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Photo TR: Beemer does GADV & WDW in two days

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It was that time of year agian. Time to pick up a client's car on Martha's Vineyard and head south to Fort Lauderdale... his winter home location. Why is that important? Well, although it's a tight schedule, it allows me to cram in a couple stops at parks along the way.


Over the last couple of years, I've developed quite an appreciation for carousels. After reading up a bit about them, I soon found that the oldest fixed platform carousel is actually located on Martha's Vineyard....and it's a brass ring too! I guess the reason I hadn't noticed in years past was because I never boarded the ferry in the town it resides in, Oak Bluffs.


Well, sadly, and frustratingly enough, the ride has been closed during my last three visits prior to this one. Thankfully, I was able to schedule my arrival at just the right time this year. I gave myself plenty of time to take in the history and beauty of the Flying Horses.


As always, the report will come in sections. Feel free to jump in with comments at any point. Enjoy!


Back on the mainland, I couldn't help but stop and take in some hockey practice for a few minutes. Damn I wanted to strap on the skates!

Stay tuned. Up next.....GADV.


So I've heard they actually changed the town's name. If so, apparently they failed to change the sign.


Before I left, I had to enjoy some local food. If I visited New England and didn't have some lobster, I'd have to kick my own arse.


Even cooler than this island institution.


Coolest. Dog. Ever.


...it was perfectly clear why. I actually did some work on this very boat back in Lauderdale years ago! Small world, huh?


This place absolutely felt like home. And after looking closer at the yacht in the upper left of this pic....


After the Flying Horses it was time to stroll the docks for awhile.


Yes sir.


To heck with big, I wanna be rich. Zoltar says, "Just donate a dollar or die!"


Over to the small arcade adjacent to the carousel. Hey Cameron.


Random painted cow in the corner. Yep.


Perhaps there'd be more rings if I wasn't so inept at catching two at once like many folks did.


Hmm, the rings kind of look brass in this pic. Trust me, they're not. Two rides, no brass ring. :(




I gotta admit, the eyes on the horses were kinda creepy. They had this hazy, glassy kind of look.




And this would be the interior. How many pretentious islanders can you count?


NOT an ACE plaque. Yay!


And this would be the oldest fixed platform carousel in the US. Built in 1876. Okay, well it's the sign anyway.


Has the urban sombrero caught on?


At Boston's Logan, apparently King Jaffe Joffer was set to arrive. Not sure where the rose petals were though.


I just wanted to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.

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^ It's absolutely beautiful. One of my three favorite places on earth.



Okay, I had typed out a big lead in, but then the site had problems and I lost it all. I don't feel like trying to replicate it, so here's day two in a nutshell. No worries.


I met up with gmoney and larrygator before the park opened. It opened. We headed straight to El Toro. We rode many times. It's awesome. I was lazy with the camera and didn't get many pics.


The weather, coasters, and company were all great, and I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again to you both. Hope to see you again soon!


On to the pics. Enjoy!


Bye GADV. Bye KK. Sorry I didn't have time to ride you today. You're still a great one trick pony in my book.


Up next, WDW. :)


And just then I noticed Shapiro's new family-friendly campaign in full swing. Wow, a greeter on the lift hill? What a great idea!


Sadly, my half day at the park was up, but I decided to stop and catch one or two more pics of this sickness.


Evidently, this thing is known to scare the crap out of certain TPR members. ;)



This thing is a behemoth. Hey write that down.


Mmmm, Nitro.


Jer, I think this shot really needs a train in it. I was too impatient to wait for one. Can you help with that? My company admires the work you did with Raptor.


Hello, I'm the Batman with the lame yellow paint job. But hey, my Batmobile is still kicka$$!


Those will be the first to pieces to arrive. I can feel it.


See? They've already begun disassembling it.


This is headed to Lake Winnie next year.


Hot tip: between Medusa and El Toro there's a great spot....oh...you mean...this shot has been taken repeatedly? Fine, be that way.


While I felt Medusa still delivered a great ride, it was time to head over to the other side of the park. But not before catching another glimpse of the great one.


Must focus on B&M. Must focus on B&M.


This....... NOT so sexy.


What else can I say about this thing that hasn't already been said?


Larry and G admire the sexiness of the bull. And can you blame them? Look....


I must say, Intamin, you sure do make a strong case.


"Beemer, join the dark side. It is your destiny!"




I like to keep mine separated. ;)




There's three coasters and one Florida Gator fan in this pic. Three out of four ain't bad.


And finally one with a train it.



So sexy.


As I was waiting out front for my esteemed colleagues, I took the opportunity to snap a few of Superman.


Amazingly, probably my favorite Six Flags park. El Toro and Nitro in one place.....forgetaboutit.

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Nice little trip report.


Those pictures of Chiller being taken apart make me sad. It's a good thing I wasn't able to meet up with you guys because I had no idea Chiller was being removed until two days ago. That means you would have had to deal with me crying for the entire day upon finding out the Chiller was done for.


Though the pictures of me going from shock to anger to sobbing would have been great for your report. Not all is lost as you can get those same reaction shots of me next year when I physically see The Dark Knight coaster on Chillers former location.

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Excellent TR Beemer (as usual).


Quick question (off topic): My friend has BEMRBOI on his license plate because he's a Va Tech, Frank Beamer, Hokies football fan and I was wondering if your TPR screen name was a dedication to the Hokies (your UMiami gear being some clever decoy, right?)





