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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Music, action, humour, acting. Everything the prequels got wrong, The Force Awakens gets right.


There's a bit too much that feels been-there-done-that but it is a blast from start to finish.


I have to disagree with you on this one. While the prequels seriously lacked in acting(more so Lucas's horrible dialog) humor, believable visuals and intriguing story lines; the music John Williams made for the prequels was absolutely stunning with Duel of Fates quite possibly being the best score made for any Star Wars film. Also, The light saber battle at the end of Episode 1 was probably the best in any of the films, Ep. 7 included.


I think it's become a knee jerk reaction to say there was nothing good about the prequels, and while overall they are just absolutely terrible movies, they did get some things right.


As for Episode 7, I found it to be very satisfying. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited for Star Wars and where it's headed. I think it's clear Disney is treating the franchise right. I'm already eager to see Episode 8 and find out some more info on the questions Episode 7 left unanswered. I also thought the entire cast (except General Hux) were amazingly well cast and did excellent in their roles. Can't wait to see it again.

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We'll probably go see Star Wars in Imax after Christmas although a good friend of mine in Seattle that is a huge Star Wars fan said that while they liked it, he and his son were going to go see it again for a "reassessment".


We'll probably go see Concussion as that is already getting rave reviews...as is Carol.

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Saw Sisters on Christmas Eve. And I enjoyed it very much, much more than I thought I was going to.

It was actually the first time I saw Fey and Poehler on the movie screen together. And they were fun to watch. The insanity

and craziness was expected, there was some good dialogue, and some good guffaws in spots I didn't expect to laugh.


Good for them. I enjoyed it, and glad I saw it on the big screen. 7/10

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^ That's another movie I would like to see...Michael and I both loved them on SNL.


Actually, there are a lot of good movies out that we would like to see (Concussion, In The Heart Of The Sea, Carol, The Big Short, etc). We had talked about going somewhere over the holiday's, but think we'll just stay here...and perhaps see some (or all) of these movies.


I also bought Michael an Amazon Fire Stick for Christmas so it looks like we'll be watching a lot of movies at home too!

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For next year, I am looking forward to...


The Secret Life of Pets


Every time we see the trailer on the big screen, I just can't stop laughing out loud.

And there has to be a lot more plot-wise, than just the few sight gags we get.

I hope.


EDIT to add Zootopia. And Angry Birds.

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Got to see Star Wars last week and here's my review...


Warning: There aren't any explicit spoilers in here, but some aspects of the plot are discussed and may be viewed as a borderline spoiler.


Overall, I think the movie was great. It was a giant push in the right direction after the prequel trilogy. However, I don't think that it was mind blowing epic like some critics have reviewed.


The new characters were really good. I'm not too sure how to feel about Rey yet, but Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren were great. I don't think that BB8 will live up to R2's likeability but he surely is charming and cool. I was hoping to see more of Poe, he reminds me a lot of Han Solo and leaves a lot of potential. I hope he ends up being more of a major character rather than a minor one. Kylo Ren was also very intimidating, maybe more so than Vader. there were parts where I was startled and sort of jumped in my seat.


The fight scenes were good, but I hope Disney isn't trying to turn this into a love story. There were some parts that were a little drawn out but nothing was overly mushy or bad. The plot was predictable too. It adopted a lot from the previous movies, and even early in the movie I could tell how it would end. These were really the only downsides overall. I think that this movie sets up Episode 8 really well, and I will probably see it again in theaters.

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Just came back from watching Star Wars. Overall I thought the movie was really good, I enjoyed it very much. I'm not much into Star Wars, but I liked all the references to the original trilogy, that was nice. It was also great to have a movie without a single annoying character. Obviously if you try to analyze a movie like this you can find a gazillion logical flaws, but I had a good time (and it seems to be the same for most people), and isn't that the main purpose of a movie?


The biggest downside is that now I really want one of those stupid BB-8 toys...

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I loved the Force awakens. overall I would rank the movies like this:


7. Phantom Menace (5/10)

6. Attack of the Clones (5.5/10)

5. Revenge of the Sith (7/10)

4. Return of the Jedi (7.75/10)

3. Force Awakens (8.25/10)

2. Empire Strikes Back (99.9999999999999999999/10)

1. A New Hope (11/10)

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Am I the only one who puts Attack of the Clones as the worst of all of them? Don't get me wrong Phantom Menace is bad and of course there's Jar-Jar but there are 1 or 2 bits I like and bits I can laugh at how bad they are, I liked Darth Maul (even if he was underused) and the introduction of that battle music (Duel of the Fates) but for me Attack of the Clones is just bland and seems so pointless, outside of the Yoda fight I'm struggling with bits that stick out.


I think I mentioned this ages ago in the discussion about Mako & B&M Hypers, but personally I've always found forgettable can be worse than bad. At least bad things can stick in your mind and you can laugh at them later. Forgettable is just that: Forgettable.

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So every year at this time, I sort out how many movies we actually saw this past year - not including some of the wonderful films

we saw at our annual "Queer Film Festival" in August - also, not counting if they opened the year before (i.e. Hobbit).


Turns out, as my usual lucky numbers go, we saw a total of 33 films! From Hobbit #3 in 3D AND IMAX (Jan.7),

to Sisters on Christmas Eve.


I will not list them. But out of all the major films that did fairly good in the year, we probably saw the majority of them.

A few art films, one documentary, and a good number of "meh" movies we'd rather have seen later on, on tv.


But - my 2015 Fave Movie is...... Inside/Out. I loved it, I laughed at lot at the stuff aimed squarely at adults, and it

turned out to be a very poignant and beautiful film, that deserves to counted as one of Disney/PIXAR's best, ever.

Here's to a great year of films in 2016!


"Movies Seen in 2015" (o;

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