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Flying Coaster - Elitch Gardens, feels like you have been assaulted.

Flashback - MM, they should dispense Tylenol as you exit.

Windjammer - Knott's, kept waiting for the fun to start - didn't happen.

Grizzly - GA, see above.

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For me the worst coaster of all time would be:

Wood: Texas Giant as SFOT


I AGREE WITH YOU 100% of the time with Texas Giant at SFOT. That thing is a piece of crap. I saw a sign that said it was voted #1 for some year, but I really do not understand how. That thing should be destroyed and be replaced with an Intamin Woodie

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^Don't get upset so quickly. SFGAM's B:TR can be either really good, or it can be a horrible ride. When it is really hot out with high humidity, the ride can be very unpleasent, and the queue can make you feel like crap when the weather is like that. I've ridden B:TR in nice weather an have had a really good time, and I've ridden when it has been hot and humid out and have had a horrible ride.


Slightly off topic, but I rode B:TR on a hot and humid day last year, and the queue was miserable. It was so bad that the station floor was covered in water, and it was even slightly foggy in the station.


No other coaster's at SFGAM are like this, and I think that the coaster's location is because of this, because the station and queue are relativly enclosed, and there are many ponds around the coaster.

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I've rode the ride countless times in all weather and I hate it every time. I keep riding hoping my opinion will change, because I don't like to hate rides, especially at my home park. I will admit I love the theming, but even Spacely's is better than B:TR.

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My worst steel is the wonderful Canyon Blaster at the Great Escape. Not painful just boring.




And my worst wooden is the Predator at Darien Lake. Very painful would be a good ride with some re-tracking and new trains



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Any Vekoma SLC. I get on thinking I'm going to loose my legs, get off with the feeling my ears are bleeding (and a strong headache).


Lethal Weapon in Australia. I actually was hurting so bad after this coaster I had to take an advil. My ears felt like someone cleated them

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