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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Hellboy II


9 out of 10


Really great movie. Lots of wit and funny dialogue and situations, besides the expected action and fight sequences. And Ron Perlman sure held his own, even with a probable stunt double in there for him in riskier scenes.


I will look forward to a third one in the franchise, if they decide to make it.


And the character of Johann Krauss was a trip!


What a gas!

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I just got back form seeing a sneak preview of Mummy Curse of the Dragon Emperor. It was actually better than I thought. After doing two movies in Egypt, I thought that having one in China would be too much. I was wrong. It was actually pretty good. It has many funny parts, lots of action, and great FX.


Overall 9/10

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Oh, they're annoying.


Anyone seen Step Brothers? It looks funny but not enough to see it in theaters. I definitely want to see Pineapple Express...should be good.


To bad i'm still going to do them.


Step Brothers


First 40 minutes were great, then it slowly dies.





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I saw the trailer for the new Harry Potter, I can't wait. It looks like it's going to follow the books pretty good. I remember almost everything I saw in the trailer being in the book so I'm pretty excited.


Just curious...anyone else besided me read all 7 books?


Of course!


I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I remember reading the first books when I was in the 6th grade so they definitely bring a sense of nostalgia back for me. I am very excited about the 6th movie. The last two books were my favorite, so I am really looking forward to seeing how they will adapt it into a movie!

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A few recent movies I have seen:


Batman The Dark Knight: 9/10

One of the better Batman movies that have been made. I still love Michelle Pheiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns.


Mama Mia: 5/10

This movie really made me want tot listen to ABBA's original versions of the songs. It's to bad because I really like all the actors in the movie. Everyone did ok, but the guys should not have been allowed to sing! I like Pierce Brosnan, but he can not sign. He sang not 1, not 2 but 3 songs in the movie! The one good thing about the movie, is it seemed that everyone really had a good time making it.


Halloween (2007 version): 6/10

The original used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid. This re-imagining of the classic original was ok. I liked knowing more about the back story of the Myers family. But because this was made in today's tiimes, it was a lot more gory for my taste. A major plus for the movie was the use of the original Halloween theme, which to me makes the movie a lot more scarier.


Waitress: 8/10

Rented this last night. It was actually a really cute little movie. It was heartwarming and touching.


Airport: 8/10

I have seen the Airplane movies a thousand times since I was a kid and never did I realize that they were a spoof on this 1970's classic disaster movie, Airport. Airport was a lot better than I expected. I guess the movie was full of the whose-who of old Hollywood, like a big Love Boat episode. There was actually some good suspense parts. I bought this movie as part of the "Airport Terminal Pack" DVD Collection. It was only $15.99 and includes the 3 sequels that followed: Airport 1975, Airport '77 and The Concorde: Airport '79. I probally watch the second one, Airport 1975 this afternoon.

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^ Aw, QUADRUPLE POST! That has to be a new record!


Batman Begins


I know it's lame, but I just saw this movie for the first time a couple weeks ago. And it's amazing, but my biggest problem is that it doesn't explain everything that happens. For example, I didn't exactly catch just why Bruce became Batman. It might be obvious, but for some reason I couldn't catch it. And the end, to me, was just kinda 'meh'. It's still the best movie I've seen in a long time though. It keeps a great, steady-moving story, has great action, and I think it was amazing.




--Eric (Scarecrow is freakin' terrifying!) B.

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Since I watch movie's like every night I'll start putting some reviews up.


National Treasure II: Basically the same thing as the first film with added Helen Mirren. Good thing? You deside.



The Time Machine (2002): A mediocre movie enhanced by magical imagery and H.G Wells fantastic story.



300: The best way to describe 300 is "A B-Movie wearing Prada"


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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


I saw it last night and it was better then I expected it to be and it was 1000 times better then Rotten Tomatoes 9% rating and what other critics say about it. It makes me wonder what people now think of the "fictional" third mummy movie mini-plot line at Revenge of the Mummy in Florida.

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My domestic box office predictions.


1.The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - 52.1

2. The Dark Knight - 43.7

3. Step Brothers - 13.7

4. Mamma Mia! - 11.7

5. Swing Vote - 8.4


From Box office Mojo


1) The Dark Knight $42.7

2)The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor $40.5

3) Step Brothers $16.5

4) Mamma Mia! $12.6

5)Journey to the Center of the Earth $6.6

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August is coming and the blockbuster season once again cools down until November. But the international box office gets hot this weekend.


In domestic box office, The Dark Knight surprises as it took the champion for the third time. Narrowly surpassing The Mummy 3's second place by $1.3 million, The Dark Knight is expected to finish at around $480 million and even has a chance to cross the $500-million mark.


Meanwhile, The Mummy 3 seemed to be forgotten by its fans. After a 7-year absence, the movie only took an estimated $42.5 million, the lowest opening in the series. The reviews have been very underwhelming so far. And I must say they're right. It's so bad that I expect this movie to drop hugely next weekend, just like X-Files.


After 6 weeks in the cinema, WALL-E began to show its power. The movie dropped a mere 26% in its sixth weekend. This makes WALL-E a sure win on the domestic box office against Kung Fu Panda. The cume should also surpass Ratatouille's and perhaps finish at around $215-$225 million.


Last week's disappointment, X-Files 2, disappointed again this weekend as it dropped a monstrous 66%. The movie has been forgotten by its fans, perhaps?




While the domestic box office cooled off, the international box office is gearing up instead for the releases of the trio The Dark Knight, WALL-E and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


The Mummy 3 took the top spot in foreign box office with $60 million from 28 markets. The cume was led with Korea's $13.3 million, $12.7 million in Russia and Spain's $6.7 million. This is due to Michelle Yeoh's and Jet Li's star power in those areas. Despite the big opening, the movie should drop big as well next weekend. Meanwhile, the movie also set records in other countries like Hong Kong (biggest opening of the year), Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Poland and Hungary.


The Dark Knight held well in its third weekend with no major openings at all. The movie held well in UK, held its crown with $12.9 million. But the real story this weekend is that in Australia, The Dark Knight topped the $30-million mark, a very rare achievement for any movies ever released in the movie. Even last year's Harry Potter only finished at $29-million mark.


WALL-E only got $15.5 million this weekend. But the movie had 3 no.1 openings in France, Netherlands and Belgium. In France, the romantic-comedy animation took a still-impressive $7.2 million. Compared to last year's Ratatouille, WALL-E took about 60%. Plus, the movie won't have leggy run like Ratatouille did so a finish at $35-million should be fine for WALL-E.



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My domestic box office predictions for August 8-10.


1. Pineapple Express - 29.0

2. The Dark Knight -28.7

3. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - 18.6

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 - 12.8

5. Step Brothers - 9.1

6. Mamma Mia! - 8.2

7. Journey to the Center of the Earth - 4.7

8. Hancock - 3.6

9. Swing Vote - 3.4

10. Wall-E - 2.9



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I've been able to see a few movies recently, so...


The Dark Knight - 8.5/10

Fantastic movie. My only complaint is that it was a little bit confusing. Still really good!


Shutter - 7/10

Overall, not that scary for a scary movie. Predictable plot, but some moments that make you jump. Just another average horror movie.

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The Mummy 3- 4.0/5.0


I thought the Mummy 3 was your typical fun summer movie overall, but it loses points for not having Rachel Weisz in it. While I liked the movie, it was missing that "certain something" that made the first Mummy movie so enjoyable. ...maybe that certain something was Rachel.

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