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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

P. 393: Opening dates for Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway and Toontown!

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Those are not a show element; but, are simply doors to close off the lift. As to the reason they are even there, I have no clue because as far as I know, they dont ever close them.


Well I base my comment off of a fact someone mentioned with no backing on Mice Chat. Something about how they only worked the few months after opening (one of those effects), and how they would like to see it working again. I don't fully believe the claim, but the reason I ask is why would they put doors there if they weren't going to open or close?


Doors (like barrels) = theming?


Perhaps, but they are in such an odd spot of the ride:

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Tried to search through the topic, but 415 pages is hard to take in. My wife and I are going to be in LA on our way to our second honeymoon. Since we went to Disney World the first time, I thought it would be great if we could visit Disneyland on our 15th anniversary. I made our layover as long as I could, but it's really only one night. We arrive around 10:20am at LAX, so I assume we can't make it to the park until noon at the earliest. We fly out the next morning, so we have 9 or so hours to get what we can done. I don't want it to be stressful, so what plan should we use on the rides? Which ones should we skip? Are there any benefits on staying on or close to DL?

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As for BMTRR, the current control system cards are no longer sold by Allan Bradly, meaning if it burns out, the ride is done for.


I'm 100% sure they could find a vendor somewhere that still has the part they need, so I wouldn't say it is that drastic. But I'll never say anything bad about parks taking care of their rides.


The doors look like themeing to me.

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Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is lurking around the corner, and today you can book an experience that is unique to this spooky time of year. Disney’s Happiest Haunts Guided Tour takes you on a journey throughout the Disneyland Resort for a night of chilling tales, eerie sights and Halloween treats! Your mysterious “Ghost Host” will take you on an adventure as you track the mischievous Disney Villains, experience thrilling attractions and discover that the fate of the Disneyland Resort in your hands!



Here are some things you should know about the Disney’s Happiest Haunts Guided Tour:

  • Tour is offered each night from September 14 through October 31.
  • The tour is approximately three hours long.
  • Theme park admission for Disneyland park is required to attend the tour.
  • Attractions and entertainment are subject to change without notice. Some tour attractions have a 42-inch height requirement and physical considerations.
  • Each tour guest will receive a collectible souvenir pin and a tasty treat.

For even more Halloween fun, be sure to ask about the “Ultimate Experience”! On select nights, you can combine Disney’s Happiest Haunts Tour with the trick-or-treating fun of Mickey’s Halloween Party. The “Ultimate Experience” is available on September 28 and October 2, 5, 9, 12, 15, 19, 23, 26, 29 and 31.


For pricing and booking information (and to find out about a special discount for Disney Rewards Visa and AAA card holders, Disney Vacation Club members and Disneyland Resort Annual Passport holders) call 714-781-TOUR (8687). Also, be sure to check out the other Disneyland Resort Guided Tours at Disneyland.com/Tours.

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I'm trying to plan a nice vacation for my babe and myself this coming season (2013) and have quite a few questions to ask before I take the plunge.


1) Which park would be the most entertaining for age 20 dorks, honestly we're like 14 when it comes down to it.


2) What time of the year would be the best time to go, for events, weather and the sort. We'll be having fast passes the whjole time, so lines aren't too big of an issue.


3) Since we're going for more than 2 days, I figure that we'll want to do more than just rides. What else can we expect to do that may be entertaining for us, what kinds of shows may be available?


4) Any other information that you may think is needed.

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Indiana Jones Adventure and two Fantasyland rides will close for most of the fall to undergo renovations as summer crowds dissipate at Disneyland. That park and neighboring Disney California Adventure will shut down 10 venues in September for refurbishment, after the record-breaking summer season wraps up with Labor Day.


The longest closures, which begin Tuesday, will be Indiana Jones Adventure, Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats. Patricia Ortiz, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Industrial Relations, said none of the projects are prompted by state orders.


Indiana Jones Adventure will undergo "show modifications to enhance lighting, paint, figure animation and other effects," said Kevin Rafferty Jr., a Disneyland Resort spokesman, in a statement. The project for the 17-year-old ride runs through Dec. 7. Indiana Jones, which takes visitors on a Jeep ride based on the movies, is among the most expensive attractions to maintain at the Disneyland Resort. MousePlanet.com, an unofficial Disney fan blog, reports that Disney plans to widen the bridge in the big room of the ride, as well as add show features.


Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats will close through Nov. 15 so crews can install safety enhancements. Both rides travel around the same miniature versions of Disney-animated movie scenes, either by train or boat. Disney is adding walkways to the sides of the train track and handrails on the bridges to protect employees from falling, Rafferty said.


Some attractions are about to shutter to prepare for Halloween Time:


Big Thunder Ranch Petting Farm and Space Mountain in Disneyland will close for seasonal makeovers Sept. 10-13. Space Mountain will transform into Ghost Galaxy, with spooky space monsters.


The Muppet Vision 3D theater in Disney California Adventure will close Sept. 10-13 so crews can prepare for sneak peeks of the upcoming "Frankenweenie" movie. From Sept. 14 to Nov. 5, visitors can see the "Muppet" movie during the day and the 4D "Frankenweenie" preview at night. "Frankenweenie" opens in theaters Oct. 5.


Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, which closed Monday, will re-open Sept. 14 with the theme of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare before Christmas."


Other Disneyland venues undergoing routine maintenance:

  • Rafts to Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Sailing Ship Columbia, Sept. 18-20.
  • Mark Twain Riverboat, Sept. 25-28.

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Going to dream a little dream they replace the rat room with the smoke ring for TDS. But...yeah right.




Actually, they don't need to do any upgrades, just dismantle it, ship it to Japan and set it up over there. That would improve the experience immeasurably!

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When I read the subtitle I thought ten rides would be closing at once. No, it's just ten attractions will be closed at some point during the fall, which is a lot better. I'm most interested to see what changes (if any) will be coming to Indy, as it is my favorite dark ride (excluding Haunted Mansion Holiday). I'm only slightly dissapointed I won't get a chance to ride it again before my pass expires next month, but I'm sure I'll get a chance to ride it by the end of next year.


Next week is likely going to be a really slow week at Disneyland. Three E-tickets down at once will probably convince people to delay their trip or stay mainly at DCA.

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^^ Yah the ride is not as good as Indy by a long shot. Indy isn't scary by any means but it just seems more thrilling due to a fake sense of danger and adventure. I never really got that feeling on Dinosaur so it just ended up feeling like a boring, expensive dark ride that was meant for 5 year olds.


You probably never rode it as "Countdown to Extinction". Before the "Dinosaur" makeover in 2000, at least to my 15-year-old self, the ride was a lot scarier than Indy. Not only was the ride more physically intense, but there were more random things that suddenly popped out at you, and there were various effects that made it seem like you were being constantly chased by the carnotaur and he was about to catch you at any moment.


However, some adults still find it scary in its current incarnation:


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