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The Reader


We watched The Reader in history class last week, quite a thought provoking film. It is adapted well from the novel, and supports the rather general view of the holocaust, in that it's perpetrators were mostly indifferent to their actions. Kate Winslet does an excellent, although not fantastic job as Hana, the same with David Kross who has made a living from portraying the holocaust. Some aesthetically beautiful scenes contrasting the bleakness of reality and the beauty of innocence between when Michael (the main character) sees Hana as his lover, and when he sees her as his obligation towards the conclusion of the film. However, i think in terms of content the film makes a vital error, in that it lets Hana off to easily as a holocaust perpetrator, almost using her illiteracy as an excuse to kill time and time again. Overall however, a great film.


You watched that in a HS class? Was it an edited version?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

FINALLY, a satisfying conclusion to a movie series. Granted, it's only part 1 but they are off to a great start. They did leave out a couple of my favorite "book moments" (namely at the beginning of the movie) but other than that they did a great job in staying true to the book. Some very emotional scenes, and a bit "heavy". Also some pretty scary stuff, so if you have younger kids that like Potter, you may want to think twice.

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I just got out of the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows and OMFG that movie was awesome!


I can not wait for the finale next summer!


Very brilliant movie, definitely my favorite of all in the series! I really love the "darker" Potter movies, and this one was both very emotional and exciting!


Also, I'm glad they made it into two separate parts, as there is no way they could have managed it all in 2 and a half hours. I can't wait for Part 2, and I'm even going to try to read the series again!


All in all, GREAT movie! 9/10

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1


Saw this tonight and I thought it was very good. Not only is it a good movie, but it is also a very accurate adaptation as well. From the beginning, it is obvious that this is going to be a very different experience from the previous installments, and it is so different someone who doesn't know better probably wouldn't realize it was a Harry Potter movie.


Best movie of the series? Most likely. Best movie of the year? I don't think so, but I'd say it is in the top five and would recommend it for anyone who is familiar with the series. If you aren't, about half of it won't make much sense.


Rating: 8.5/10

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So I got around to watching the film Duel last night, since I've had it saved on my DVR for the past month.


It was a pretty darn good movie. Tons of suspense from the beginning, it kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire film. Getting a view of what David is thinking, especially at the cafe, really ratcheted up the suspense as well.


Unfortunately, I was a bit underwhelmed by the ending. I'm afraid to say much more about it, in fear of spoiling it.


It's definitely worth watching, though. If you're in the mood for a thriller, or just a damn good hour-and-a-half car chase, this movie is worth it.

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Fast foward a few years and it's now terrifyingly funny as all that stuff is totally happening!!!!


That's the thing that scares the crap out of me.. but on the other side makes it one amazing funny movie..


It's one of those movies you might want to rewatch and see what you've missed the previous time..


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I just watched Disney's Tangled.


I think it's funny.

I think it's magical.

I think it has wonderful characters.

But most of all, I love the original songs and amazing scores that once Disney was very proud of.


Too bad, it's all shown in 3D... I always miss that old-fashioned, 2D animated Disney features like those in the 90's.


Still, I feel so so sad that apparently Tangled is the last Disney's animated feature ever to have the theme of "fairy-tale". After this... no more fairy-tale and singing princesses.

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