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PPP 2007 - A Photo TR Frozen in Time

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Originally, I was not planning on posting a TR from Knoebels Phoenix Phall Phunfest. But, since there has been a lack of them out there, i give you this different approach. I hope that it makes up for the lack of photos.


Saturday morning was business as usual at Camp RRC. Carter slept in, but the thumbs up shows me that he is ready for his first visit to Knoebels.


After being late as usual for the annual breakfast meet, a small group of us headed into the park. Chuck enjoyed the Haunted House so much that he fell out of focus.


Rick seems to have enjoyed it as well.


A photo of our small group outside the Haunted House. Normally, I would look a lot more worn through the day, but camping in 70-80 degree temperatures isn't exactly roughing it.


Next up was the bumper cars for some good old fashioned bang-em-up fun. People always ask what is so special about these particular bumper cars. The only way I can describe them is to compare them to a low speed car crash. It feels about the same.


Carter going in for the kill.


Don't be fooled by my Sunday driver routine. I only live to dent your fenders on the turns.


And there off ...


It looks like I might be having some problems in this photo.


Chuck! You're going the wrong way!


Close up collision.


Another traffic jam.


Measuring up the competition.


Since it was Carter's first visit to the park, he had to perform all the Knoebels traditions.


Chuck was also a first time visitor.


The record setting temperatures made PPP a little more of an endurance test than previous years. Carter found a faucet at the Covered Bridge Festival to help cool himself.


One misconception at Knoebels is that the Sky Slide is only for kids. This couldn't be further from the truth as it is a blast for all ages.


Back at the far end of the park is the wood shop. While these folks might be artists, their spelling leaves much to be desired.


As the sun sets, the Phoenix gets ready for the evenings festivities.


A trainload of satisfied customers.


On Saturday night, the flyer comes alive for all to witness. Many snap-filled rides were enjoyed.


The interaction of this ride with it's riders is what makes it so special.


Artsy flyer pic take one.


No comment needed.


Sunday morning it was time to head for the skyride for what has now become an annual tradition. Bet you have never seen this shot before.


Coming back down the hillside.


And again.


Carter and Rick pose for the Skyride "onride photo"


Emergency Ramp


Aerial shot of the Satelite and High Speed Thrill Coaster


And that is all. Hope you enjoyed this "non-traditional" look at one of the world's finest traditional parks.

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There are now a couple videos up at CoasterFanatics.com showing the Turns in action (Courtesy of Jim Shaffer)


The test run with 2 chassis and 1.5 bodies:



Walking up the entrance queue showing the ride structure:


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Great original TR, Ted!


The black/white of it all gives it all a sort-of "vintage look", heh heh.


Even those old standbys that are constantly "out of focus" LOL!


Great TR. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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Still not come to grips with the fact I wasn't able to make it to Knoebel's this season. Was kind of waiting for FT to open, then time ran out.


Top of the list for 2008! Well, thanks for your photos and the unique presentation. Anyone who's been there has some one-of-a-kind memories that these PTRs can rekindle.


For those of you who haven't been, make plans now.

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