Anyway, shameless VT plug aside, like I said above: Excellent PTR like always (have you EVER posted a mediocre PTR, btw?) but, if there were ever a TPR thread/poll (I'm too lazy to search) that asked which major coaster had the ugliest station I'm voting NITRO .




PS- Keep posting your great PTR's and if you ever want some fresh VT gear shoot me a PM...you closet Hokie fan!

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^ Shannon and I both thank you, Corey.


I was wondering if your TPR screen name was a dedication to the Hokies (your UMiami gear being some clever decoy, right?)

Yep, you're onto me.


Excellent Photo TR like always (have you EVER posted a mediocre Photo TR, btw?)

Eh, if I searched 'em, I'm sure I'd find one of my earlier one's may have been a dud. But yes, thank you for the compliment. I try to deliver the goods each time. And I'll let you know if I need any new Hokies gear....to burn.


At least you didn't succumb to an Intamin ride being in your top 3.
Actually, I've easily got the bull as my favorite woodie now. And scary enough, if I were to really put any deep thought into an updated personal top ten, it would be a strong contender for any top spot. I thought it was really that good.


That's cold...
I guess it's even colder considering that one of 'em is Rolling Thunder.

Nah, I'm just kidding around. Larry knows he's one of the few Gator fans I like.




It's a good thing I wasn't able to meet up with you guys because I had no idea Chiller was being removed until two days ago. That means you would have had to deal with me crying for the entire day upon finding out the Chiller was done for.


Though the pictures of me going from shock to anger to sobbing would have been great for your report.

Yeah, it's ashame you couldn't make it, but seeing as how I spent about four hours with those guys and only ended up with one picture of 'em, I'm not quite sure your reactions would've made it anyway. I was thrown off by visiting one of the east coast parks without it being "sad and pathetic" style. Therefore, a lack of pictures due to actual conversation.



First off, thanks again for the compliments. It's greatly appreciated. Now, time to try and wrap this puppy up.

About 19 hours after I left GADV, I arrived at WDW. Yes, I drove almost all night with very little sleep to stay on a ridiculous schedule. Am I insane? Yes. Anyway, I didn't have much time, but my brother, his wife, and I were able to make it to the MK and Epcot in what little time I had.


To make things short, ANY time spent with family at WDW is awesome to me. What's not so awesome were the changes to the HM. The attic scene was cool. The rest was somewhat lame. What was missing at Epcot made up for that though.


And meanwhile, back on the Nostromo, Ripley and crew prepare for hypersleep.


Stay tuned... a little bit of Epcot love will close it out soon.



Even the cast member assigned to take pictures for guests said, "folks, if you're gonna pose with it, you might as well follow his lead and put some effort into it." lol


This reminds me of those glorious days out on the sea. Our captain would break the monotonous silence by loudly proclaiming, "Aye, there be feathered beasts off the starboard bow!"


Like a well tuned symphony, the crew would work the harpoons with glorious precision to harvest our culinary bounty for the coming days...the songbird of the ocean.....the Chicken!


"What have you done with those plans?"


"We intercepted no transmissions. This is a consular ship...we're...on... a diplomatic mission." (The dorks will appreciate that.) ;)


I see you, Toad. :(


Again, attention to detail, folks.


Hi, I'm the paddlewheel boat that kids will only ride if dragged on by their parents.


Don't worry Liberty Belle, I still love ya.


This fan system thingy in the queue seemed great in theory. It was certainly warm enough for it to be on, and it appeared to maybe be on. However, as it was that day, I've have farts blow more air than that thing.


Okay, time to check out the new additions.


New shoutout time. Hi Rick.


I heard jock itch is what killed Captain Hook.


Dead men tell no tales. They just collect your money afterward in the gift shop.


Can we have old management back please?


Yay to smaller crowds.


Five seconds after this was taken, Pluto viciously gouged out some unsuspecting little boy's eyes with that flag. It should be on YouTube somewhere.


And upon closer inspection, this is an example of the attention to detail that will always make the MK my favorite park in the world.


The Halloween decorations were out in full force.


And I'm happy to be home!


This is the entrance, or la entrada for our Spanish viewers. (I think)


ooooh yeah!


Guys, if you wanna use these Contemporary construction pics to impress the ladies, feel free.


And to think, some people shell out thousands of dollars to travel to Japan to find fangirls. ;)


Really, I mean it.


Okay, I'm kidding. Or am I?


It was then onto the best ride at WDW...the monorail. Derek has vertical loops, Joe has Anton. If I don't start getting monorail pic shoutouts, I'm gonna have to start handing out beatdowns, Cypress Hill style.


We arrive at Epcot, and does anyone remember the old Toyota commercials? This pic says it all. :)

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It was then onto the best ride at WDW...the monorail. Derek has vertical loops, Joe has Anton. If I don't start getting monorail pic shoutouts, I'm gonna have to start handing out beatdowns, Cypress Hill style.


You're insane in membrane.


Must. Get. EPCOT. Love. Soon.


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And this would be the interior. How many pretentious islanders can you count?



Those be tourists.


And true islanders aren't pretentious, only the skukes and tourists are.



You think two rings is impressive?

As a kid if we didn't get three or four rings on each go round it was a bad ride.

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Please tell me you bought that hook after readjusting your "package" with it!


As for the Tiki Room Under New Management, they should just replace it with the Toky Disney "Get the Fever" version--and that's in Japanese!


Great TR, as usual. Monorails rule!



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