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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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^^ I can't even think of what the last non-character or movie based attraction would be! Rocket Rods? Captain EO?


Think about it, the last few new DL attractions have been:


Buzz Lightyear ('05)

Winnie The Pooh ('03)

Tarzan's Treehouse (although not new IMO) ('99)

Honey, I Bored The Audience ('98 )

Rocket Rods ('98 )

Indy ('95)

Cartoon Spin ('94)

Toon Town Area w/ Gadgets Go Coaster ('93)

Splash Mountain ('89)

Star Tours ('87)

Captain EO ('86)

Pinocchio ('83)

Big Thunder Mountain ('79)

Space Mountain ('77)


So yeah, looking at that timeline, It's been a LONG time since Disneyland has seen a major ride that wasn't based on some sort of intellectual property.


It's also kind of disturbing to see just how many "dark rides" were built in that time, and the future seems to hold quite a few more!


It's also interesting to see how many "E-Tickets" were built between '77 and '89 and how few have been built from '90 onwards.


--Robb "But I guess the resort did get a whole new park and Tower as well!" Alvey

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Yes...Disneyland space is filling up. I think that we will really be seeing very little E-tickets at Disneyland for the next 25 years, partially due to DCA.


Also...There are so many space consuming rides there that are considered "classics" that I cant see them tearing stuff down.

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What I'm more concerned about is all the "Pixar-ization" of the parks, as I call it.


I would like to address this comment.... I have a 7 year old and the Disney/Pixar movies are pretty much all she knows. The last of the "traditional animation" films from Disney were not huge commercial successes, and therefore, the characters from those films did not become household names like Buzz, Woody, Nemo, Mike and Sully. When we went to WDW in 2001 the characters she most wanted to see were Woody, Jessie, Mike and Sully, not Pinocchio, Tinkerbelle or even Cinderella. I just think Disney is looking to what appeals most to the current audience. Those of us that are 30+ have a much greater connection with the classic Disney movies than the 13 and under set. Plus, these characters have made a huge impact on the adult crowd too.


Shari "just my two cents" Shoufler

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^ Oh, definately, I agree that kids nowadays connect Disney more with the Pixar characters than with the classics. However, I'm talking about almost every single new ride idea coming down the pipeline for DL seems to tie into a Disney/Pixar movie. Disney used to be known for innovation and originality, now they are just using the Pixar characters to fill in space at the resort, while WDW gets all the original rides that DL used to be known for. That's my gripe. Believe me, I love DL with a passion, I even quit my job to work there for the summer a few years ago. However, it's sad that the current corporate leadership sees dollars only coming from rides based on Pixar movies, not on original, creative ideas.


Given the money, time and corporate backing, I really think that DL could begin to find that more people would respond to innovative and new ideas, instead of just rehashing old rides with Pixar themes and hoping it brings in the bodies. That's my point. Is anyone really THAT excited about Monster's Inc. at DCA? Nemo sounds decent, and I liked Buzz at WDW, but really, are these anything to get THAT excited about? Not in my opinion. DL used to be a place where families could ride things together, and both adults and kids would come away awed and excited. It seems that was lost a long time ago.


Anyways, I'm off my soapbox. I'd still love to live near the park again, and be able to visit all the time like I used to, even with all the Pixar rides.



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^ I agree and disagree.


Like Robb said above, Disney has been using it's movies for rides for a LONG time. And now, with Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Country Bears, is using rides for movies.


My kids also LOVE the pixar movies. The only "Traditional" animation they really watch is Spongebob and Rugrats. Every time we go to pick a movie to watch it's either a Pixar or Shrek, or something computer generated.


Only once in awhile do they pick something from the "Old School" Disney shelf.


Regarding the "Creativity" leaving, I also have to kind of disagree. EVERY classic Disney movie was based on a pre-existing story. Basically Walt took classic fairy-tales and told them in his way. Not to say they aren't awesome, because they are, but they were by no means original.


When you look at the Pixar movies, all have been original stories, based off of ideas that have been around for awhile.


Toy Story 1 and 2 - Toy's come alive

Monsters Inc. - Monsters under the bed

A Bugs Life - What it's like to be a bug

Finding Nemo - What it's like to be a fish

Incredibles - The Superhero family


But it does seem that the creativity inside "Disney" not Pixar is gone. But that's what happens when you fire all of your imagineers. Looking at what they did at TDS I think there is still some kind of imagination yet, given the resources to use that budget.


I would like nothing more than to see Disney return to traditional animation and be successful with it. But the "Cheapquels" are ruining that. Kids these days see Disney animation as being that. Unfortunately, I don't think were going to see big budget traditional animation come back to Disney anytime soon. Computer Animation is still too new (even though Toy Story came out 10 years ago) and is in high demand. Once the novelty wears off we may see a return to tradition.


But, back to the topic at hand. I loved the Subs, glad they are coming back in some form.


Wow, didn't realize I ranted that much.

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^^ ITA. Stitch's Great Adventure is truly awful. I never got to experience AE, but I love Lilo and Stitch, so it was a huge disappointment.


I'm proud to say that, as much as my kids love Toy Story 2 and Nemo, they LOVE the classic Mickey cartoons. It is so funny to watch them acting out Chip and Dale!


Sorry I can't really comment on the topic - I've never been to DL.

