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Brent's Knott's Scary Farm Adventures

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Hey everyone-

Last night (technically this morning also), I ventured on over to Knott's Berry Farm for the annual Halloween Haunt. I had been waiting for this night for a while, so I was pretty pumped last night. My overall take on the event, IT WAS AMAZING! Seriously, this year, Haunt exceeded my expectations. Although there were some rough spots, everything else pwned! It was a great night and I can't wait until I go again later this month (hopefully).

Maze Reviews

Black Widow's Cavern 5/10

Wow, I've heard a lot of stuff about how much this ride has sucked in previous years, but this year it was not as bad as I've heard. It wasn't really scary, but I did see some of the actors spot on and using their enviornment to their advantage. The giant spider in the middle of the pit was amazing and moved very fluently. But, I've heard this ride is a hit or miss, and we were on the first train of the night, so the acting could have done better.


Pyromaniax 3/10

*sigh* I had such high expectations for this maze, and I was SEVERLY let down. The acting sucked, there was little to no themeing, and the overall atmosphere was scary at all. It felt like this ride was rushed to be put together for Haunt. The actors weren't enthusiastic at all, trying to scare us by just saying "Boo". Their idea of themeing was a bunch of red and yellow flashing lights. This maze was overall very depressing. However, the soundtrack is awesome!


Grudge 2 10/10

This maze is so amazing, so well put together, and the only maze of the night to actually make me freak out. The sets were very well-designed, the actors were AMAZING, and the overall ambience was quite creepy. This was such a good maze, it literally had me walking through it trembling. GREAT job Grudge 2 actors! Defenitly the maze of the year!


Beowulf: Labryinth of Darkness 7/10

This maze has so much potential, seeing as it defenitly had the highest budget for all of the new mazes. It is quite visually pleasing, but the acting wasn't doing very well. They just kinda sat there and stared at us. If the actors could step up, this could defenitly be the maze of the year.


The Doll Factory 10/10

Wow...that is all I can do to explain the awesomeness of this maze. It was so incredibly creepy and the acting was spot on. The set designs were very creepy and intricate and the Grudge girl from last year was VERY good. She was pefectly in character and her movements were amazing. The soundtrack defenitly added a creepiness to the maze. Overall, this ties with Grudge 2 for maze of the year!


13 Axe Murder Manor 9/10

This maze defenitly stepped it up from last year. There was a lot more actors in the maze and they were defenitly using their enviornment to their advantage. Some pretty good scares in this maze, but overall, the set didn't change much from last year. However, the acting really stepped it up and were running around, scaring every possible person they could. It could have easily been a ten maze, but it didn't have an ending, you just walked down a boring, brown hallway with nothing in it. But, good job everybody in the Murder Manor.


Killer Clown Kollege 8/10

This was a very fun maze which was very reminiscent of Hatchet High. However, I thought this beat Hatchet High in acting. The actors were defenitly in their groove, working with their fellow actors to create some pretty nice scares. But, there were some parts in the maze that weren't themed at all and reminded me of the hallway at the end of Murder Manor. Anyways, the maze was great and the acting was spot on.


Dark Realm: Lazer Range 5/10

This maze was just meh. It had some really cool sets and animatronics, but the monsters were REALLY lacking. They didn't make any attempt to scare us pretty much the entire maze. It was pretty dissapointing because this maze has so much potential, but I think they need to remove the lazer guns. It would be way better without them.


Feary Tales 9/10

Wow, this maze really impressed me this year. The lights were darkened and the blacklights increased which created a much better atmosphere for this maze. The acting was much better than last year, they weren't standing around talking to the security people like last year. All of the effects were working, and it was really impressive. Great job Feary Tales crew!


The Asylum 9/10

What can I say about the Asylum? This maze is just amazing. Hands down, one of the creepiest mazes in all of Haunt. The acting is AMAZING, the sets are AMAZING, and the entire maze is AMAZING. Once again, this maze proved to be one of the best.


Red Beard's Revenge 4/10

Wow, this maze was SOOOOO much better last year. The actors this year just sat around and talked to the security. Sure, the sets were mildly pleasing, and there was one good scare, but the overall maze sucked. This maze has so much potential, but it didn't fill up to it.


Mazes in Order of Rank

1. Grudge 2

1. The Doll Factory

3. The Asylum

3. 13 Axe Murder Manor

5. Feary Tales

6. Killer Clown Kollege

7. Beowulf: Labyrinth of Darkness

8. Black Widow's Cavern

9. Dark Realm Lazer Range

10. Red Beard's Revenge

11. Pyromaniax



We didn't even bother wasting our time in Lost Vegas and Lore of the Vampire because they both sucked last year. Well, that's my take on Haunt 2007. I do have some pictures, but my computer is being pissy and is not letting me download them. I might have some pics up later, but no promises. So yeah, if you're in the area, come check out the best Halloween event in Socal! Until later this month...


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This report has me even more excited about going to the haunt (going on the 10th) . Sad to hear that Pyromaniax wasn't done so well. Red Moon Massacre was one of my favorites and I was hoping pyro would at least be as good . Doll factory sounds great, and so does asylum as always. Sounds like a great time, btw did you see the Hanging...?

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^ Yeah, that defenitly scared me out of my mind. It didn't look scary, but after I was in it for about thirty seconds, I started freaking out. Great job Knott's, you suceeded in scaring the crap out of a guy who doesn't usually get scared! Thanks for all the comments so far, I'm still trying to get those pics up.


