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The Simpsons Movie

9/10. I like the story very much. The jokes are all originally made and the movie doesn't bore me very fast. A wonderful animation!


Rush Hour 3

5/10. Not good story but the jokes are really funny you know. Great only for those who are looking for laughs!

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Superbad - 10/10


Easily the funniest movie of the year. I was suprised at how the movie is recieving universal acclaim as it was the smuttiest/foul mouthed flick I have seen in many many years.


Michael Cera plays the perfect follow up to his George Michael Arrested Development character. It is obvious that he is the young Larry David when it come to awkward delivery and comedy that makes you uncomfortable. Seth's character is annoying but passable but his deficency is more than made up for with McLovin'. Talk about a future king of comedy. The facial expressions he gives consistently prove his worth as an actor. Truly an amazing talent.


Better than 40 yo virgin, detroys Knocked Up...this is truly Aptaow's best produced films.

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The Bourne Ultimatum



The cinematography is extremely shaky, but it gives you the rush feeling. The movie itself contains a non-stop action without giving mercy for its audience to take a rest from all of the adrenaline. I love this movie. It's so thrilling!

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Rush Hour 3...


Ehh, it was okay. I never saw the first two, but from what I gather, it's probably the same thing through all three movies. Chris Tucker cursing up a storm, people fighting... the whole nine yards. It was still very funny, especially when a four-year-old girl sitting beside me repeated this line to her mother: "I don't know what the hell you're feeding him but he is too damn big!" I laughed out loud. Is that bad? Anyways, it was just okay.


Nothing special... 7/10 (only because of the cussin' toddler!)

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Rocket Science


This is an independant film most of you probably haven't heard of, so I'll explain the plot. It is about a recent high school dropout who was once the captain of the debate team; mostly though, it is about another student with a random and unpredictale stutter who is encouraged by a girl who happens to be the former deabate team partner of the high school dropout who in turn encourages the boy with the stutter to take the dropout's place on the team. The boy with the stutter has a slighly older brother who goes to the school, but I found that character to be too annoying. The ending is unexpected and in a way depressing, but I liked it.

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Balls of Fury


As much as I like Reno 911! (this movie was written by the guy that plays Dangle on the show) This movie sucked balls. The only good part? Trudy having a cameo as a dancer in the beginning and Dangle playing the German guy. Other than that, it was a pretty bad comedy that I think would have fared better as a movie on Comedy Central. 2/10.


[EDIT: As a matter of fact, I theater hopped once in the middle of the movie to Superbad, but god-damn ushers hiding in the shadows.

and the other reason for buying a ticket to this movie was that so we could sneak in to Superbad since there was a 16 year old in my group.]

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