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Your 2005 Travel Plans - Where are you going?

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So far this year we have these trips that we're doing:


Memorial Day Weekend - Midwest small parks trip (SDC, Magic Springs, Libertyland, Bells)


The "Europe Trip" - Nearly three weeks of Europe parks in June/July


The "August Trip" - Dells/Little A-Merrik-A (if that woodie opens)/SFGam


Labor Day Weekend - Still up in the air...maybe Denver?


PPP Trip - Knoebel's and a bunch of other stuff.


Halloween in Florida - IOA/WDW/HHN/BGT


We'll have a bunch of local So Cal trips and probably a trip or two to Florida, but that's pretty much all that's 'set in stone' right now.


What is everyone else doing this year?



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ummmm lets see...


May: Get out to Pennsylvania to hit up HP, Knoebels, Dorney Park, and SFGAdv.


Summer: Hopefully California to visit SFMM, KBF, USH, DLR, and any other parks out in that area. Probably in August or something or earlier.


October: This year I am going to shoot for to get down to Knoebels for PPP. Since I do have a car now.


Summer: I dunno when in the summer to be exact but we will be heading out to Wisconsin for my Dad's high school reunion so we'll be hitting CP and maybe Wisconsin Dells.


Hey Robb, when in August is your trip to Great Lakes area?

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April/May, I will be heading down to New Jersey and Penn to go to Dorney, maybe Hershey, and deffinatly SFGA.


As for the summer, I have no idea, it all depends on where I get an internship, so that could mean florida (At Kennedy Space Center), St Louis or Southern California (Both Boeing). So thats debatable.


As for Sept-October, I will be in Cleveland, which means I will be able to Cedar point for the first time. Looking forward to that.



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I'm going on a east coast trip this summer and I have never been to any of the parks that I'm going to.


Kennywood 5/29

Knoebels 5/30

Hershey Park 5/31

Dorney Park 6/1


SFA 6/3

PKD 6/4

BGW 6/5

PC 6/7


I know I will only be able to spend one day at each park. I was wondering if there are any special tickets I can buy so that I can ride the rides faster?

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Nothing is for certain yet, but definitely some of the local parks (for me at least) like SFA, and Hersheypark (perhaps with my school choir for a competition thing) and then MAYBE a trip to Europe (Switzerland, Venice, Rome, Florence, Monaco, Paris-but i defintely need to talk to the 'rents about THAT one... *sigh- be selfish and go, or be nice and go somewhere with my family-i'm confused*)

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Well I'm working at Cedar Point so I'll be there almost every moment i can, along with Geauga Lake.


April 9th - PKI opening day.


May 19th - Italian Job Media Preview


June 17-18 - TimbersFest


June 19-24 - CoasterCon XXVIII-SFGA, Little-A-Merrick-A, Timber Falls, Mt. Olympus, Santa's Village, and what ever the Dells can throw at us.


July 17 - KennyKon


July 18-23 - Pennsylvania Trip-Kennywood(KennyKon), Hersheypark, SfGAdv, Dorney Park, Knoebels, and some smaller parks not finalized yet.

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So far this should be where I go


End of July/Beginning of August:

Dollywood/SFKK/PKI/Geauga Lake/Kennywood


Sometime in August:

Dorney Park/SFGADV/SFNE/Lake Compounce/Knoebels


Plus the regulars,


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Trips this year.


Well, mainly, I have a 5 day trip to Germany in July, 11th - 15th. It'll take in Heide Park, Movie Park, Phantasialand, Holiday Park & Europa Park.


I also intend to get to Fantasy Island, Oakwood and Lightwater Valley, plus whatevr other English parks I can make it to.


Also, I want to mention my US trip, even thought that's 2006. 4 weeks, taking in SFNE, SFGAdv, Dorney, Hershey, Kennywood, Geauga Lake, CP, PKI, PKD, BGW, Carowinds, SFOG, Wild Adventures, BGT, Universal and Disney. Can't wait for that one!

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April: Dollywood/SFOG


May (Was supposed to be):

Memorial Day Weekend - Midwest small parks trip (SDC, Magic Springs, Libertyland, Bells)


But, because of the kids school stuff we will be doing instead:

Bay Area Trip: PGA, SFMW, SCBB, Bonfante (and Frisco stuff)


November: WDW, IOA, SWO, BGT


There will also be the normal SFMM, Knott's, SWSD, LegoLand days. We will hopefully get to Castle Park and the smaller SoCal parks this year as well.


I don't know if we will actually get to Disneyland this year or not.


Gregg "Who would like to do 1 other small trip this year" C.

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Gold Coast when Superman opens at Warner Bros Movie World (also known as the ozcoaster.net staff meeting).


Was thinking about going back to the US in 2006, but I might come in 2005. Do some nature stuff in eastern Canada, then Kingda Ka, maybe Orlando and definitely LA.

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I've already been to Alton Towers this year and next up is Blackpool.. Tommorow!

Thorpe Park,


Flamingo Land,

Fantasy Island,


Basically most of the Uk parks apart from Oakwood. It's too far into Wales to risk going.


In an unrelated note. Hi Rob!

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January- Orlando/Tampa


March- BGW, PKD, SFGAdv (and all Summer since I live 15 miles away)






July- DL (50th), DCA, KBF, SFMM


August- KW, GL, CP, SFGAm


September- SFOG


October- SFGAdv, DP, HP, BGW, PKD, SFA


December- Orlando/Tampa parks

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Me im pushing for a vacation every month from may-oct...


I know definitely HHN in oct.


tokyo disney in may or sept


pkd and sfa possibly in june


pki and cedarpoint in july


im also looking to go to bgt but im still deciding when!


And of course every other weekend at paramount's carowinds, gotta love that top gun!!

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