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To bad you didn't see AE, It was my favorite thing at Disney. It was a very original show,and very well done. I can fill a entire page ranting how stupid Disney is for making SGE. They simply did not think how this was going to affect the target audience they wanted! SGE scares the living crap out of them and bores everyone else. SGE is so bad that if someone took a sledgehammer and distroyed the Stitch AA, I would laugh like a madman. Disney lost a very good E-ticket and now have a half-baked "I have no clue what ticket this is" piece of crap. Note to Disney. STOP putting merchendising over magic!


Frank "Having AE Pride!" Melgeorge

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Rumor has it a Cars attraction is coming to DCA soon too.


I know it hasn't been confirmed, but I had heard that the Cars attraction is simply going to be a new overlay to Autopia. That would make sense. It would be a cheap and easy way to make a popular ride even more popular.


Honestly, I'm excited about the new submarine ride. Not that the submarine voyage was anything special.. I would just rather see them put something there rather than leaving is empty as they have for the past 7 years.

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I haven't been to Disneyland (yet!), so I really can't appreciate the "nothing new and innovative" issue. I have been to WDW 9 times and my visits have been spaced far enough apart and have, in some cases, been so short I've simply never been disappointed as far as seeing something new and different. But, then again, Walt saw to that by purchasing so much land in Florida. He knew there wasn't enough room at Disneyland for all that was to come.


Personally, I love the idea of turning the subs into a Nemo attraction and really wish they were doing the same at WDW (they have filled in the area and are putting in a Pooh playground instead). I loved 20,000 Leagues and was really bummed when they took it out.



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I really think this is a good move by Disneyland. The subs have such a nostalgia associated with them, it'd be a shame to completely destroy them for something new. I don't see it as a lack of creativity, as much as paying homage to the park's history by bringing attention back to a classic.

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I know it hasn't been confirmed, but I had heard that the Cars attraction is simply going to be a new overlay to Autopia. That would make sense. It would be a cheap and easy way to make a popular ride even more popular.


There is a NEW rumor about a Cars attraction using the Test Track system coming to DCA.

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To bad you didn't see AE, It was my favorite thing at Disney. It was a very original show,and very well done. I can fill a entire page ranting how stupid Disney is for making SGE. They simply did not think how this was going to affect the target audience they wanted! SGE scares the living crap out of them and bores everyone else.


Word is, of course, that AE scared the crap out of too many folks for the Disney suits to tolerate. I thought it was excellent, but I can see it totally freaking out the claustrophobic, the young, and those on really good drugs. Just part of WDW's catering to the wimpiest common denominator. If AE had opened at Universal instead, it would be alive and thriving.

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Honestly, I'm not dissing the movies at all. I love all the Pixar movies, and I love Disney movies too. My beef is the lack of creativity in the selection of new RIDES at DL/DCA. It all just seems to be rehashed stuff, redone stuff, or something that's already been done before. It's like Disney is turning into a more expensive version of Six Flags, dropping rides into parks that have been done before, or redoing rides altogether. Granted, Disney does it with a little more flair, but honestly the comparison can be made. Which is sad, because it never used to be that way.


The last ride that was original and innovative in the park was, what, Indy? We got a crap version of Pooh, a redone Space Mountain (which sounds really good, actually, I'll give it that), Rocket Rods (could've been innovative if done correctly), HISTA (blech) and I can't remember what else. I'm not counting DCA, where we've got Soarin' and California Screamin, and even Grizzly River Rapids to a certain extent. ToT is just another rehash of an already existing ride.


My biggest complaint lately is the lack of original attractions that you can't find anywhere else. Stuff like Mission: Space, Expedition Everest, Test Track, the list goes on and on. That's what I've been ranting about. So now I'm done. 8)



-- who carries a Disneyland soapbox wherever he goes...

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I think disney is going thru the same thing paramount parks is as far as not using the HB characters and pushing the new stuff. While I enjoy the "original" disney characters and things I just wished they will make original ride concepts for new rides instead of evening the score in a since. I really dont think disney likes traditional animation anymore because after the Lion King and Mulan you just see any more quality animated films. I think if disney pushed characters like alice in wonderland and pinicchio (however you spell it) people will become more familiar with them and appreciate them. But what do I know...

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This sounds very, very mediocre from the discription; 'Journey into a Volcano, and look! There's Nemo! And Dory, voiced by Ellen, who was/is a lesbian! We here at Disney love everyone! Even lesbians!'


Edit: Just in case you do, never take me seriously.

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mergency Crews Respond To Accident At California Adventure


POSTED: 7:26 pm PDT July 29, 2005

UPDATED: 7:42 pm PDT July 29, 2005


ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Emergency crews are at the scene of an accident at Disney's California Adventure Park.


Medical teams responded to the park after a report of an accident involving a roller coaster.


Fire crews, ambulances and other emergency vehicles are at the scene.


Refresh this page and watch NBC4 News at 11 p.m. for updates and reaction.

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A bit of an update.


The severity of the riders' injuries has not been confirmed. Medical personnel have treated at least 35 people.





Several riders were carried from the scene on stretchers.




A spokesman for the city of Anaheim said two trains on the ride made contact at a slow speed.


The park remained open.


"There were 24 patients in the first train, 36 in the second," said Danielle Craig, a dispatch supervisor with the Anaheim Fire Department.


Police Sgt. Joseph Faria said the accident was described to him as a minor collision.


"One car bumped another," he said.

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