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Hersheypark Announces Fahrenheit!

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This is a perfect addition to HP. I read some people are comparing it to SR. No way is this similar to SR. None of the elements are similar in any way except maybe the tophat lift.


It has completey new and fresh elements not seen the in the park except the corkscrew.


Animations don't do justice. Ride it before you judge. SO many of you nitpick new rides to death. You can't experience all the forces and speed through an animation. Look at KK for example. Many thought the extra air hill would have some serious airtime, but it barely has any, if any at all. I think this ride will kick a$$.

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And as far as the 11.. I know 4 of them! Who are the other 7? I'm surprised no one has said anything yet! I'm sort of reluctant because it's way more than I ever expected from just having fun! Plus everyone called Nantimi fake and said we were all wasting our time and yada yada yada.


I know, the joke's on them, right? As for the other 7, I saw someone on coasterbuzz got the e-mail. That brings it up to five.


As for the ride, I think it looks awesome. I personally love beyond-vertical drops, gimmick or not. They really get you out of your seat, and as a coaster enthusiast, that's what I LIVE for. The Norwegian Loop looks amazing - can't wait to try that out. And I really like the vertical lift - I loved it on Mystery Mine, so I'd imagine I'll love it just as much on Fahrenheit.


Props to Nantimi. This announcement was the greatest.

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First off, on Nantimi. As much as I expected it to be something developed by a crazed 14 year old fanatic, it baffled me good (and sorry for the "fake 3D beta video", but then again, it was in the spirit of the thread). Nice viral, HP.


Now onto the ride itself. I'm not sure whether or not it will be as intense as Maverick, but I hope the vertical lift does not cause mechanical issues often. I was kind of hoping for an 11 looping coaster, but Fahrenheit looks like another awesome ride that will suit Hersheypark's other 10 coasters.

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Appology accepted. I just wish some people wouldn't have been so mean to me! People called me stupid, lier, and some even went so far as to start rumors anout my site being shut down and that I stole videos from HP and put them on my site! I hope you all think I'm credible now though, especially those who said i was a fake, and even more so the rumor starters!



And the ride looks great. Turns out I was correct about both things, along with knowit! You all owe him an appology too!


I'm excited for the Howler, although it is a little unnoriginal for HP. Does anyone know if it's from Idelwild?

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Well, its official. I'm finallizing my HP 2k8 trip


Gimmic or not, the fact remains that this will be a unique ride that combines the success of the past:


-Lift and drop: If you look in my sig, you'll notice that Mystery Mine and Maverick are my 2 favorite coasters. Need I go on?

-"Inverted loop": The only good part on any S:UF, and this one will be taken after getting shot out of your seat, with some twists on the entrance/exit.

-Cobra: Not a big fan of them, but hopefully it'll be smooth.

-Corkscrews: I love them, especially when you get air on them.

-Twister finally: mmmm, airtime.


Combo'd with StormRunner, Wildcat, and the stuff I haven't hit yet (boardwalk, rollersoaker), I will DEFINATELY be making a return trip up to my favorite park soon.

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Man this look awesome! I can't wait to be there next summer to ride this thing! The drop looks insane as does the inverted loop.


Next summer will be awesome, every major park in my area is getting a new coaster!

Hersheypark- Fahrenheit

Dorney Park- Voodoo

Great Adventure- Dark Knight

Knoebels - Flying Turns


This winter is going to take forever!

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Ok, I did NOT expect this. But who's to say that I didn't want it? WOOHOO! FIRST EUROFIGHTERISH COASTER SOMEWHAT WITHIN MY REGION!!!!!!!!! W00T!!!! I might have a chance to ride both Intamin past vertical coasters this season. This may be not as visually impressive as a B&M Hyper, but still, this coaster looks sweet!


Ok, the list of weird names for 2008 rides now stands at:


Voodoo - Dorney Park

Evil Knievel - Six Flags St. Louis

Fahrenheit - Hersheypark

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Wow! Ferenheit looks awesome, yet I fell like the whole mysteries and clues never were completed. Many questions were just kind of left unanswered. Granted the whole skyscrappers in Boston might have been just us looking to far into it, and the 11 just being the parks eleventh coaster, but what about the 2 or Z markings all over the nantimi website and at Hersheypark? And all the references to flying in the blog pages?


Don't get me wrong, the ride itself and the annoucncment are extremely exciting, but the whole idea just doesn't seem to completley make sence or fit just yet.

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Eh...I am not that impressed I was expecting more. But the ride looks cool, especially the Inverted loop (pretzel loop). Capacity is just going to suck. Hopefully it turns out good. For some reason I feel like Piraten at Djurs Sommerland looks more thrilling...I dunno. I think I complain too much. But yeah it looks good.

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I hope to get on this next summer. Any excuse to go back to Hersheypark... I love that place. Great family park.


I for one am very happy with this addition. To those that want something more spectacular... Exactly what were you expecting? I'd rather they add things like this than become a thrill park that ends up going downhill like KD did in the late 90s or Magic Mountain did around the same time frame, right?

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Extra trains don't help capacity a whole lot when stacked, and Hershey won't stack 3 nearly as bad as CP stacked their 6.


Are you kidding? Great Bear gets stacked more than almost any b&m i've seen (even ones with 3 trains) If they can't not stack a capacity b&m machine what makes you think they will be quick with an intamin? Hershey has some of the worst operations.

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Cool, just got home from school to here the news. Love the name for this thing, and the 97 degrees and dropping fast is a pretty cool idea. Im glad to here more coasters are following the stadium seating arrangement like SheiKra, because it makes the ride more fun when everyone can see. And is it just me or does the turn after that first corkscrew into the next one look as brutal as a bat outta heck ride.

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