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Photo TR: Magic Springs October 13, 2007

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I took my girlfriend along with me to Magic Springs for their "Magic Screams" event today. It's no Fright Fest or HHN, but its an honest try.


Here's the ride lineup: (Gauntlet and Twist n Shout were closed)

X-Coaster - 2x

Arkansas Twister - 4x

Big Bad John - 2x

Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine - 2x

Log Flume - 1x

Diamond Mine Run - 1x (40th coaster)


Onto the pics:


New slide complex for 2007 greets you at the parking lot.


"And we're the robbers..." (anyone know where that's from?)


The entrance plaza fountain area entrance.


"Yeah you break all the rules!"


They turned the changing room into a haunted house or something... we were there to ride coasters.


I see XXX-Coaster.


Yeah it were cooler if you were Abismo but your state as of now will do.


Back in the summer when the train was stuck upside down for 30 minutes I said "oh yeah it'd be awesome to be stuck upside down up there for half an hour!"


After riding it again I quickly retracted my statement, haha. C'mon Spain trip folks, you know what I'm talking about! Hanging upside down with that "holy crap I'm gonna fall out" sensation going on.


The ride looks pretty cool from the ground.


It looks different from each side.




Here they come at blazing speeds! Comcast yeah!


Check out the folks in the second car! That's a Texarkana reunion done gone going on right there!


Free Pepsi products = Free Mountain Dew!


Welcome to Hawk - a boom that rotates forward and backwards.


Bienevenudos a Hawk... (that's as much as I can remember...)


Hey, they're trying...


Ma and Pa, we done gone left Billy Bob Jane on the haystack!


I don't know about this ride... it's so rough it's almost fun.


The trims were crazybad but once you figured out how to ride it, it wasn't so bad.


Here's where the worst of the trims were.


The cars were shaking as they made the final turnaround...


Supersoak that... no one's dumb enough to stand there in this weather.


I was gonna ride it...


But the train was stuck on the lift... (maybe they're getting ready for those new trains!)


My 40th coaster.


Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine - I had never been on one before - very impressive.


Back to XXX-Coaster


And the award for most random placement goes to...


Yeah that would suck getting stuck up there.


Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine kept breaking on us...


Big Bad John. It's been everywhere but Texas.


It's a cool ride.


Twist n Shout was down today.


It hurts. (the ride, not the fact that it's closed)


It's alright but it sorta shakes you up a bit.


The park is built around a central lake. Thought you might find that interesting.


And 10 seconds later it broke.


Did I pass the test?


Thanks for reading.

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