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^ Yeah, Dark Realm was really lacking. It has soooooo much potential though.



Potential? It looks like it took 5 minutes for them to design and build it. It's one of the worst Haunt mazes they have ever done IMO...

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^^ Well, I'm talking about the overall theme of the maze. The maze design itself sucks, the acting sucks, but the theme, if you really think about it, is actually pretty cool. However, this maze was defenitly a let down, but I think they could make it so much better. That's what I was trying to say.

Brent "where are you this year Joey?" Shenton

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murder manor has a crappy ass ending but last year i got such a good scare walking out. Tho know how at the end of the maze when you exit that room there is a small exit room before you go to the main path. Well down the brown hallway a chainsaw guy chased me and my frienjds into a guy who was hiding in the exit room. First time a shaker can guy has ever scared me.

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^^I'm handsome, strong, handsome and studly. I'll have a blonde hottie with an ass that won't quit on me the entire night.


Hope that helps, LOL.




(but seriously, I don't know how to describe myself so you'd recognize me...there's so many people there haha)

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It is really way to bad you didn't do Lore or Lost Vegas.

They both got WAY better.

Lost Vegas I'd give, easily, 8/10 or better, I actually was frightened and screamed once or twice, which is better than just walking through neon lights for 5 minutes like last year.

Lore got WAY WAY WAY better, I think it might be up to the standards it had on it's first year.

REALLY good maze, and amazing work.

The Vampire Queen is a real hero of Haunt.

If you go again, you HAVE TO do those mazes.

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If you haven't been to Knott's this year, get over there, NOW!


I just got back and was blown away by one particular maze called DOLL FACTORY.


I'm not going to give anything away but imagine the budget of GRUDGE 2 MAZE with the creativity and acting of KNOTT'S. If you've ever wondered how much a "scareactor" makes a difference, get to this maze NOW!


Almost half the actors are female and they all give Oscar worthy performances. They even recruited the GRUDGE girl from last year, known to contort at your feet, to imitate a doll down to the last virgin footstep.


10/10 - This is the new standard.

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^Maybe if it wasn't just a combination of Asylum, Underground, and Alien Attack I could be a little more impressed. There are some cool things in there and some good talent...but my lasting impression of the maze is "why do half the talent have the same costumes as Asylum??!?"

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Well, to continue my visit of Haunt this year, I ventured out last night with my brother's friends, not knowing it was Scion night. *sigh* When I arrived, I thought, "Wow, this is pretty crowded for a Thursday night." But later, I figured it out because three quarters of the people in the park were wearing Scion shirts. Oh well, we still got in everything we wanted to get in and even rode Xcelerator. So, without further pause, I'll review the mazes we went on last night.


Beowulf: Labryinth of Darkness 10/10

WOW! This maze was on fire! The acting was a major improvment over my previous visit and they were really using the sets to their advantage. There was this one girl that you had to literally WALK under her. Great scare, it resulted in me hitting the wall to my right, when another monster in the room took advantage of me and scared me again! This is now up there with the Grudge 2! Why Doll Factory is no longer up there, I will mention later.


Grudge 2 10/10

Once again, this maze pwned hardcore! It didn't scare me quite as bad as last time, seeing as I knew what to expect. But still, wow! The acting was amazing and the maze still looked great! My brother's friends (remember, they're all guy basketball players) were seriously walking through this maze, holding hands! It was great! Good job Grudge 2 actors!


Killer Clown Kollege 9/10

Wow, I never thought clowns were so scary! This maze improved from my last visit because the acting was trying so much harder this time around! Everything was working this time and the acting was a lot better. My bro's friends easily freaked out. Good job Killer Clowns!


The Doll Factory 6/10

Now, you must be like, "Wow Brent, how could this maze drop from your number 1 to the worst maze of last night?" Well, it was quite easy actually. I counted about...20 actors in the maze. That is REALLY depressing. The entire maze was just a giant dead spot. You didn't even see a person until about halfway through the maze. The Girl wasn't even doing her regular acting! She was running around like all of the other monsters! I hope this was just a bad night for the dolls in the Doll Factory, because it was HORRIBLE! I'm so sad to say this stuff about such a well-done maze, but it is true! Well, at least for last night. *sigh* (Also, we went through this maze at about 9:45.)


13 Axe Murder Manor 8/10

We didn't go through this maze until about 12:20 and I hope because of the time there was no one in it. I'm thinking a lot of the monsters in the maze had already gone home, but the ones remaining in the maze were spectacular! Once again, this maze pwns and the sets looked great as always! Oh yeah, and the bungee guy at the end was rockin it!


Feary Tales 8/10

This maze defenitly improved from last time. There were actually a lot of actors in the maze despite the time! They surprisingly had a lot of fuel for it being like 12:45. The sets looked great as always and as I keep saying, the talent was amazing! Good job Fearies!


The Asylum 9/10

Woohoo! This maze didn't fall apart like The Doll Factory did! It got a nine because of the small margin of missing actors, but the ones that were inside Mangler were great as always! This will always remain as one of my favorite mazes of all time!


So concluded the end of our night and my final Haunt visit for this year. I wish my brother's friends had eaten before we went into the park because we spent about an hour in line for food and another half hour to eat it. We could have easily got in Red Beard's and maybe squeezed in Pyromaniax. But alas and alike, these are high school kids, so they wanted to eat half of the food in the park. Besides that, it was a spectacular night! Until next year, the Haunt Veil has been put back in place. Thanks for reading!


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