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Your 2005 Travel Plans - Where are you going?

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Well, I'm workin' at Cedar Point this summer so that is an obvious one.


With that, I plan on hitting a few parks from the following list:

Geauga Lake

Michigan's Adventure




The second week of June, I'm going to the Texas Indycar race (I'm a huge race fan), so I have every intention of going to SFOT.


During the last week of June, I will be going on an East Coast road trip hitting up Dorney, Hershey, Knoebel's, SFGAdv, Lake Compounce, and SFNE.


I don't really know what the rest of the year will hold. If my transfer to UF goes through then I'll probably be hitting most of the parks in Florida but I really don't know. I would like to take a weekend trip to Atlanta sometime this year, which no trip to Atlanta is complete without a visit to SFOG . So this will be an interesting year. I have high hopes.

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March 11-14

- KBF (Solace)

- SF Marine World

- Adventure City

- Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom

- Castle Park


March 18-21

- Disneyland/DCA (??)

- Belmont Park


April ??


- Celebration City


June 2-5

- Cedar Point

- Holiday World


- Indy Zoo

- Kennywood

- SF Kentucky Kingdom


July ??

- SF Great Adventure

- Dorney Park

- Hersheypark

- Clementon

- Astroland

- Rye Playland


and more possibly.

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Disneyland in April. This will be my frist trip back since moving to the east coast a year ago from CA. It'll also be the first time I'll be able to stay on the resort instead of just driving from home. I may also fit a trip to PGA in there somewhere and I plan hit up the Santa Cruz Boardwalk at some point in that trip.


Other than that, nothing concrete. I want to buy a Six Flags season pass and hit up every park near me as many times as I can (Great Escape, La Ronde, Darien Lake, SFNE, and SFGADV)

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Seeing as I'm going to be in Florida till at least May, if not August, I'd say my travels are going to centralize Florida.


I'll DEFINITELY be going to Walt Disney World. Ha.


Sometime soon I'm going to travel over to Universal Studios. I may even get a Season Pass because Disney will get old.


Busch Gardens Tampa I'll visit in May when Sheikra opens. May get a Pass there as well if I stay till August but not sure on that.


I'd love to go to Dania Beach to try the Hurricane, but that doesn't seem too good of a chance.


Seaworld I'll also definitely visit before I leave!


Sounds like good times to me!

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March-USH, Disneyland, Vegas, Maroon 5 the nite before...Solace, Coaster Bash


May-Annual spring PCar trip, may hit Dorney, SFGAdv, and Hershey later that month


June-Kennywood, PKI & SFKK & Holiday World more than likely, and/or a trip to Mass for SFNE and a few others if my sister's family goes in June.


July-Camden Park, Dollywood


August-possible alternate for possible Mass trip, PKD & SFA & BGW I'm hoping, CP & GL during dead week.


Sept-Myrtle Beach, alternate PKD & SFA & BGW trip


Oct-SFoG & Florida & Wild Adventures


Dec-annual Dollywood in December, then save up more $$$ for Japan & Europe/Africa in mid/late 2006

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Well I just got a huge kink (and a good one) thrown in to my plans.


I'm planning on going on a mission trip to Mexico in July, so I'm going to shorten my June trip to the following I think...


SFKK, PKI, GL and maybe Kennywood.


I'm planning on being at CP for my FIRST Coastermania!!! w00t!! :shock:

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My place on ECC's Europe trip has been confirmed so heres a more detailed list of the parks Im gonna visit this year:




Wiener Prater

Erlebnispark Strasswalchen





If I ride all the coasters, my coaster count will increase from 13 to 41

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Hello All at Theme Park Review!,


I am Sean and I am new to the boards. I live only about an hour away from SFGAM, and I am a college student. I am also a huge fan of amusement parks and rollercoasters. It is very nice to meet you all!

With that said, here are my plans for 2005....


Maybe SF. St. Louis in April

Indiana Beach

Wisconsin Dells with Mt. Olympus and Timber Falls


Plus I will also have the always typical 3-4 trips to SFGAM.


Unfortunately, no Florida for me this year in March :? .


I can't wait for the summer!

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well, mine has already started,


Blackpool- Last Weekend (Coasterforce Live) 18th-20th Febuary


On my next trip to america i am going to PKI and CP (A little bonus for CP as its Opening Day)


Then maybe another trip to Blackpool later in the year for a End Of GCSE's celebration.

