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Hey Guys I just thought I would post this seeing as i am going there next year.


Glastonbury is probably one of the most well know music festivals and one of the biggest. There are 4 main stages in glastonbury, they are:


The Pyramid Stage:



this stage was origionally made out of wood, but that one got burned down so they modernised it and now it looks like this.


The Other Stage:



Origionally built in 1992 when demand to play at glastonbury was high, this stage has well known acts but not tooo well known.


The JazzWorld Stage:



For all alternate acts that son't really fit in anywhere else


The John Peele Stage:



Built in 1997 it is the biggest tent in glastonbury at the moment.


One of the best performances of Glastonbury is Orbital, here they are playing their song chime:




Anyways Discuss who you would like to see play at glastonbury next year

and talk about your thoughts of this festival.




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I always watch the coverage on the telly of Glastonbury even though im not particularly into most of the bands that play there, its still good to watch because of the atmosphere. Did you see the footage of The Stooges on the Other Stage this year, they got half the crowd up on stage with them it was ace. The Who were good too on sunday.

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