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Some Questions about Halloween Haunt at Knotts

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Well, Im going to Knotts Halloween Haunt this friday for the first time in my life so Im siked! but I have a few questions


1) Im not really the type of person who loves to be freaked out of their mind. I can handle nasty looking monsters to a degree but How far do they take it on a scale of 1 to 10? Are there any mazes that you would advise me to skip out on?


2) How long are the lines for the actual rides normally? (my friends want to get on Xcelerator and Sierra Sidewinder and I want to get on Supreme Scream)


3) Is it at all dangerous to be there or is there alot of security?


Thanks for the help in advance!

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1. Most of the mazes rank pretty up there in scare factor -- though some moreso than others. The event is definitely not for the faint of heart -- and I mean that. That's why they recommend guests ages 13 and under to not participate. I wouldn't even say there is a "mild" maze attraction. From what I've read so far about this season's mazes, I would tell you to avoid The Grudge 2 and The Doll Factory mazes like the plague, as they are probably the freakiest mazes this year.


However, there are scare-zones where monsters lurk outside of the maze attractions that are less scary and heart-attack inducing -- mostly because you're not confined in a small space like in the mazes. But then again, most people go for the mazes, not the open scare zones.


2. Depending on the nights, most queue waits for the major attractions skyrocket to a point where it can get pretty ridiculous. I have waited nearly 2 hours for Xcelerator before on a past Haunt night and 1 hour and 45 minutes for Silver Bullet on another Haunt visit. The park is usually very good about posting queue wait times during Haunt on portable signs -- and if you feel like you must go on a certain ride, make sure you ask an employee how long the queue wait might be. You don't want to waste 1 hour waiting for Boomerang on a Haunt night when you could be in one of the mazes.


3. The event has a pretty good safety record. The park is fully staffed with security -- especially in the mazes. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll be grabbed by the arm out of seemingly nowhere and kicked out of a maze for just pretending to mess around with the props. It's pretty safe.

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I would skip Asylum, it is by far the grossest maze I have ever gone through. If you want to get on rides, I suggest you go during the day, Lines at haunt can get ridiculous. I have seen Xcelerator have a 3 hour wait, GhostRider 2 hour wait, and the log ride 1 and half hour wait. When you go to the haunt, go for the mazes, not rides. If you want to ride rides, go during the day, lines will be walk ons. Have fun!!



And as kraxleRIDAH said, there is not a mild maze in the park.

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