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73 minutes of nothing, characters that you you care nothing about and it's sad when you starting willing them to die.


Over all there was nothing about this movie that made it watchable or worthwhile, what for the DVD, start drinking and hope that cures that numb boring feeling that this movie serves up in spades.


This was beyond awful!!


This would have got a zero, but the new Star Trek trailer is shown

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The Orpahange - It was good. Fairly cliche' but it wasn't bad. I liked the ending. There are a few scary parts.


Good to know. I <3 Guillermo Del Toro's films and even though he only produced The Orphanage, the fact that his name is attached to it makes me want to see it. It's just a shame The Orphanage isn't even playing near where I live

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Well, I ventured out to see Cloverfield today. I must say I have mixed emotions about the movie. While the concept was interesting, the shaky camera and ending was not to my liking. The monster was pretty cool though. 7.5/10 ...which means average (C grade) on my scale. Oh well, not quite up to the hype, IMO.

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Just got back from Cloverfield

Rating: 9.9/10

AMAZING MOVIE!!! Go see it now! I can't even begin to explain it. Its a strange cross between really scary and depressingly real. Some common myths about it that aren't true.

1) It's another american godzilla- NO, not at all.

2) It's another Blair Witch Project - No, but the camera work is similar... kind of... but not really

Quite honestly one of the best movies I have ever seen. The only downside is that the shaky camera (unlike in Blair Witch Project, adds to the movie instead of making it worse) made me a tad dizzy in the beginning but by the end I was used to it and was loving it/too scared to notice it. GO SEE IT NOW!!!


P.S. Sorry to all the haters, I liked it, but again thats just my opinion.

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Alien VS Predator: Requiem - 5/10.


I was really looking forward to this as I love the Alien films. But I have not seen AVP or the Predator films so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Unfortunately I was disappointed. The storyline wasn't great but some of the action scenes were alright. Wasn't too long either which is why I give it a 5.

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