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Photo TR: Coasterbuzz Fall Affiar at Holiday World

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Lets start off, park was dead all day. No wait for middle seats on any coaster all day. Clean like usually. Meet up with GCI intern Adam for a few rides, then found another person to ride with, this was his first visit to the park. I get the feeling he will be back quite a bit.


Day rides.


Rides on Voyage were, because the coaster was slower and they had the trim off. Raven was wonderfull like usual. Legend was rough, but okay. Later they did add trims on Voyage, but I didn't ride it then.


Then dinner. Pizza, fudge, chips and veggies. Yummy, except for fudge, I can't eat it, too sweet for me.




The person whose visit was the first time to HW was in for quite a shock. The only way to describe these coasters at night is. You know on movies where they speed up video to add the sense of out of control and speed, that is why these coasters ride like at night. It was absolutely unfreaking believable. Possibly better than night rides at HWN. Plus I guess there was about 70 people for ert. Front maybe had a one train wait, the same for back. I only took four photos at this event because I have just about every picture and I only took my video camera.


I heard after first train ride on ERT on Voyage, someone on the train said, "hot damn"


When ERT started I got two fun rides with Santa On Voyage, This was Santa's first night ride and the two things I heard him say was, "Still not as fast as my Sleigh" "woah Rudolph"


Dragsterforce, GCI Intern, Adam.



The King is here. I guess not performing anymore and eating peanut butter and banana sandwhiches will do this after a while.

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Thanks for the update. I was trying to figure out how you got night rides with the early park closing time but 6 PM at HW is essentially 7 PM EDT and at this time of year it would have been dark in the middle of ERT. Anyway, a friend of mine was there and he was happy with the Voyage's performance. He said they fixed the exit of the one 90 degree turn. I can't wait to get back for HWN next year.

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