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Adventure Park (RCT2)

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My newest park is Adventure Park. It's already been worked on for a while but still a lot of it a is done and a lot is still yet to come. (It's also my only saved game!)


There's no main theme to this other than to look fun and creative but also realistic. This park isn't based off of anything, I just installed RCT2, made a landscape, and started building on top of it. I believe all of you wil enjoy this park. This is my first time on in months, which means I've been RCTless for that long.


Sneak Preview

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Background Information: Adventure Park is separated into sections, mainly Opening, Mountains, The Square, and Adventure Underground.

Each section has it's greats and problems. The biggest problem all of the sections share is breakdowns. I have 10 mechs. each on a patrol area to save the park. New openings also aren't as exciting as planned.


The next update will concentrate on the Opening and Mountains sections.

As updates go on you'll see in depth views of the park.




Part of the Opening.


The Square's most popular place is the Little China.


Arigo is the park's biggest coaster. I think it's one of my best.

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