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Your 2005 Travel Plans - Where are you going?

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I dont know te date of all the parks im going to.. but I have a list of the parks.. Mst of the New England parks im going to 2 or 3 times. and then SFNE and Canobie I go to 10-15 times...


(If I get to ride every coaster I can this summer (open/let me on) I get to add over 100 new for me coasters )



Canobie Lake Park

Six Flags New England

Lake Compounce



Six Gun City

Santas Village

Funtown Splash Town USA

Palace Playland




and then non-NE parks..

The Great Escape as i always do..


Dorney Park




maybe some other parks in that area...


and then on a smaller NY trip....

Coney Island (2 or 3 parks..)

Keansburg (maybe.. and its in NJ not NY..)

Rye Playland.


and 2 kiddie parks.. ones inside..


In june im going to...

Silver Dollar City

Celebration City

Six Flags St. Louis

Wisconsin Dells Parks

Six Flags Great America

Michigan's Adventure


Indiana Beach

Paramount's Kings Island

Holiday World

and maybe Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


Yup... this will be my biggest 'coaster summer' ever... yay

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Did my Vegas/SFMM trip a few weeks ago.


I got more SFMM, Knotts and possible other SoCal parks mid March.


Hoping to get up to SFMW and PGA at the end of March, early April.


From April 13 all the way untill October 30 I will be at Cedar Point (Come say Hi to Captian Hector over on Paddlewheel, I think I'm the only Hector working at the park, at least I'm pretty sure I was last year).


Hopefully Japan in November (Very up in the air about this one)


More SoCal parks in December!


We'll see about anything other then CP and the mid march parks though.

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I've got trips to most of the UK parks planned throughout the summer, big and small.


Abroad, I'm currently looking at:


End of May/Start of June - North France (DLP, Parc Asterix, Jardin d'Acclimation, Parc St. Paul)


July - Week in Italy visiting friends (plus Gardaland & Mirabilandia)

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i'm leaving for california later today....there i'll visit sfmm, disney's calif. adv, and knott's...we have a long layover in vegas on the way there so i hope to get out of the airport and maybe hit speed and the startosphere rides. april 16th-23rd i'm going to texas (although i don't know the exact parks i'm going to...six flags: over texas and six flags: fiesta texas are for sure) i might try schlitterbahn seaworld and others

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March- SoCal; SFGAd opening weekend


April- BGW/PKD; Knoebels opener


May- Dorney opener


Summer- weekend trips to everyplace (except Kings Island)


October- Floridia (assuming hurricanes don't attack again)


November- California


Figure about 37 trips to Great Adventure before King of KaKa actually operates, much better odds than a Deja Vu though

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March- SoCal, SFMW

April- SFOG, Wild Adventures, SWO, Cypress Gardens

May- Orlando, Cedar Point, PKI, Geauga Lake

June- SFGadv, Dorney, Hershey, Wildwood, SDC, CC, WoF, Magic Springs

July- Thorpe, Blackpool, Alton, Vindampark, Austria, Italy, DLP

August- SFGAm, Dells, LA-M-A

Sept- ?

Oct- Haunt, HHH, PPP, SFGAdv, Dorney

Nov- Moving to SoCal


That's all I got so far.



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So far here are our trips. We're still not sure of our March and April trips.


May 7 Dorney/???

May 13-15 Ace Spring Con. Lake Winnie & Dollywood

May 19th PKI media day

Memorial weekend possibly La Ronde's and The Great Escape

June 4th Rip Roaring Rampage @ Visionland

June 17&18 Timbersfest & Birthday Bash @ Indiana Beach

July 4th weekend- Wisconsin Dells & SF Great America

July 9-12 Las Vegas (getting married)

July 29-31 Ace Preservation Con. Utah

August ?

September possibly the northwest parks

Oct. Phun Phest of course!!!


No major trips this year. Just alot of little parks. Our next major trip is the Scandinavian countries. Either in 2006 on our own or in 2007 with the ECC.

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Well, being the poor shmuck that I am and with a five year old and one due in May, I have laid out an extensive and aggresive vacation plan for the summer



sometime between april 2nd and October, whenever it closes, I'm positive we will goto Cliff's Amusment park, at least once



there you have it


Actually we are planing one trip to SoCal in July to try to hit Knott's, not a huge fan of Disneyland, and the overwelming crowds, I hear the same about SFMM.(NEVER BEEN TO SFMM)


Whith the young ones, and a five year old who loves any coaster she can get on, is Knott's the best or should we drop by Disney or SFMM?, and are they very VERY busy in July

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March: Orlando (EPCOT)

April: Orlando (IOA, DisneyQuest, and USF)

May: Possibly Orlando

June: Orlando for LASIK surgery (I'm officially an Orlando freak)

June: Some Random Park in Israel

July/August: Some Random Park in New York, Possibly Great Escape

August: Cedar Point

October/November: Orlando (EPCOT)

December: Possibly Six Flags New Orleans


It's not too active of a year for me (look at those freakin' Orlando trips!), but I'm saving EVERYTHING for Israel and my 2006 Japan trip.

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March - Solace/WCB along with Disney/DCA.


June - Rideworld Midwest Conquest(SC,SDC,PKI,PGA,SFTL,Holiday World, and some others)


I'll have a Paramount season pass so I'll be making a few trips to PCW.


Various trips to Cedar Point. I'll be there for sure victoria day weekend(CAnadian version of Memorial day).


August I'll have a trip to SFDL.


There's a good chance that the Rideworld Coaster Conlcalve will be at BGW/PKD this year, so I'll probably be there.


And I might be heading up to La Ronde in Montreal.

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Memorial Day Weekend - Midwest small parks trip (SDC, Magic Springs, Libertyland, Bells)


Word...Give me a shout when you come through here if you want. I haven't been to Libertyland in almost 2 years...I guess I need to support my local park again.


I plan on spending my summer living on the beach in Destin, FL. Hopefully I'll get a chance to make it back to Holiday World in May. While in FL, I want to take a day or two and head back down to Tampa for Sheikra. If I got a chance to go to PA or the Dells before fall semester that would be great, but I don't have any real plans for that.

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