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On Sunday April 30th, I was at the park with my friend Simone il Cerio and my new friend Christian chrisalex! We had the unique chance to have a tour of the park and of Karacho construction site guided by Benjamin Fischer, one of the member of the family who owns the park!

He gave me authorization to publish the photos so here they are!


This was one of my biggest dreams coming true!


Looking in!


They weren't working on Sunday but they had many support ready to be lifted in place!


Also there were many pieces of track all around!


Cool angle!


The top hat is almost complete! The pieces we are standing next to in the first photo are the last three pieces left to complete it!


As you can see it will be an outside top hat.


Lets take a look at the launch building!


The train will be launched while moving!


Small drop into the launch section!


As you all know if you have been following the construction, there's an inversion right out of the station!


This is the 4 meters (12 feet) tall drop into the first inversion before the launch!


Another look at the inline roll!


The station is made of three floors: on the top floor there will be the queue line, on the middle floor there will be the station and on the bottom floor there is the launch section!


The exit of the top hat!




Soon there will be track attached here too!


In case you forgot who made this!


Apparently this figure has a very specific name!


You need lots of these to keep everything together!


We took a walk to the other side of the construction site.


Work in progress.


Big Gerstlauer logo!


More track pieces are waiting!


It looks like some kind of cutback element!


Same support different angle!


The brake run.


Even more track!


Another look at the twisty element. When it will be completed the buildings will be hidden ungerground!


Back inside the station building, this is where the guests will get on the train!


The brake run from the station building!


The outside wall of the station building.


One last look at the unfinished top hat!


And one last look at the twisty thing element!


Steel cages for other buildings were here too!


Finally I want to thank again Benjamin for taking us on this amasing tour around the whole resort! It was really an amazing experience! I hope to come back soon to ride Karacho!

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Well...I also think that though being much shorter than Smiler for example this thing could turn out to be really good...


The underground launch is a "plus"...the heigth of the "inverted tophat" looks sweet...the stengel dive thingy looks fun....and the inversion in and then out of the tunnel at the end looks just great IMHO.


Besides...the last track pieces will be mounted tommorrow !


EDIT : Not to forget this will be lapbars only

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This is looking great.


Good old Tripsdrill. The "smaller parks" like this (and others like Toverland) are certainly upping the ante with steel coasters being built here and there.

I think they're starting to catch up to the Big Parks, heh.

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This does look like a ton of fun. The layout is really cool and looks like it could have some nice airtime and hang time, and a 0-100kph launch in 1.6 seconds is pretty impressive! Also love the fact that this is getting lapbars.

Didn't expect a corkscrew at the end there! Would've thought the dive loop was the final inversion.

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The Eurofighter are perfect for smaller parks. The low capacity fits them nicely and with the single cars they can make maneuvers that high capacity coasters with long trains can't do.


Still hope for a portable version someday....

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I have no idea if it`s just because I`m from germany....but to me it looks like an AMAZING layout...love it


It's not just you, it looks like one of the best coaster layouts in a while, and no doubt the best looking Gerstlauer.

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Well crap, I guess I'm getting to Europe again...



And that first construction shot there ~ they look like "religious arches" in a coaster church!



I am saved!


I mean, when you look at it that way..... (o:

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Apparently this ride will use a different system of lap bar compared to Iron Shark (Screamscape thinks it might be because of different restrictions).

[attachment=0]Karacho Lap Bar.jpg[/attachment]


Source: coasterfriends.de


Back in the original press release from Gerstlauer they promised us they would debut new launch coaster train so this is why we are seing new restraints. If the ride is smooth and the new trains are as comfortable as they look, Tripsdrill & Gerstlauer have got a definite winner on their hands. I know this coaster is Gerstlauer but it reminds me of a compact Blue Fire at Europa Park.

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