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Best rapids ride?

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Alright, I did the TPR search and could find no subject on this, though there probably was one..... I'll risk it.


What is your favorite rapids ride out of all the parks you've been to? I know some people like the best themed, some like the wettest, and some like the ones that leave them bone dry...


My favorite would have to be Kings Dominion's when they actually have the last part of the ride working properly.


My least favorite was Six Flags Great Adventure's.

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Can't stand any of 'em. Swampfox, you rock for starting this thread!


For theming, pace, fun, and wetness, my all-time is Roman Rapids at BGE. Granted, it doesn't have a drop like the newer ones do, but it's still a great ride. It would be even better if BGE would turn up the other 3 water falls near the end. Only one of the 4 gets you if the spin is just right. Many moons ago, all four falls were powerful and part of riding was playing the "who gets hit by the most falls" game. My on-ride and off-ride from May 2007 are below (yes, ride op said it was ok to film).




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I'm with Hector on RiverQuest at Phantasia land. That ride was amazing with all its multi-levelness and huge drench factor.

The rapids at Parque Warner Madrid looked amazing, although when Robb and I tried to drown everyone with cannons we discovered turning them all on turned down the pressure to a dribble and touched no-one! Rubbish.

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I have to agree with the one at Parque Warner Madrid. We spun so much it felt more like a teacup. Great great fun.


Bluto's Bilgerat Barges is awesome as well.


I am glad to hear the rest of Europe's water rides kick as much arse as those in Spain.

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I have to agree about Popeye's Bilge Rat Barges at IoA. It gets me soaked everytime. I love all the spinning.


I recall that Grizzly River Rampage at Opryland was pretty good too.


I've always thought Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom was too tame...it has the big drop but the rest of the ride is boring.

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