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Worst Coaster Ever?

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My categories of worst coaster/rides:


Shakeness-RAGE (Adventure Island)

Well,what should I say?It shakes so much after the loop so I get headache when my head hits the Over-The Shoulder Restraints all the time!You gotta strech the head forward so it hits the air instead,and you`re safe from an headache!



Okay,this is not an rollercoaster,but the ride is so uncomfrontable and it pushes me so hard that my stomach is pushed back for half an hour!


Rough-Rutschebanen (Bakken)

It`s not very rough,kinda okay,but I haven`t ridden as many different rollercoasters as you credit whores does,so it`s the roughest ride I experienced yet.

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Thunderhawk at dorneypark, i cracked/bruised my ribs on that one. I still ride it in the front though, the back i stay away from, too painful.


Rolling Thunder at six flags great adventure and trailblazer at hersheypark for boringness.


Oh i wanted to say something to >> Well Your Wrong -

Your avatar kills me, only because i laugh everytime i see those commercials and how he says diabetes.

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Il have a dig at the Gauntlet at Camelot which is a crappy Pinifari looper. It is now awaiting its re-build at Southport. It was the parks major coaster for like 2 years. Rough as all hell and horrible all over!


Corkscrew at Alton is another very very bad coaster. Extremely rough and boring. Remove this pile of poo!

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Son of Beast @ Kings Island--His father was never this rough, nor was any earthquake on the California coastline since 1906.


Psyclone @ Magic Mountain--Rest In Peices


Ninja @ SFOG--To think that Ninjas are supossed to fight out of self defense. This guy kicked my ass for no reason!


Viper @ Magic Mountain--I would have rather fallen into the cacti that I was looping over, than have to experience the loops themeselves.

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Battersea Big Dipper

1972: An accident occurs on the {Big Dipper} at Battersea in London,

England. A train broke loose and rolled backwards down the

lift, colliding with a train in the station. Five children were

killed, numerous other riders were injured.

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