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I also watched the Snyder cut twice in the past two days. I also re-watched the theatrical cut for comparison's sake. While Snyder is obviously the better film, I still see some merit in Josstice League. Neither film is perfect. I thought Snyder cut had some pacing issues and didn't really explain everything that it needed to. Some scenes just ended without reason to while others did drag on for a beat longer than they should have. I can't help but wonder what the film would have looked like if Snyder was involved beginning to end with the theatrical cut.


I also saw The Courier in theaters on Friday night. It was a decent Cold War drama in the style of Bridge of Spies from a couple years ago (with Benadryl Itchandscratch substituting in for Tom Hanks), but I couldn't help but notice the headless Wall-E in the lobby.


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LOVED "Judas and the Black Messiah." We've been fans of the Black Panthers for years, ever since a co-worker was involved in our local chapter and told us all about the great things they do for the po

A couple quick reviews of movies I saw recently: News of the World: a Tom Hanks film is always enjoyable and I found it a little humorous wherein the first piece of news discussed in the film was

^ We wanted to see all four of those films, "Raya/Last Dragon" especially in a movie theater. And "Chaos Walking"  was intriguing to us for the cast, and the way the trailers have been done.

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This post is kind of pointed at the people who saw the Snyder cut.

Honestly I have no real desire or rush to go and see the Snyder cut and some positive reviews won't change my mind, I'm completely done with the DCEU for many reasons. One of those reasons is Warner Bros. just is way to responsive when it comes to the movies, what is evident with the existence of the Snyder cut actually being released. That also brings me to my biggest fear towards this version of the movie (I saw the original Justice League) that this still isn't Snyder's original vision.

This is why I want to ask people that did see both versions: Would you say  this version has some clear responses to criticism the original got or does it feel like this was indeed the intended version (I also like to know if it fits establish lore from previous movies better)? 

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this cut doesn't feel like there's anything intended as a "response" to the Theatrical released version.

really, what this cut does, is jettison pretty much everything Wheedon added (buh-bye idiotic Russian family fleeing plants that the heroes needed to stop fighting Steppenwolf to go rescue). . also buh-bye a lot of the "Marvel" style comedy that works for the Avengers, but not really when Synder is looking at the DC heroes as "Gods among Men").

which is not to say that there isn't any humor in the Snyder cut. . there actually is some (some works, some doesn't).

so yeah, I get that this is close to his intended version - it probably still needed a few trims, and I certainly get the idea that this would have been split into two films (such as Avengers ended up doing a year later).

it ABSOLUTELY fits into established lore (in particular key scenes from SvB can be viewed in a better light, and his take on Wonder Woman is spectacular.   Just the extension of the Terrorist scene. . . Snyder *really* gets Wonder Woman).

I'd recommend this cut. . the motivations added to several characters really give them an Arc (most visibly Cyborg, Steppenwolf (who has a reason for his actions now), Flash, and even Aquaman gets some additional backstory.    Some have been saying this version "validates" Affleck's Batman. . not sure I'd go that far, but he is actually very good in this version.

I much prefer how Superman is portrayed here too.

one of the biggest changes - and I'll say it's a minor spoiler - is that in Act 3 (which is almost completely different than what was seen in Theatrical cut, tho yes, "skyboarding Aquaman" is still in there) during the "big battle" ?

the big 3 really take a back seat.    Batman, Superman, and WonderWoman are there, and particpate. . but the main protagonists in this version are Cyborg & Flash, with Aquaman pretty front and center too.

does it take a lot of the teeth out of the middle of the film that Supes doesn't do all that much in the final battle?  a bit, but I mean. . he had to be resurrected, right?  :)

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I believe Snyder still hasn't seen the theatrical cut of the film. This film is 100% Snyder's vision. I was amused how much Snyder footage was in the theatrical cut but with a different CGI skin. And thank God the mustache is gone. 

If anything feels reactionary, it would be the animated film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War--which supposedly followed the plot of Snyder's vision for Justice Leagues 2 and 3. That film tied up its own continuity while being eerily similar to leaked plot points of Snyder's plans. It was released during the height of the #releasethesnydercut campaign.

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Thanks for the responses.

While I still have no plans to see the Snyder cut anytime soon I now at least have a desire to go watch it at least. Like I said I'm done with the DCEU but I feel like I need to at least give the Snyder cut a chance now I know its at least close to the intended version. I mean I somewhat enjoyed the original Justice League even I could tell it was a Frankenstein mess. I will let you guys know when I come to it but don't expect it anytime soon. After that I can be truly done with the DCEU having seen 6 movies and 1 alternate take. 

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May the best actors - film - director - writer(s) - Production Everything - win at this evening's Oscars broadcast.


On second thought ..... howsabout everybody just have a great time, and be in the moment of The Event, no matter who 'wins'?

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Thought I'd come in and post a couple reviews of movies I saw recently, ranked in descending order according to how much I enjoyed them:

Nobody: A great little action movie starring Bob Odenkirk that almost felt like a John Wick parody/knockoff. It was exactly what I wanted from the film--a great time in terms of action and laughs.

Godzilla Vs. Kong: Anything involving the film's various Kaiju was some great spectacle and decent cinema. Everything dealing with humans was absolute crap. I kind of expected that going in, but it was still disappointing. I also thought that the final battle was a tad underwhelming.

Mortal Kombat (2021): I haven't played any of the games, but I understand some of the mythology. The film doesn't even have the titular tournament in it! Some of the fights were exciting and the fatalities were exciting enough but they relied too heavily on obvious CGI blood. The script also tried to shoehorn in narrated lines from the games and have the characters say them inorganically--heavy handed fan service style. Also, why create a new character for the film as the point of view/audience surrogate character considering how deep the lineup is for the games?

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agreed on all 3.

as I said for GvK - great special effects and spectacular fights, but a huge fail with the human characters.   at least 1 too many "Magic kid that can talk to Kaiju" and 3 too many "comedy relief" characters. . .but damn those fights were amazing.



the dialog and the over reliance on CGI were my biggest issues with MK - tho the few practical effects used, were quite good.   I've not played the game in over a decade, but I too thought it odd the tournament is not actually in the film.

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