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Definitely still Magnum. It clung to my steel top 10 for 14 years until it was finally displaced in 2015. After that, my other favorite Arrows would have to be X2, Thunderation, Loch Ness Monster, and Canyon Blaster in that order.

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I have some favorite Arrow coasters regardless of weather or not I've rode that particular coaster that is listed


. Viper (Darien Lake)

. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)

. Steel Phantom (Kennywood; even though Morgan remodeled the coaster 2001)

. X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

. Drachen Fire (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

. Viper (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

. Ninja (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

. Iron Dragon (Cedar Point)

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Hyper - Magnum XL-200, great airtime on the return home, very fun, classic (H.M.- Desperado)

Looper - Tennesse Tornado, smoothest Arrow of all time, great forces, great pacing (H.M.- Loch Ness Monster)

Mine Train - Thunderation, very large, very fast, great use of terrain! (H.M.- Road Runner Express (SFFT))

Suspended - KI's Bat, swings a lot in the front row, very fast! (H.M.- Ninja) (Eagle's Fortress and BBW looked insane!)

Other (Speical) - MK's Space Mountain, smooth, fun, comfortable, and even a little airtime (H.M.- Matterhorn)

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Loch Ness Monster in the back row is absolutely nuts on the first drop!

I have not been on TN Tornado yet as it was closed during my visit, but I can say this: LNM may already get the edge between the two for the batballs crazy drop.

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My favorite Arrow coasters are Vortex at Canada's Wonderland because it's a suspended swinging coaster and Vortex at Kings Island because I really enjoyed it's layout and inversions. Other Arrow coasters I've been on are Dragon Fire at Canada's Wonderland, Adventure Express at Kings Island, and The Bat (AKA Flight Deck) at Kings Island. So, I've only been on a total of five Arrow Coasters so far, but I am a huge fan of them so I hope to ride more in the future.

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Magnum XL-200 is still my favorite coaster from Arrow for its extreme airtime, but Tennessee Tornado is a close second for being relatively forceful and butter smooth.

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This probably will change after I ride the lovely Ohio Arrows next week, but for many years it's been Orient Express. My favourite Arrow still running would be for the moment Thunderation.


But I'm eyeing Magnum, Gemini, and Bat as worthy contenders to that title....

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