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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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^ I want to *hope* it's not much more than 40". You figure Tower of Terror is 40", and Matterhorn doesn't even have anywhere near the airtime that has. Space Mountain, from what I understand is 44" because it has all that crazy airtime, and you sit by yourself. Matterhorn doesn't really have that problem, so at least that's one thing in it's favor for a slightly lower height restriction...but then again, this is sue-happy California....

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I think 40" is fair.

So do I...but you also gotta thing...KidTums was 40" when she was 4 1/2, and a 4 1/2 year old sitting BY THEMSELVES, not next to a parent, might really freak out when the Yeti growls at them, or going up the very DARK lift hill where you cannot see the child. I can see this creating problems.


It's one thing if it's side-by-side seating, but when your child is literally not within reach, it could really cause problems.


Again, I personally think 40" is fair also, and I hope it doesn't go past that, but I can see where others would raise this very same issue.

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The Matterhorn was my first roller coaster, so I'll be honest, I'm going to miss these bobsleds. I have lots of fond memories riding in them with people I care about! But regardless, I'm still excited to experience the new bobsleds, and hope the ride gets some much needed TLC in the coming months.


Here's a final look at the old Matterhorn bobsleds from their last operating day (with special guests Gertrude and Spears!):


Our adventure starts somewhere in Orange County where Gertrude tied a balloon to herself and took to the skies!


What is going on here??? It would appear that Gertrude is sneaking into Disneyland! Why would she want to visit Disneyland tonight?


Gertrude is at Disneyland for the last day of the old Matterhorn bobsled cars. Don't worry Gertrude... These cars hold 2 people per seat, so Spears will ride with you and keep you safe!


But first, pasta break!


Gertrude and Spears are in line.


Some shots of the bobsleds from the line...


Little known fact: Gertrude has never ridden the Matterhorn before.


Another shot, head on.


Light speed to Endor!!!


The current seating arrangement is great for lots of activities, such as putting your friend's hood on.


One last shot from the line.


Those in-the-know choose the Fantasyland side!


I assume these signs will be coming down soon.


Gertrude and Spears are almost there!


"There isn't a Yeti in there, right?" asks Gertrude. Spears doesn't know what to say.


Gertrude and Spears are going up the lift hill!


Ahhhhhh!!! A Yeti!!!!




Gertrude survived! But only thanks to Spears keeping her safe. Yay for 2-per-seat seating!


Bye bye old and busted!


Way to go Gertrude! You rock!


Congrats Gertrude! Thanks Spears! Bye bye old Matterhorn bobsleds, we'll miss you!


We can't wait to see the new bobsleds and whatever other changes are in store for the Matterhorn! Thanks for checking out this trip report!

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I was all set to continue being disappointed when I suddenly remembered I didn't actually care for the old bobsleds. Maybe I just didn't ride with the right person...


I do think the old ones looked better, unfortunately. Something about the design and even the colors.

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It seems reasonable to me that Disney could develop some sort of requirement that from X height to Y height children are required to sit with an adult.


Except these trains are like WDW's Space Mountain cars where each seat only holds one person.



So you can't ride 'with' your child, just in front or behind, which doesn't do much good if they freak out. That's why we're suggesting the height requirement will end up going up quite a bit.

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The struggling Anaheim GardenWalk mall, which went through bankruptcy, is now up for sale near Disneyland. Offers are due Jan. 27 on the bank-owned mall, which is about half occupied. The mall, at 321 W. Katella Ave., went on the market last month.


While restaurants have thrived, shops and other venues have struggled since the mall opened in 2008 when the economy was taking a dive, despite its proximity to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.


Banks took over GardenWalk in 2010 when the original owners defaulted on a $210 million loan. When the mall failed to attract a buyer in an auction, it went back to bank ownership.


This is the first time that the mall has gone up for sale through a broker, said Philip Voorhees, senior vice president for broker CBRE, Inc. It is expected to sell for less than its replacement cost, which is $280 million.


The 493,000-square-foot mall sits 1,500 feet away from Disney California Adventure and across the street from another Disney property, where a third theme park eventually could go.


"You just don't see this kind of opportunity in the western U.S.," Voorhees said. "It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime project, to be owning this type of project right next to Disney."


Voorhees said hundreds of potential buyers have inquired about the property, but he declined to name them. Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown declined to comment when asked if Disney is interested in the property.


Related Companies is continuing to manage the mall, as it has since April 2010. Related officials last year were in talks to take over a majority stake in the mall's ownership, but the sale fell through.


The banks decided to put the mall up for sale because about $30 million is needed for stabilization, Voorhees said. "It's just a lot of money when they are potentially looking at a loss anyway," Voorhees said.


In August, mall managers got permission from the City Council to change the mix of the mall's tenants in an effort to boost business. New plans include: a reduction of retail space by 140,000 square feet; an increase in entertainment space by 112,000 square feet; and an additional 50,000 square feet of restaurant space. Required parking spaces remain at 3,200.


The mall's restaurants, including The Cheesecake Factory and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. facing Katella Avenue, have among the highest sales countywide, Voorhees said. But a dwindling number of shops have struggled to attract business and many have closed.


"Visitors to Anaheim don't need another Ann Taylor or Chico's – great stores, but they probably have them down the street from where they live," said Webber Hudson, a New York-based Related executive vice president, in a September interview. "We need to build this as a top entertainment brand and work hard to market it as a destination."


Just a little bit of speculation but could this be an opportunity for Disney to expand "Downtown Disney" by taking over GardenWalk?

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Why do I think Disney has their people in there now measuring for space... and ready to go.


Even if they didn't keep the mall, turning into more park space would also be idea, granted, that's a stretch for that particular space. However, it's not unrealistic we could see changes to remove/reconstruct the site to fit Disney's needs in the future.


Either way, I suspect Disney is at the bank right now with a large suitcase of cash... and ready to purchase yesterday.

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Ok, so actual property lines might be a tad off, but here is the land owned:




Red is Property owned:

-The large red plot is the current Toy Story lot and the future site of the third park. The smaller red plot is currently the lion king parking lot, as well as some office buildings they bought last year. The smaller red plot will be the site of the additional parking structure and cast parking structure.


Yellow is Gardenwalk


Green is land being looked at for (possible) additional purchase.

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If that is the land owned, etc. for Disney there, I'd think the Mall's days would be numbered- that's too good a plot of ground for something larger in scale (Hotels, etc.) for the third gate at DLR. If one takes into consideration all the land around it, the 'future parks' area is pretty large- and I'd think with the Downtown Disney district already there it would be silly to have a second 'district' without cannibalizing traffic to the other.


However, my mind is -drooling- over the potential use of all that land/space there- as it could mean the expansion of the Monorail further...

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