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Favorite Arrow Coaster

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Well, like most people Magnum and TN Tornado are superior to any other Arrow I've ridden, but there's some other decent ones that deserve some credit!


Thunderation - Far and away my favorite mine train. Transitions aren't funky and it actually picks up a LOT of speed! I also love the layout design and terrain interaction.


Vortex, CW / Bat, KI - These two have very similar layouts/pacing. These have got to be the best currently operating Arrow Suspended! In the front car, there's amazing swinging and good speed!


Loch Ness Monster - I think the reason this Arrow Looper holds up where others don't is that the fast sections of the ride (drops) are all unbanked straight sections. The roughness in Arrow loopers comes from high-speed banking most of the time.


Desperado - This coaster is underrated. It might not hold up well to other hypers or even Magnum, but the layout is LONG and there's a couple spots with fun airtime! I also enjoy how unique this coaster is!

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