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Cedar Point Halloweekends 10/5-6 Photo TR

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We went to Cedar Point on Friday and Saturday. Friday it was completely little or no lines for most stuff, except Maverick. MF and TTD were a walk on. Saturday was crowded but fun nonetheless. We stayed at the River's Edge Hotel in Huron, where we always stay. It is clean, cheap and riverfront. But anyways, the Halloween stuff was great, really well done, with alot of thought and work put into it, unlike Dorney's event.


We drove out on Friday and drove back on Sunday. We made this wonderful video during the ride, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SIvgnxfg3c . Thats what happens when we are bored.


Anyways. Here goes.


Obligatory walking in from the parking lot shot


Raptor shot, man was it running well. May have been the best ride I've ever had on it. Rode it 2X


Obligatory Top Thrill Dragster Shot, Rode It 2x


Magnum XL200, Rode it 4X, Gotta love the Magnum


Gemini was not open for the night


Theres something about TTD's Lights that I love


UhOh Its getting dark outside!


I know it didn't come out well, but I think this pic looks really neat, gotta love the night ride on Raptor.






More Coming

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Saturday, It was a little more crowded.


Millennium, hellz yeah, anyways yeah rode it 5x


Maverick was awesome, rode it 4x, no matter what people say, this is one awesome ride.


Mean Streak was incredible actually. It was so smooth, and there was actually some floater airtime. It's all about the front seat. I was really surprised at how great it was running. Rode it 2x.




Lunch Time at Famous Dave's out on the Marina. MMMMMMM


Train Ride to let the stomach's settle. MMMM MF!


Maverick Goodness.


The Draculaster (or something like that, lol)


Artistic Shot of the Day


The Ultimate Phils Fan


Vid of the Trip.

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