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NL: Heartbreaker

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Hello out there!


A nice little woodie, witch features a heart shape...


Let me know what you think about the layout and so!


Is it to fast, rough or to little banked in som place. TeLL me!!!

I want it to be realisticly looking...


If you wonder where are the theming and threes, I put my energy in making it a scale nonworking model. Folow the making of the model here:


It's my graduation work actually!

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Hi again!


I know my language aren't the best, but I try!


To PCW FREAK; coasterdude5;Liseberg4ever:


Really fun that you all like the coaster and it's layout.

The short lengh of the coaster, is because I making it a model as I wrote earlier...


Im assuming you're using Articulated GCI trains, but if not which ones are you using?


Yes it's what I think will work best, without doubt!


(for the engelih fan's, this is not garmany)


Du svensken: Vad betyder "this is not garmany"? Do you know if there are any free software that can make a video of the coaster?


I Will try later making a video of it, but for now I must build the model. I wil put up more and more pictures of the model on the linked page.


Dont Forget To Click THe Link, to my model building page: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39184

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Hi again!


Yes it's been a while since I were writing in this thread.


First. This thread is ment to make peaple visit to the real model building thread.


Please follow link: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39184


Second. Yes I havent written wery much there either, but that because I building a model, that takes a lot of time.


I will post construction pictures, just press the link and see

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