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Favorite Arrow Coaster

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The view, the setting, the whole package... it's jaw dropping. I was there in 1989 when Magnum opened. It had such an impact on the industry, and it has remained relevant ever since. To me, this is coaster perfection.



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Magnum easily takes the cake. What is sad is that Arrow introduced the hypercoaster but let companies like Morgan and eventually B&M and Intamin run with it. Magnum is so far above everything else besides X that it also should have been excluded.


I would have to say that the only ones that really strike me as all that fun were Viper and Demon (SFGam). I don't remember Viper having that trademark Arrow roughness while rides like Demon are what they really were good at. It had good air time in the drop and wasn't so fast as to be painful.

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My favorite arrow coaster would have to be Magnum of course. It was a lot of fun even though it was a tad rough. It also had a lot of air time. My second favorite is Vortex at Kings Island. I went to KI back in 2004 so that was a while ago however i remember it having an awesome drop and a lot of inversions. It was a straight drop oppose to many inverted coasters that have that lousy flat-ish curved drop *yawn* ...so it had a combo of both worlds. The intense drop and fun inversions.

It seems X2 gets a lot of love but sadly i never been to MM yet but im sure if i went on it,it would be awesome! Looks so much fun!

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