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Photo TR: 307 and shesaidboom do Cedar Point + Geauga Lake


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307 and shesaidboom do Cedar Point + Geauga Lake, part one of one, because there is only one part, and it's not the one between Jer's legs, although that also is a part, if you add a y to part it becomes a party, something that can take place in Jer's pants, so really it all works out in the end


So we went to Cedar Point after skipping it last year. We bought Stupid Maxx Passes with the intention of going on a larger trip and using them at multiple locations, but in the end we didn't [Jer did], and we had to settle for going to CP and riding Maverick, a large crappy.


We also went to Gee, Awga, Lake to go on Dominator and Big Dipper. No, seriously, we didn't go on anything else. Bulldoze it into the freakin' ground for all we care. Forget that crap.


Anyway, we ate some food, we rode some rollercoaster, I bought a hat, and all is right with the world. Except Cedar Point's operation during the rain. That's just some sort of travesty, on par with uh, things of equal tragicness.


"And here come the pretzels..."


In conclusion, WIKI TWISTA!


These were a hot commodity.


Let's purchase these items.


Did you know that Big Dipper is the #46? wooden coaster in the world? The ride op was very proud of this fact. This is not a picture of Big Dipper.


Holy crap, in the front row, it's the jerk who told us Maverick would not disappoint us! Unfortunately we left our bludgeoning tools in the automobile. You're safe this time!


Some guy bought all the Steel Venom shirts left in the gift shop. He had a huge bag full! Christmas shopping = done.


Dominator was running very vibratey.


So we only took like five pictures at Geauga Lake and four of them are of Dominator. We wanted to get in and out as quickly as humanly possible.


While we had a good time, overall our visit to Cedar Point was pretty disappointing. Especially the Maverick part. Also, WHERE DID THE FRUITWORKS GO????


Best mantis in Sandusky.


WIKI TWIS.....oh :(


Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!


Jer: "That's a great picture! It's too bad there's no train in it."

Nikki: "We can fix that..."


It was cool that Raptor was running three trains and all, but the fact that it would close down half an hour before it rained and wouldn't open for an hour after it stopped kind of negated the effect.


Some banks only pay penis for your savings. Save your money with ING DIRECT.




Nobody played with him. He is sad.


Some misguided TPR member made me ride this under the pretense that it was running "better then normal" *coughjercough*. It wasn't.


Fwoooooooooochkm. Is that a suitable brake noise?


Did it get really dark in here all of a sudden?


Arms down mother f***er.




Does anybody know any good songs about a jack-o-lantern?


This should meet our "artsy picture" quota for the TR. If you can tell us where this is in the park, we'll give you nothing.


Except for the bugs. Ew.


We were worried we wouldn't like Millenium Force quite as much after riding Superman last summer. While it's no longer a number one, it's still a top ten in our books.


Go to the hell.


While our second ride wasn't quite as horrible as the first, the girl in the train infront of us who threw up all over her train and much of the station, ruined it for us. We had to sit in the hot sun while the ride ops took half an hour to hose everything down. Does it really take that long to clean up barf??




While there were a few moments of pleasure, the rest of the ride was a real enjoyment sucker.


This picture is cool, but the ride is not. What's with all the love? We don't get it. If you have to brace yourself in a very particular fashion to enjoy a ride, it's not a good ride!


Some coaster nerds ahead of us in line told us we would not be disappointed. They were liars. Should we see them again they will be bludgeoned profusely.


We made it to Maverick just in time for a 20 minute storm to shut the ride down for an hour and a half.

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My life got a little better the second I finished riding Maverick, when I realized I'd never have to ride it again.


Although to be honest, I'll probably force myself on another time or two just to reaffirm my belief that I dislike it. I mean, I've gone on PCW's Tomb Raider twice!

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Score! Someone finally agrees with me on Maverick!

Oh, awesome! I was starting to think there was something wrong with us since so far I have only come across very positive reviews for Maverick. I get that everyone likes different things, but I don't get this one..especially since this is its first year! Jer liked it a little better than I did though.


Where's the "behind the scenes" TR?

No Tom to follow around



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That trip report was AWESOME!


Though, I did enjoy Maverick... but then again I don't really have anything against rough rides. Hell, I like Ninja at SFOG and GASM at SFGAdv... I also prefer Voyage over El Toro...


But yes, your captions are awesome!


- Michael "Ring ring ring Banana Phone!" Redig

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To go with Elissa's theme that it's always a tsunami water tornado day at Cedar Point, on the Saturday we were there, there were angry clouds flying over the park all day, but it failed to rain for most of it.


Nikki and I were walking back to Maverick to get a ride, and it was just absolutely black above us, but the darkest clouds had passed over. I finally said out loud, "That's so weird that it hasn't rained yet."


Of course, no sooner did I get the sentence out than it began to pour like crazy for the next 20 minutes. Fortunately, this lessened the line for Maverick and we ended up getting on in 40 minutes afterwards. Yay!


This was the first time in our five trips to CP that we had dealt with any rain, amazingly. And it rained off/on all weekend... so there's that.

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Now be honest,


How long did you look for that Praying Mantis?


Great captions by the way.

We were walking from our motel room to the car and I almost stepped on the little guy. He was literally just walking from door to door of the motel.


I had no clue the things could jump! That kinda terrified me.

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I have the strangest feeling you're quoting the ride op on that.


Some banks only pay penis for your savings. Save your money with ING DIRECT.


Love it. (The quote, not DaCock.)


Best cynical Cedar Point TR by a Canadian EVER!*


*As rated by Theme Parks Magazine

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I have the strangest feeling you're quoting the ride op on that.


You got it! You win the secondary prize - nothing!


We really weren't trying to come off as cynical, but for some like me who was almost a CP fanboy at one point [after the first couple of visits], this one just sort of was a wake-up call. We didn't spend nearly as much time at the park as on previous visits, and yet still were bored by the end with little to no drive to go on any coasters other than our favourites [MF, Raptor, Disaster Transport, WIKI TWISTA]. I was even unimpressed with Magnum this time, something that I hadn't ever been before... I think it's burnout, which I was figuring we wouldn't get since we hadn't been there in awhile.


Ah well!

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Cool TR, it's pretty funny! I can see how a lot of people dislike Maverick, it's very uncomfortable....especially on all those airtime hills. I have to agree the back was VERY vibratey....kinda made my legs feel numb coming out of the launch. Nice shots in there!


-J "I don't like big flying bugs..." Z

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