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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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^ I really enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks, too, but I tend to react negatively whenever some big aspect of history is altered in a movie to imply a significantly different outcome. In real life, Travers hated the final product and swore to never do business with Disney again, whereas the film depicted her as becoming emotional and moved by Banks's redemption. I understand the need for certain aspects of dramatic license, like condensing timelines or creating composite characters because of time constraints, but I'm not a fan of when movies choose to depict completely different outcomes than those of what happened in real life. Same reason I have issues with Frost/Nixon - Nixon never admitted to a cover-up in the interviews!


That said, the performances, especially those of Hanks and Thompson, were amazing, and it's really difficult for me to not be moved during scenes involving "Let's Go Fly a Kite".


I generally don't see movies in theaters much anymore, but I hope to see Mary Poppins Returns before its run ends.

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^ This seems to be happening with a lot of current movies, thru social media. There are "problems" that did indeed happen during some kind of process for the movie, stage play/musical, etc. That they do intentionally leave out the obvious note-of-history, doesn't really help the current film. But like someone asked, "what can you pack into a two hour film that explains...everything?"


But for myself, I just "let it go" (ha!) and just enjoy what's put in front of me, onscreen.

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Hey guys! I made my feature film debut today in Adam McKay’s Vice! I play the character Doug. Look for me about an hour in and let me know what you think of the movie!

That's huge, congratulations! It must feel pretty insane to be a part of a movie that won a freaking Golden Globe. How lucky are you??

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Gonna list a couple quick reviews of movies I saw in the last month


Aquaman: Attended a pre-screening. Exactly what I wanted from it as a fan of the character.


Mary Poppins Returns: Fun, and Emily Blunt/Lin-Manuel Miranda were probably the best candidates to replace Julie Andrews/Dick Van Dyke.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: One of the best Spider-Man films made.


Bumblebee: This is what fans wanted from the beginning, Michael Bay! Unfortunately, it seems too late to save the franchise. I also did not have my glasses on when I saw it, so thank you Travis Knight for not making my eyes bleed.

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so just saw "Moana" for the first time (on Disney Channel) and LOVED it.


so regret that it took me *this* long to see such a fantastic film. (yeah, even with the pee joke).


decent songs, spectacular animation. will be buying this on BLU.

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We just came home from seeing "Mary Poppins Returns" (it was great!), and noticed that they were still filming down the street from us. Part of a film was being shot at the other end of our block. From the look of the cars parked nearby, it definitely looked like this was a 1940's genre movie. And on our notice of the parking restrictions we received a couple of weeks ago, so far, the future movie is titled "The Terror Infamy". That will/could probably change, once they're ready to release it. Here's the late afternoon (but dark) shots I took...


EDIT: David just returned from shopping, and found out that it's part of a tv series that's being shot. Ooooooh.


From the front of our house, we could see this.


With a "Giant Big Bright Ball in Sky"


Yep. The cars are a sort-of give away of the time period of this film.


Or they're for a 1940's dream sequence. (o;


Nice cars, too. All of them.


Here's the Big Bright Ball. Behind a solo fake palm tree, lol.


Last shot. I think all their main filming was done, earlier.

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Rewatched Unbreakable last night in preparation of seeing Glass today. Unbreakable was better than I remembered it to be with some underrated cinematography.


As for Glass: I thoroughly enjoyed it up to the cloverleaf twist. Highly entertaining and James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Horde was just as spectacular as he was in Split. Ultimately, Glass was the equivalent of blowing up a balloon, only to have all the air escape it whilst sounding like a whoopee cushion.


I would also like to take a moment to use this thread as a soapbox as to why independent theaters are awesome.


Last week, I went to a Fathom Events screening at an amc. My 2D ticket, large popcorn, and large beverage cost me approximately $32.


At the independent theater I go to, on Black Friday, I purchased a refillable bucket of popcorn that gets me free refills through the end of 2019. That bucket cost the same as my popcorn/drink combo at amc. So my ticket/36oz beverage at the independent cost me $9. The independent also has a full bar. Which means I could have gotten a beer with my ticket and soft drink for 1/2 what I paid at amc.


My amc seat had less available legroom than when I fly coach, while I sat in a leather recliner at the independent.


The closest theater to my house is an amc at a 10-minute drive. The independent is 30 minutes away.


The independent has a free-to-play arcade.


