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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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^ Thanks for that link.


Good to know there's still lots of other things planned for DCA through 2012 that haven't been formally disclosed yet.


I'm glad Maliboomer is on the way out. An S&S tower does not belong in a Disney park, no matter how well themed and decorated it is.


I'd also like to hear more on about what (if there are any) plans there are for Orange Stinger. That's just as tacky, cheap-looking, bland, and non-Disney as Maliboomer is.


So a recap of everything that's been announced so far, and new details disclosed in this article that was missed out on by the press:


New Park Entrance Complex by 2011


- New Art Deco turnstiles pushed out to the current California letters

- Pacific Electric Red Cars from Walt Disney Plaza to future Cars Land entry

- Antique vehicles to Hollywood

- Carthay Circle Theater with new Walt Disney Story

- Walt Disney Plaza

- New "Partners" statue: A youthful Walt and an old-school looking Mickey

- 1920's Los Angeles architecture and facades complete with street curbs and furnishings


Paradise Pier Remake 2008-2011

- Toy Story - Midway Mania! in 2008

- DCA Preview Center in 2008

- Disney's World of Color Spectacular in 2009 with new amphitheater

- 100$ million dollar The Little Mermaid attraction and sea-grotto play area

- Goofy's Flying Academy (retheme and renaming of Mulholland Madness)

- Beer Garden

- High-tech LED lighting system for Sun Wheel / Sun Wheel renamed and redecorated

- Victorian architecture and themeing throughout

- Disney-Pixar character overlay to California-themed midway games

- Mickey head on California Screamin' replaced with Victorian-era billboard


Cars Land expansion 2012

- 12 acre expansion into the existing Timon Lot

- $200+ million dollar Radiator Springs Racers E-Ticket

- Luigi's Bumper Tires C-Ticket (Walt's Flying Saucers)

- Mater's Spinner C-Ticket

- Drive-In Movie Restaurant

- Radiator Springs area development, stores, quick serve dining

- Realigned parade route

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I feel that the harsh criticism of the remodeling on this site should be praised. If Disney actually looks at forums like this they would want to know what fans of the company and its theme parks feel about the step they are taking to creating a better tomorrow for a failing theme park.


I beg to differ. I think there are a lot of people on this site that would be satisfied if Disney announced that they were going to build a bunch of really top notch coasters. There would be a lot of disappointed people as well, but I think overall there would be more people excited about it.


Overall though, when all the plans went through I think they would find that although there are a bunch of really great coasters, something is missing from the formula.



I think what has been presented to us is the start of turning DCA to what it should have been from the very beginning. It's going to look like how it should have back when the park opened 6 years ago.


So it's still going to take some time, but I think that majority of people will be satisfied with what people get.


I don't know about you, but a lot of times when I go to Disney, it's not all about the rides. Most of the time we're not even on rides. We're walking around enjoying the atmosphere and the live entertainment. DCA has a serious lack of this at the moment with nothing all that spectacular, but by the end of phase 1 of the $1.3 billion rebuild, I can seriously see myself wanting to walk around and take pictures and enjoying a good most of my day at DCA.


I think some people have some very pessimistic views about the plan, which I think is good so long as the criticism is good. Good criticism results in good improvements. But I think for the most part the imagineers and executives have it down this time for the most part, although there are some new things I'd also like to see. I'm hoping that new stories will be told... you know like how the Haunted Mansion and Pirates brought something new to the table. I'm hoping the imagineers can bring some new concepts to the table as well, but we shall see.

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^ Of all the things to get mad about...


I always thought the Mickey head was kind of tacky, I'm interested to see what they change it to.


Victorian era Intamin coaster? Disney really needs to start extensively drug testing their employees.

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^The park is utter crap compared to the one next door and not worth the amount of money a ticket costs.



whoa whoa whoa. Utter crap? I will be the first to admit that DCA could use some improvements and that DCA didn't open as strong as it probably should have, but calling the park crap is a bit harsh. There are plenty of worse parks out there and while DCA isn't the absolute best in the world, it is far from crap.

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Reread what I said. Utter crap compared to the park next door. DCA is not the worst park in existence, nor will it ever be. It is just about a thousand times less than what Disneyland is. Yet, TDA still insists on charging an equal amount for both parks. Is DCA worth 60+ dollars? Not at all. In fact, I'm sure it would draw more crowds if it were cheaper.

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^ I think most people would agree with the suggestion that California Adventure is NOT worth as much as it costs to get into Disneyland. I've always wondered why they went about pricing both parks the same.


I personally think it has something to do with the psychological aspect of it. If California Adventure admission tickets were cheaper than Disneyland, new visitors would naturally assume the experience would be cheaper as well. Pricing DCA on par with Disneyland gives the Resort an edge as to selling to-be customers the impression that they will get what they pay for.


And for that reason, I think that's why DCA has failed so miserably. You have people that drop so much on an admission ticket only to leave the park feeling ripped-off -- and eventually do not make any return visits.


I have no doubt in my mind that if DCA were priced in the $40 range, it would do better in attendance. However, there's a lot of fact out there suggesting that most of DCA's customers are either annual passholders or "park hopper ticket" holders. But I still think the straggling "one-park visitor" guest segment would better receive a cheaper ticketing price on DCA admission...


My $0.02

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In my opinion, I think the Mickey Head on Screamin' should stay. For me, it's been like an iconic mark for DCA. Also, it's hilarious to hear the general public speculate about how the loop goes all the way through the head (including the ears!).


To be frank, I like DCA the way it is. I really enjoy the California theme to it, and I am a Californian. Maybe it's just because I'm very conservative, but I'm not very thrilled about this huge change of the park. But if change is what it takes to make the park more successful, I hope it does the park some good.


When it comes to the removal of Maliboomer and Orange Stinger, I think it would be good. For one, Maliboomer didn't do much for me. The scream shields ruined the fun of shouting at the top of my lungs, and the launch wasn't really powerful enough to be thrilling. I'd rather ride Big Shot at the top of Stratosphere. And Orange Stinger? It's a bit too random for me. Bees inside of a peeled orange isn't the best idea of "theme." The ride program was far too short to be any fun.


With Mulholland Madness, I just want that ride to go altogether. I rode it once, and I found it very painful and not worth the half hour wait.


I don't see why a lot of people find Tower of Terror to be a dud. I thought it was very fun, but then again, I haven't been on the MGM one.


The night time show sounds like a wonderful idea! I can imagine it now. Being around Paradise Pier, seeing the lights of the rides in the background, and the show's dazzling water dancing throught the air. It sounds magical. I hope Disney will do something great with this.


I know that I am defending DCA, but I really enjoy it. It has tons of potential to become a great park. Of course, it will never be as incredible as Disneyland, but that's for another post.

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Anybody else also hope the Imagineers will take a portion of that huge $1.1 billion budget to fully enclose those scream-deflector half-tunnels on California Screamin'? Those things are so ugly and such an eyesore. Rather than leaving it half exposed with the steel ribbing on the inside visible to guests, they should fully enclose them into real tunnels and maybe add some sort of strobing/light effects.

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