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SeaWorld Hawaii |RCT3|

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Year 1

End of Season



The end of the first season for SeaWorld Hawaii has already come! To some peeps, it seems like the park only opened a couple of days ago! A new exhibit was finished called Happy Hippos. Where hippos roam and you can watch from a safe distance.


Also, many new ride rumors are flying around. Some say that a past coaster, at Hershey's Hawaiian Escape only a couple of miles away, old parts have been stored and sent to SeaWorld Hawaii. That is only a rumor though....


Something is coming for sure...


More Soon!!!


The aquarium under Sting Ray is a great educational place for children. Also a great place to get shots of the ride!


Believe received a brand new sign too.


The Hospitality has finally got its sign up.


As seen from the viewing gallery off of the souvenir shop.


It's the Happy Hippos of course!!!


What's behind the wall of plants?

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Year 1/2

Off Season



The off season is officially here, and with it is SeaWorld Hawaii's announcement!



Coming for the second season is a fun, new attraction for the entire family! SeaWorld Hawaii is proud to announce Shamu's Happy Harbor!


Shamu's Happy Harbor is focused on the children. Fun games and rides are scattered throughout the area. Parents are more than welcome to join their kids in activities.


New rides include the parks first ferris wheel, a marry-go-round, tea cup ride, a rock-and-tug ride, and a selection of boardwalk games. No names have been announced at this time for the rides.


Shamu's Happy Harbor is expected to be open for opening day next year. SeaWorldHawaii.com will keep you updated with the most recent progress of the parks new project.


Some patrons may have a problem with where Shamu's Happy Harbor is located because it is right next to the Hospitality Center.


More Soon!!!!


All of the rides are already in place. The surrounding area needs to be finished before opening though...


Construction has already begun!

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I think a Giant Ferris Wheel would have looked nicer, but that's just my opinion.

That's because the smaller one is more for children! If I was a child, and I saw a 200 foot Ferris Wheel, no way!


Sorry for the lack of updates, so here's one!


Year 1/2

Off Season Update



This next update is brought to you by SeaWorldHawaii.com!


To bad, the themed queue guests barely ever see.


More SOON! (Right after the next persons post)


The Seas at SeaWorld hasn't been very popular recently.


And a view from the back


Viewing from the front of where Shamu's Happy Harbor will start.

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Oh mys....


Year 1/2

Off Season Update



Alright guys, this is the last off season update before year two starts!


The next expantion is to be rumored here behind the Polar Bear exhibit, maybe, we will see...


More Soon!!


Some signs have gone up!


Im sure there will be a few sick kids after this ride...


The Rock-n'-Tug is getting themed up!


I can't wait to see this at night!


A little change with the new midway?

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Alright guys, lets keep moving!


Year 2

Opening Week



The second season of the park has just began! Shamu's Happy Harbor is now open, and guests are loving it! Also, some great news from the park!


I heard for a little birdie that SeaWorld Hawaii will be focusing more on bigger thrills! With another amusement park on this islands going more towards families, SeaWorld would be a great spot for teens!


More Soon!!!


Did anyone else notice you can see the Pacific Ocean from Atlantis Adventure?


The Fusion Theater is one of the few things that has gone untouched since new management took over. Wonder why?


Shamu's Happy Harbor is looking very nice


If I were a kid, the first thing I would ride is the Pirate's Excursion.


Families are loving it!


Crews have been working very hard to make this area of the park look the best possible.


There is a wide selection of games. My favorite it the ring toss.


Yey! Happy Harbor is finally open!

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I have feeling the Fusion Theatre might not be with much longer. Can we see an overview of the park please. I kind of want a general idea of were certain things are located.

Future plans for the Fusion Theater are (from what I hear) undecided. Anything could happen really.


And an overview is coming! The park is still relatively small.


OH! I forgot to post a picture, so here it is...


Not to much breaks the horizon of SeaWorld Hawaii...yet...

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Whao. I just looked at this topic for the 1st time and I am completely in aww!!


It is like amazing! I cant believe it. It is crazy. Awesome work!!


I wish my RCT3 was working. I installed and uninstalled it too many times so now it is at the point it wont install at all. I have no idea. I havent played RCT3 in like over a year.

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