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Anybody see the new Halloween yet? Unfortunately, I have to wait till the middle of next week. Stupid work.


I did..and I....HATED IT!

(sorry for the caps)

It was, honestly, one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It was more of a parody than a horror movie.

The whole theater was laughing at almost every scene.

It wasn't scary at the least, and had two woo many sex scenes for me.

Oh, and every other word was a curse word, a little to much for me.

This movie was bad.


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I am hearing so many mixed opinions on Halloween. I hear from one group that it is awesome and then I hear it is boring. I guess if you are a Rob Zombie fan and understand his take on horror films then you will enjoy it but if you are looking at a comaprison to the original then you will be disappointed.

Most people who I have heard commenting on the movie said that there were some intense scenes, so you are the first that told me a theatre was laughing.

No matter though, it will break holiday records and probably get close to the top 5 grossing R films of the year.

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I liked the new Halloween, but unlike the orig, I don't think Michael is truly evil in this one.


*spoilers* I didn't think he was truly evil because in this one I felt bad for him, especially when he tries to show laurie the photograph hes kept for so long of him holding her as a baby, that was actually sad, maybe all his life he just wanted to find her and know her, the one person as a kid he really cared for, who knows what would have happened if she only understood. I guess in a sense that made the film weeker for me, since the first one hes flat our evil (and makes more sense when in part 6 it is explained with the cult etc), this one just adds a diff story of him just being mistreated as a child growing up for revenge.


It was alright, better then most of the other "new" slashers and hollywood trash these days.

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Meh - the new Halloween... I heard or read a reviewer saying that it was a good "Companion Piece" to the original. I went into it with that in mind and enjoyed it. When viewing it as a different movie - it was pretty good. COMPLETELY different (in style, scares and motive) than the original - but fine.


Definitely missed Jamie Lee Curtis though. She is, and always will be, the original Scream Queen.


On a different note - I just watched a zero budget slasher with my friends and totally enjoyed it. It's called Chainsaw Sally. It's about a mild-mannered librarian by day whose alter ego is a goth, maniac, chainsaw weilding, uber chick. Funny as all get-out and a great "bad" movie to enjoy with friends.



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I don't know why people are so quick to defend the original Halloween, as if it's some sort of immortal classic...sure, it set the standard for slasher movies, but it's not really an untouchable classic in my opinion. It's an ok film, but it's a bit too slow for me, only two of the actors are really up to snuff in their skills, and the kills are too clean (I'm a gore fiend, sue me) . I see some people comparing this to Hitchcock, which I think is a little silly. John Carpenter's best movie will always be his remake of The Thing, and this film is simply what gave him the ability to make it.


Not that I'm saying the remake was a true improvement. They did an interesting job at the start, kinda showing how Michael got this way, but at the same time showing he was just screwed up from the start, no matter what he might have gone through. It had some good gore, and gave Halloween an extra sense of brutality and grittiness I always felt it needed. But by the end, I just felt like the film dragged on for too long, and could have benefited from a few cuts. The ending was also unsatisfying. I know what Rob was trying to do, it just wasn't worth waiting nearly two hours for.



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I went to the theater today to watch a special "Talk Like A Pirate Day" screening of Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.


It is definitely the Napoleon Dynamite of pirate movies. But is much much better and made me laugh a whole lot more than Napoleon did. My only complaint is that it seemed to go by way too fast. I wish it could have been longer.


If you get the chance to see it, check it out.



Pirates of the Great Salt Lake - 9/10

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We finally went and got to see


The Simpsons Movie


last night.


I know it's been awhile since opening, but I've had other movies, and a Japan Tour to get ready for, and do.....




It was the tv series, UPSIZED in several spots; some of the animation played around with (fire effects...oooooo) and oomphed a bit here and there; and a bit more 'story' for the characters (Lisa 'maybe' gets a bf, Marge & Homer's ongoing marriage sh**, Bart rethinking about his dad...).


But I enjoyed South Park: The movie more, and I enjoyed the new Disney animated "Rattatouie" more as well.


Still, it was a cool thing to see everybody up there on the Big Screen, lol.

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The Brave One: Rating 10/10


This movie was excellent! I agree with an earlier post, Jodie Foster most definately deserves a Grammy/Oscar for her role in this flick. I had to go see it twice becuase it was that good...she was a bit crazy in the movie, (this part may be a spoiler to some...but then again, the following part described was shown in the commercial movie trailer lol) but who wouldn't be, after being beaten nearly to death and then to wake in the hospital only to find out your husband didn't make it and that your dog was dognapped...Great Movie, Must See!


Rob Zombie's Halloween: Rating 8.5/10


I really enjoyed this movie, I knew I would because I haven't seen a Holloween movie that I didn't Like....everybody is so caught up with this whole "Its not better than the original" bs...This is way better than any of the movies in the Halloween Series...especially the original imo! This would have been a 10/10 rating had there been a bit more fear factor to this movie.....Still, A Must See!

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