The independent is themed to an old French courtyard.


Need I say more?

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^ That looks (and the other stuff there) awesome! Our independent theatres here

are pretty plain and not as imaginative as that one is. There could be a few out here,

but I haven't really looked. Who knows? Maybe in time, I'll check around.


As for GLASS, yeah I am thinking we need to see UNBREAKABLE (2000) very soon, as we plan to see GLASS on Thursday. And although I am pretty sure SPLIT (2016) is still fresh in our heads, the first one, not so much.


So, we'll rent, we'll watch...then we'll go and see ...... #3.

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Just a reminder, and the trailer was a-maze-balls I remember.

Definitely for all those "serious" theme park freeks, like you & moi!


I honestly want to get the 3D Blue Ray DVD of this, when it's released.

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I finally saw Into the Spiderverse. It was an enjoyable movie with some smart humor, but I thought it was a bit overrated considering all the hype it has been receiving.

I thought the art style of the film was fantastic. I would love to see lots of animated comic book films in the same style. The plot was fun but nothing revolutionary. By far the best part of the film is Miles' first time flying through NYC, and I wish we would have gotten more scenes as awe-inspiring as that.


The final battle is a bit of a let down- I'm sorta tired of all these super hero movies having final battles where you can't even tell what is really going on. This time they're in a gigantic chamber of sorts that all of a sudden has skyscrapers soaring through it?

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^I am PSYCHED for Wonder Park! Literally all of our childhood dreams come true. lol


Since you guys are my fellow thrill-seeking friends who love movies, I wanted to put this here. I am currently in preproduction of the first movie project that I wrote and will be directing. It's a horror thriller short film about a young woman who is home alone taking a bath when she hears an intruder break in downstairs. It should be really scary!




I want to make this film of the highest quality possible because I'll be using it to pitch my next project, a horror FEATURE film, to big genre movie investors. BUT FIRST, I need investors for this project. Please take a look at my Indiegogo campaign I've put together and see if you'd be interested in supporting it! I would truly truly appreciate any kind of contribution from my coaster community!



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Yesterday night I saw Captain Marvel.

It was better then expected. But this is the first Marvel Movie that didn't leave me wanting more. My first MCU movie was the Avengers in 2012, after seeing that movie I wanted to see what came before and what would follow. Each Marvel movie had something (A character story arc (Like Tony's arc), new rules to the universe (Like S.H.I.E.L.D. collapse) or just expanding the universe (Like Guardians did)) that I wanted to see continue. Maybe that is because this movie is set in the past and we know where all the returning characters end up and that a sequel most likely will only carry over Captain Marvel herself, one of the post credit scenes did leave me exited for Avengers Endgame but I can't count that as the Post Credit scene's most of the time hype up future Marvel movie's.

Overall the movie did things I like and things I didn't like. One thing I can say about things that I didn't like and remain Spoiler free is that I believe a lot of returning characters where underused and where used more like, remember me?, type of role.

I also want to touch on the Feminism aspect surrounding this film. There are some moments I did see as power to Females and men are dumb pigs, but honestly it didn't bother me and some things felt even era appropriate. I'm not really the one that cares enough, Heck there is a song in this movie that took me like half a minute to realize that song is only there because it's a female lead hero movie. I believe Captain Marvel is still a well rounded character with flaws, but I can see people disagreeing to that.

I usually don't give points but I believe a point is the best way to say how I felt about the movie.


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Did everybody who saw this movie, see the (eventual) connection to The Avengers:Endgame movie...?


That being, in the Avengers:Apocalypse credits, Nick Fury and his contact....uh....cellphone on the ground?

With that logo on it after he.....goes away?


Seems to me, Capt.Marvel is going to be part of that film coming up.... and how stuff goes back to normal.




***And although I haven't seen this movie yet, I have remembered pieces of A:A that clearly point to Capt.Marvel being a part of the Endgame film. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually repeated that Apocalypse scene (in the credits) with Fury, just to emphaize what's happening next in Endgame.

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So far I have yet to hear anyone who has been wowed by Captain Marvel. It's a shame since the trailer looked pretty good.


I think one of the reasons for this is because some many fans found the lead role too boring and just plan uninteresting. It’s no wonder these fans were calling for a recast for Captain Marvel.


Speaking of Captain Marvel I just saw Shazam yesterday and I have to say it was great. Easily the better Captain Mavel movie.

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