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Photo TR: Nrthwnd's "104+ Shots" TPR Japan'07 Tour


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At least the Eejanaika music wasn't as loud or in the majority of queue! That's about the only positive thing I can say about our day at Fuji Q.


Oh my bad...The Thomas the Tank Engine area is amazing!!! And I'm glad you got the credit Bill! Poor Joey had to wait 35 minutes for it!

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YAY DRUNKEN BARRELS! I was shocked when I saw them at Sea Paradise...brought back great memories of the indoor Li'l Deuce Coupe at Opryland and the ones SFOG used to have. I didn't know any were still in existence. And WOW thanks to Brian, Adam and Peter these gave a totally new meaning to spin n' puke! I still don't get why more parks don't have this type instead of the ones that stay flat on the ground.


Blue Fall was amazing. I'm sure Brian can attest to that, right Brian?


Bill your pics are totally rockin'!

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Blue Fall was amazing. I'm sure Brian can attest to that, right Brian?


I really REALLY wish I was there when Brian took "the fall" hee hee hee.


And Mark? I hope you will post a photo or two of the attraction I'm going to describe here in a second or two. You'll know, heh heh.


And finally...


Set K - It All Comes To An End )o:


Well, I honestly don't have much more to show everybody here, from the trip, except these last few photos.


I did get to do another "add-on" park the actual last day we were in Japan, Toshimaen Park which had three out of a possible four coasters running; an 'okay' flume ride that had seen better days; several flats I hadn't been on ever before (yay condor!); another Dippin'Dots outlet to try (mmmm Strawberry Shortcake); a long and rather slow going dark ride; and....


The Carousel "El Dorado"


Now I wouldn't make any big thing about merry-go-rounds and carousels and such, except with Mark/thrillerman1 along, we found out he loved these kinds of things, and knew that this one at the park was over 100 years old!


But the kicker to this carousel, one that even Mark didn't expect, was that this ride was composed of three - separate - spinning - platforms!Meaning, the center of the carousel moved the slowest, then the middle circle moved a bit faster, and finally the outer ring moved fastest of all.


I had never ever seen any carousel like this in my life! It was wonderful! And so very unique. And 3 platforms, who knew? (my 3's thing here, lol)


So this really made the add-on park, and my last park to visit in Japan, a very special one.


So, back to the hotel, the bunch of us get on the airport shuttle, and then "some of us" take off for....... "another country" (sniff) and I make my way back to Vancouver, and as a bonus, go back in time seven hours, LOLOL!


Great trip, great people to tour with.




And then I filled in the Japan Good Luck Token's other eye when I got home. And the journey to Japan (sniff) was now 'officially' over.


Here we go. Everybody present. Thanks Elissa, Robb and Kristen! An awesome, amazing TPR Adventure Tour to say the least. Bear Hugs!


Hmmm. Almost there. But for now, here's a very early pic at Spaceworld, care of (extra add-on pic!) Mike/miniviews. Thanks, Tour Amigo!


...Here's a last pic together, of me and my Most Excellent Roomie, Shane. It was great sharing hotel space with you. And I'll bring More Cashews next time, LOLOL!


A final pic of - wait, something's not right here. Just a second. Hold on. Hmmm. In the meantime...


Me back at the hotel - trying to get everything all back together, before leaving. Last add-on pic, thanks SteveC!


This is all I have from Toshimaen park - me in front of it's map! Nice park, with a wonderful unique carousel. And a Toys'R Us close by, too!

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Yep Bill I'm pretty much a sucker for historic rides like the El Dorado carousel. That thing was TOO cool! I have yet to finish uploading all of my pics to my comp, but when I get to Toshimaen I'll see if I can upload one of El D.


Actually I think Peter was spinning the fastest on the inner ring, then the middle ring and outer ring spun consecutively slower...hmm I could be wrong, but that's my memory of it. It really was a gorgeous piece of mechanical art. Loves it!

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Maybe you're right, there.


But you know, it's becoming a bit of a blur here and there?


So many parks, so many rides and coasters... in only a coupla weeks?


I'm not sure now about the speed of each platform. Really. Hmmm.


Peter? Can you confirm or...not?




(Looking forward to those pix, Mark.)

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Bill I tried to post a pic of the El D, but to no avail. I'm not sure why it wouldn't post (user error lol). Guess we'll just have to wait for Robb to do the pics folder thing and then you can have a look and maybe have better luck at posting it for others to see than I did. Sorry!

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That's okay Mark.


Thankyou so much for trying to post them.


At least there's several of us who remember it, hmm? I was actually curious to know if Robb, Falafel, Dave and the group they were part of, that I/we saw coming back through the park from Toys 'R Us, ever saw and/or rode it? And knew what it did?


I mean, Robb and a few others who'd been there before, had no idea about that Non-Pavement Gokart track at the seaside park - until we had ridden it, hmm?


And honestly, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have given the carousel a second look. And look what I would have missed, LOL! So thankyou for that!


And I think I would definitely want to go back to Toshimaen and not just for the credit we didn't get, heh heh. There's the Oh-well Flume ride!; the Dipping Dots!; that hokey cheesy dark ride, hee hee;... and El Dorado! Of course!


Looking forward to getting back to touring with you (and others) again for next year's EuroTPR INVASION!!!


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