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Favorite Arrow Coaster

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Tough one, as I love their old Mine Train coasters... love em a little more each time I ride em! But overall, I would have to pick Magnum/Gemini/Demon (SFGAmerica). Hard to pick just one!


After all these years, I still love Demon. It's gotten better as theme elements have returned. Still the best Arrow drop ever. Hold the VR...

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Gemini! Looks great, rides smooth, the comraderie/competition the racing aspect creates is a blast and as an older ride with two sets of tracks it's always a minimal wait. It's fun to slap hands with riders on the other train, act like you're rowing and the headchopper moment is always a nice touch. It's fun to ride again and again and I've ridden it significantly more than any other coaster.

There was a time when I would have said Magnum but on my visit this year it rode quite a bit rougher than I had remembered and just didn't have that same magical airtime.

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My favorite Arrow list would probably just loaded with suspended coasters because I absolutely love them, my favorites being Big Bad Wolf (RIP), Vortex, Bat and Ninja. But aside from those it would be a tough call between Tennessee Tornado and Magnum with honorable mention to Loch Ness Monster, Gemini and Dragon Mountain. Dragon Mountain kicks a** and nobody ever talks about it.

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My recent visit to Dollywood a couple weeks ago reinforced how much I think Tennessee Tornado is elevated above other Arrow coasters. It's a shame they only got the engineering on their looping coasters down right before they went out of business.

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Even having ridden X2, I still think basically every coaster in the god damn world is better



Thing is, I just want to reride the thing. I get why people like the coaster, but on my only ride (an outside seat) it was rather jerky. I found my head bashing onto the headrest during the entire ride. The OTSRs weren't the greatest either, the hangtime wasn't as comfortable as it should be.

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^ I'm in the same boat. I've only managed one ride on it, and the majority of that was spent convincing my wife (who loves most coasters but can't do the vertical drops and anything that spins) that she wasn't going to die. So I don't really have a fair assessment haha.

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^ I'm pretty sure that Magnum was my last Arrow I've ridden, having just ridden it during CoasterMANIA!, beginning of June.

I loved it - when you know where the bits of roughness come up - and you can prepare for it. After the first "somewhat jarring"

time on it, advise was given (about tightening the belt on yourself?) by Bert and voila! I think we rode it four or five times.

Which was more than any other coaster in the park! Including (for me) Maverick!


I really enjoyed Magnum. My retro fave is definitely The Matterhorn, left side.


A bit of Magnum. On the Breakers Hotel boardwalk. June 3/17.

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