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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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Update TWO!


The Blue Sky Cellar closed a few days ago to add some new things and take out some old ones. Here is a summary of what happened and what is shown:


Here is the entrance to Season of the Vine. Eh, wait, the Blue Sky Cellar! WOO HOO!


We'll start with Mermaid. This is roughly what the show building will look like when its done. Not there isn't any shrubbery. This is just for the visual of the building.


This will be the entrance to the ride. There will be a glass mural of the fish girl hanging below the ride name on the PoF dome which you will enter under.


The mural across the top will be on the station wall like the classic dark rides at Disneyland. At the very bottom is the glass that will fill in the giant arch in the center of the building.


Ursala! Shes will be 8ft tall and 12ft wide! This is a mock up of a scene from the ride.


Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta


Here is a close up of what the building should look like when its completed.


This aerial was just taken a few days ago! Comparing the old photo and the new one.


Look at how much more full Cars Land is! You can see Willies Butt in this photo, lol.


This is an animated map of the park at the end of Phase one construction (There is rumored t be another phase)


This is the new facade for the Disney Theater which is featuring Disney Jr.


The three attraction posters that were revealed earlier this week are on the walls.


They have also added a Carsland lookout and a map!


The map lines up with the rocks so you can see exactly what they are going to make and where its going.


Thats all for the Blue Sky Cellar for now!

All photos are from Inside the Magic

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Visit http://www.InsideTheMagic.net for more from The Little Mermaid and Carsland!


In the latest Blue Sky Cellar update at Disneyland (Jan. 27, 2011), Disney unveiled a new preview video showing behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming ride The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure and Radiator Springs Racers in Carsland. Included is footage of John Lasseter and Tom Staggs riding a test vehicle.

As part of Disneyland’s recent update to the Blue Sky Cellar preview center, a new behind-the-scenes video was unveiled showing off elements of two upcoming rides: The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Radiator Springs Racers, part of Carsland.


Footage from the upcoming The Little Mermaid ride includes animated show scenes, building design, and construction. Video from within Carsland offers a glimpse at test cars cycling the track of Radiator Springs Racers, with John Lasseter and Tom Staggs riding along.

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As having run my own engineering company for the last 2 years, that's an understatement. Especially with all the craziness of building in SoCal. Oh how I wish I could work for Disney in some way!


It will forever amaze me how many projects this one resort alone - not to mention new-Fantasyland in Florida and the new land(s) in Hong Kong and whatever else I'm unaware of - has under its belt at the same time. Someone's a good multitasker!
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Really cool stuff posted lately. There is a lot to be excited about with DCA this year and next. Also, man, Disneygeek gets some great pictures!


Those are pictures of a video thats playing at the Cellar.But its really awesome what they are doing, I cant wait for Racers!

That's what I thought. Kind of a complete douchebag move to watermark those photos basically taking "credit" for the content, when it's just a screen grab of video that someone else shot. Sure, I know it's that guys' photos, but give a bit more credit where it's due....

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Its not a joke sadly. When you link that sites photos, the big, giant, annoying, white one gets added automatically. The other two are on every photo...its kinda silly if you ask me, a bit overkill.


Ya I agree! I watermark my personally taken photos but that HUGE white thing in the middle is very ridiculous!

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Today's update! Theres actually a lot more then I thought going on. Also, if there isn't a picture shown its cause there really wasn't any change and not worth posting.



Mater's Junkyard Jamboree has finally started construction. They're already pretty deep too!


Just a lot of roof and walls, nothing much.


Steady pace over here. Again not much has changed, but its still cool to look at!


One of the three entrances for Cars Land has broken through to the on stage areas.


The whole wall and stage that were once there are completely gone now, opening up the area to enter Carsland.


The mermaid building is moving right along. Sheet rock has been added to the front arch.


And a nice stained glass window was put in here. This area on the side of the show building should also have planters that make up some extended queue as well as some trees for shade.




On the front of the building, some fancy things are being added to the two small towers on each side of the main arch.


The new entrance to Goofy's Sky School is going up. The red tarp is for welding, its not part of the attraction..


The track and supports are mostly painted now, just a tiny bit left to do!


Who is this?.... Haha, just kidding. Its Duffy! But a lot of people don't know who this is, they haven't done a very good job of marketing the bear.


Something small, the animation building is changing out the show in the lobby area of the building. We shall see what happens.


All photos are from Mintcrocodile.

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Today Disney California Adventure is ten years old.



Ten years ago this Tuesday, Disney California Adventure opened with a sunny ceremony with fireworks, Mickey Mouse, top company officials and glitzy performances.


Then the rain started and lasted for weeks, dampening attendance at Disneyland’s sister theme park that received tepid reviews.


Seven months later, the Sept. 11 tragedy hurt tourism in general.


Even Disney’s current president has called California Adventure mediocre.


But the company is pushing to change that.


Last summer, the “World of Color” – a cutting-edge water-and-light show that features movie scenes projected onto large mist screens – debuted, part of a $1-billion makeover set to be completed next year. Disney says that show alone contributed to last summer’s 20-percent jump in visits.


Initial ideas


Disney came up with ideas for a second theme park in the early 1990s, pondering a West Coast version of Florida’s Epcot, to be called Westcot. Officials instead made plans for a new hotel, a Downtown Disney retail and restaurant district and, of course, the theme park.


Surrounding streets were updated, with attractive palm trees lining them and street monuments; freeway ramps were added.


“Without California Adventure, you wouldn’t have seen that level of upgrades in the city and the investment,” said Curt Pringle, mayor from 2002 to 2010.


In the end, Disney greatly scaled back the development.


The company purchased “off-the-shelf” rides, ones already designed for elsewhere instead of Disney originals. Disney wanted to make it the “anti-Disneyland,” a place aimed more for adults, said David Koenig, an author of unofficial Disney books, including “Mouse Tales.”


Opening attendance


Disney had high expectations – 7 million visitors the first year. Instead, 5 million showed up, according to AECOM Economics, a research firm for an industry association. Immediately, visitors asked for more children’s rides – and a Disney feel.


“While they enjoyed the individual experiences, what was missing for them was the deep, emotional connection that they like to have with Disney parks,” said Mary Niven, vice president of Disney California Adventure.


Some changes came within the first year or two: Restaurant operators like Robert Mondavi and Wolfgang Puck pulled out. Attractions were altered or closed. In 2002, Disney erected A Bug’s Land with children’s rides.


The tweaks weren’t enough.


As of 2009, the last year that an attendance figure is available, the park had yet to reach its initial annual attendance goal of 7 million.


Expansion ideas


Disney president Bob Iger, who took over the company from Michael Eisner in 2005, knew the park needed something major, even calling the park mediocre in a recent Wall Street Journal article.


It surfaced that at one time officials considered merging Disneyland and California Adventure into one.


Instead, in 2007, the company announced a $1-billion, five-year makeover. That’s more than the initial cost for the entire park. A new theme will seek to turn California Adventure into a reflection of the California that Walt Disney experienced in the 1920s and 1930s; renovations are to be finished next year.


The march to improve California Adventure seems promising.


“World of Color” is wildly popular. Since its June debut, Disney has staged 500 shows for 2 million people.


“It finally worked for the first time, with ‘World of Color,’ ” said Koenig, the author. “It’s something you can’t see somewhere else.”







Time sure does fly by fast.

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when is the little mermaid suppose to open? I've totaly forgot... sorry


Sometime in the spring. My guess would be close to a big holiday weekend.


Sometime in May. It sounds like it's in flux because that, Star Tours opening and POTC 4 premier party are all scheduled for about the same time.

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