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Most thrilling drop?

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The most thrilling drop I have ever experienced personally was on the teal side of Power Tower at Cedar Point. There was just something about sitting up there and waiting to fall that drove me crazy, and then being pulled down instead of just dropping that was amazing!!



I dunno why, but i felt absolutely nothing on that side.


I personally prefer KD's drop tower.

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In terms of thrill value the Fabbri-built towers win every time, even the smaller ones. There's one at West Midlands Safari Park in the UK that's positively terrifying.


However, in terms of sheer enjoyment value give me the one hundred plus metre Intamins any day - either Blue Fall or the Dreamworld Tower of Terror. The latter was simply awesome

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I was just at Dreamworld in Australia a couple of months ago and have to say that the Giant Drop was a bit disappointing. These types of ride generally TERRIFY me, but the Giant Drop wasn't too bad. I think the lack of wind on the day I rode was part of it, but I definitely thought the wait at the top would get me but it didn't. (I also have to say that the whole park was a big disappointment but Movieworld was great!)


As for Freefall at SFMM it was a great ride. I also think that Goliath at SFMM and Desperado at Primm, Nevada have great drops. Perhaps my favorite coaster drop is Millenium Force, but S:ROS at both SFA and SFNE were great as well and of course Disney's Tower of Terror rides are wonderful.

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The strongest stomach feeling is not on any roller coaster or any large drop tower but it is actually on the small Moser drop towers. For those of you that have been on one of these, you know what i'm talking about...I have never felt a stronger stomach than I have on this ride.



HAHA Your actually right! There is a clone* of that ride in a small family theme park near me, and I felt more of that losing your stomach (and lunch) feeling on that, than on The Giant Drop, Dreamworld!


*Its the same ride different place, is it called a clone?


Post #100

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For me, the most thrilling drop would be this tower ride I went on when I was in Japan. I don't remember the name, nor do I remember which park it was at, but I DO remember it being advertised as one of the tallest drop rides in the world. I think it might have been something like "Blue Fall"? Can someone help with the name if they've been to Japan and ridden this before?

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I'd say MF (Millenium Force for those of you that live under a rock) Has the best drop


I just wanna say the worst ride i have ever been on is Catapult from SFAW (Six Flags Astro World) which there was named SWAT. When you go upside down on that you cant breathe!!!!!

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For me the most thrilling coaster drop would be Apollo's Chariot's. That first drop gave incredible air in the back and lasted a long time.


An honorable mention for me are those Moser spring towers, as they pack quite a punch despite their size.

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Top Thrill Dragster's spiral drop is always a lot of fun, and I've only been on it a few times so it's still incredibly thrilling. I also love Millenium Force's drop still.


I've never been a fan of the Intamin drop towers. The drops are fun but not great. The S&S Turbo Drops are awesome. The Power Shots or whatever they're called are pretty lame in comparison.


The absolute best "drop" I've experienced is probably the third drop on Cyclops at Mt Olympus. Jaw-droppingly amazing, a "holy sh-t" moment every time.


Edit: Didn't notice the topic had changed. Pittfall at KW was probably my favourite drop tower, because of the location.

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