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B&M Downtime...

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This past summer, Vortex here at Carowinds had a bought of wanting to break down. I believe it was problems with the lift motor. Otherwise, I only saw Top Gun down once this summer, and that was for some support problems. I can't really say I've seen a B&M down for more than one day, unless some very extensive work is being done on it.

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I saw Raptor at Cedar Point seems to be going down for about 20 minutes at a time lately. It has been happening alot to me it seems.


That might not be a mechanical breakdown though.


Could quite possibly go down to clean up after someone pukes. That's pretty common.


Well the mechinacs came out and where hitting on one of the wheels or something underneath that railguard (I guess thats what you call it) with a hammer and a mallet. I would say thats a mechincal breakdown.

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Well SheiKra is a B&M and it is going to be down for more than a few days because its computers cought on fire today if that helps any. The ride closed at 2:00pm and we are not sure when it will re-open. UGH... SheiKra had alot of problems today. It broke down like 4 times for 30-45 minutes at a time because of the D@MN floor not working right. Then there was the computer problem How tragic.


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Here's how they stack up at SFGAM:


Iron Wolf- I've seen this down for a day or two on occasion, but usually early or late in the season for what I assume is routine maintenance.


Batman-(not to say it hasn't happened, but) It has been in operation every time I've been to the park, other than a random E-Stop, or slow loading.


Raging Bull- Was completely closed for the day in it's debut season, but was "testing" all day. (Again, this was pre-summer season)


Superman- Random E-Stops, guest sickness and SLOWWWWWWWW loading sometimes, but is usually up and running most of the day.

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Last year I got stuck on Top Gun at Carowinds lift. Not because of the ride but one of those stupid cameras they have on the trains. One fell off and they stoped the ride. Got evacuated from about 20 feet up the lift. It was fun!


HAHA! really? i was working the camera booth that day! that was pretty funny to see happen, if i were one of the rideops i woulda cut the camera off, all they do is cause problems..... and the people who maintain them are arrogant as anything.

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