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To finish off all of the coasters in Illinois, I have to go to Santa's Village and Kiddieland sometime this spring. Sometime after the parks open, but before I go home for the summer on June 5th.

Also before school gets out, I want to go to Michigan's Adventure and Indiana Beach.


Then on about May 5th or 6th I might (we might be having some problems with the girl we are staying with) be going to Holiday World, PKI, and SFKK as well as the Kentucky Derby!


Then there is the biggest roller coaster trip of my life (so far) set sometime around June 12th to June 20th. About 17 parks.


Fun Spot

Memphis Kiddie Park


Geauga Lake


Conneaut Lake

Fun Fore All




Del Grossos

Williams Grove


Dutch Wonderland



Ponoco Play Park

and maybe SFGAd

If anyone has any advice for me on this trip it would be very helpful.



Then sometime this summer I am going to Silver Dollar City and Celebration City and maybe some kiddie coasters along the way.


And then maybe a trip to the Wisconsin Dells and Little A Merrick A (as Robb said, if they build that kiddie wooden one). EDIT: Oh wait, Robb, in your first post were you talking about Hades or the little kiddie wooden one that is going to be built at Little A-Merrick-A?


So thats about 110 so I hope there aren't too many that are shut down or anything.

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March-PKD and possibly BGW...Both scratched!

April-SFGAm(opening day)

May-PKI(IJ:ST Media day),SFKK,SFGAm


July-SFGAm,Mt.Olympus,Little A-merrik-A(Coastercon XXVIII)possibly IB (b-day bash) and possibly MIA(Timbersfest)


October-SFGAm(Fright Fest) and possibly (if I can talk my parents into it) Knoebels (PPP)

That is my 2005 tentitive schedule

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Alright, plans have changed a bit, and will probably change again


We are still going to try to get to SFMM either June or July


But as well, we are going to visit family near Tulsa, so I convinced mt wife to visit the three parks that are on the way.


that would be



Wonderland park in Armarillo, Tx

SF Frontier City in OK city

Bells Amusment park in Tulsa, OK

Then I guess we can hit Cliff's to finish off the trip

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These are set in stone:


23 of April: Kanonen Media Day! Weee!!! I'm really looking forward too it, and I'll leave a big, meaty review if anyone here cares.


Presumably 4th week of Summer Break: Germany! We try to hit all the major parks they have to offer, and maybe a few in Dutchland, perhpas France or Belgium if we have more time than we thought...


These are on the drawing board still:


Tour de Denmark: Well, pretty self-explanatory. We still needs some good dates for it. Denmark got two new credits this year I need, plus all those I haven't got yet. Guess what: we get an used Vekoma Invertigo, the HangOver from Liseberg. And an used KBF Tower Coaster. Good year.


Thorpe Park/Alton Towers/Oakwood or Blackpool: This was just a suggestion I made for my comrades at Themeparkdenmark.dk after i discovered you could fly for 4$ between Aarhus-London with Ryanair... It seemed so logical!

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My plans:


Well I already hit WDW and the Universal parks in January/February.


April: SfStl, SfGam Opening Day.

May: SfGam, Hurricane Harbor Media Day

June: SfGam, Mt. Olympus, Little A-Merrick-A, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake

July: SfGam, Indiana Beach, Valleyfair!, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls

August: SfGam, SfStl, Holiday World, Worlds of Fun

September: SfGam, SfGadv, Dorney Park

October: SfGam, USF, WDW, Sea World, Knoebels, Kennywood


Should mean a busy summer. If anyone plans on going to SfGam, it would be cool to meet up(Or possibly some of the other parks). It is so much fun hanging out with new people at the park.


DejaVu "Likes it when a park makes good changes" The Ride

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As a college student with minimal resources, im going to stick around the east coast.


Ive already been to IOA for the year.


So ill probably go to:


Paramount's Carowinds

Six Flags Over GA


Paramount's Kings Dominion

Wild Adventures, perhaps.


In July, im heading to New Orleans with my family to Six Flags New Orleans.

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VEGAS BABY-what should I do first?

as far as rides

Hit up the far end of the Strip ( Speed The Ride, Stratosphere and Adventuredome) you can pretty much hit all of these in a single day. Then spend the rest of the time roaming around, most of the Hotels are worth going in and wandering around, and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is worth doing, just watch out for the Togo death machine and New York New York

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