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Most people know that Mr. Potatoes ear also comes off during sequences in the performance he has in the queue. They actually tested taking it out and i have to say its really fluid and smooth. Its really impressive and a good step to the remodel of DCA.


and he sings


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Hey, I was searching online and found more concept drawings for the refurb on California Adventure. Some you have seen before, but there is alot that are new. Enjoy!



The Little Mermaid (Outside). Looks decent.


Sun Wheel rethemed. This looks much better than that sun face they have out there now.


Preview center looks ok. They could do better.


For all those ACR's out there who love to drink . . . . I now present to you, the Beer Garden!


As we already knew about. Toy Stroy Mania!


Redesigned game #2.


Redesigned Boardwalk game #1.


New showing area for the "World Of Color"





Radiator Springs Racers. Similar to Test Track.


This looks interesting. . . . Is it going to be a teacup sort of ride?


Drawing for a ride themed after tires. This looks somewhat like the old flying saucers in Tomorrowland. Let's hope these work better.


Overview of Cars land




Concept Design for "Goofy's Flight Skool"


Trolley Route



The red trolleys. These will be going from the entrance, all the way to in front of the Tower of Terror.


Concept drawings of the new Partners statue.


Cathay Circle Theatre. and hub.


The Hub


The model of the new entrance.


Let's start off with the new entrance. It looks relatively similar to the Hollywood Studios Entrance. . . .

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Mr. Potato Head looks great. I couldn't help but think about that Slate.com article where the author said AAs would be phased out within 10 years.




Robotics technology is getting better and better and that means Disney will build better and better AAs.


Is there anything on the drawing board to build a US ride that uses the Tokyo Pooh ride system? To me it seems awfully silly to spend 10s of millions of dollars to develop a ride system that you use twice.

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Here's some concept art that I found online of the refurbishment. There's some drawings from The new Cars Land, and some pictures of the Little Mermaid dark ride, and the new seating area for the "World of Color". Also I think that Disney is giving Derek his own place for the park, ( The Beer Garden). I hope you enjoy the pics!



Overview of The Little Mermaid.


The Little Fish. . . er . . . Mermaid.


Preview Center. This looks kinda meh. . . . I think they could do better.


Designs for the new "Partners Statue'.


Goofy's Flight School. This is the redone mulholland madness, and it looks good!


Second Redesigned boardwalk game.


First redesigned boardwalk game.


Here you go Derek, The Beer Garden. This will be placed where Pizza Oom Mow Mow and Burger Invasion now stand.


New facade for the Sun wheel. This looks waaaaaay better than the Small World wannabe sun facade.


Ok we all know what this picture is. . . now we just have to wait for it to debut. . . . June 16th . . . . . .


Mater's Towing ride. I wonder what this could end up to be. I hope it's not a cheap flat ride like the Ladybug boogie in Bug's Land.


Luigi's Saucers. This looks really similar to a ride Disney put out a while back, but didn't work right. . . .


Pic of where Carsland will be placed.


On to Cars Land. Heres an overview.


here's the route of the Trolleys.



On to the Red Trolleys. These will be not only transporting guests to the end of the "Main Street" but also to the front of the Tower of Terror.


. . .


The Hub.


Model of the New Entrance.


The New Entrance. This looks really similar to the Entrance of Hollywood Studios.

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Found this on Micechat. There's some ideas that haven't been talked about much. I think alot of this looks like it is going to turn out great. It's only a matter of time to see. . . .



here's a project tracker for Ya'll


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I welcome the majority of these changes, but I can't help wondering if there's anything at all coming to the Monterey bay section. The buildings there are very well themed to represent cannery row, but the tortilla and bread factories just don't exactly cut it as the only attractions for that area. What I would like to see added there would be a boat ride around the bay. It could be presented as a whale watching tour, complete with animatronic whales in the bay that swim alongside the tour boats. That, and/or the surf board themed flume ride that I've seen in some early DCA concept art, would at least add some reason to actually spend some time in the Monterey section. As it is now, I look at that area and say to myself, "Wow, great theming. Too bad there's not much to do here."

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Hey everyone!


Today was media day at Disney's California Adventure and Theme Park Review was there to check out the new Toy Story Mania and the "House of the Future."


We've got tons of photos and a full POV video featuring Toy Story Mania and some clips from the opening ceremony. Enjoy!





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YAY!!! I am soooo glad that today has come and gone! It was an amazing day that will go down in DCA's history! I am sooo glad that TPR was there to help celebrate this occasion! Glad that you enjoyed our little attraction! It is really surpassing everyone's expectations! EVERYONE needs to come check it out! See you at the Midway...make sure to say hi!


chuck "maniac at heart!" garcia

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Great TR, Robb. Glad you all had a great day there at the parks.


And sweet Kristen looks like a seasoned TSM pro already, there in her seat and glasses, holding onto that shooter, LOL.



See you guys, this weekend!

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Great report and loved the on-board commentary. The ride seems to be very ''campy'' which is great. I like the indoor sets alot, they give off a very nostalgic feel .

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