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Photo TR: BACT at Cedar Point

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This past weekend we finally made it out to Cedar Point. Originally we were all set up for Memorial Day weekend, but after the reprofiling of Maverick supposed to affect us riding it, we changed our resort reservation to this weekend. Nicole hadn't been to Cedar Point since 1996, so she had lots of stuff to catch up on, and we just wanted to ride Maverick!


Say farewell to your precious Magnum CP fanboys! Demon Derek destroy!


Nighttime in the park


Just for Jahan and other fans of the coathanger designed


a shot at sunset




More Halloween coolness in the hotel includes pictures that change as you walk by


Breakers is over 100 years old (well, parts of it are. chances are you don't want to stay in those rooms, they're like dorms apparently)


More ghosts! Even the hotel gets into the Halloween spirit


The hotel is old and classic looking, and has ghosts too!


Hey Jahan, how would you like to wake up to this?


We had a room on the 10th floor with concierge service and a park view


Time to check out our hotel, the Breakers, right on site


Mean Streak should be renamed Arachnophobia for the amount of spiders in the queue


Rough, slow, and meandering. What a waste of wood


and I'm not sure why, but we decided to ride Mean Streak, since Nicole still liked the ride back in 1996. All these people are going "yay! we're having fun!" They must be from Ohio


After about a 20 minute wait because of ridiculous seatbelts that only the op can unlock, Nicole got her final credit


To finish off Nicole's credit whoring, we head over to Camp Snoopy


One super creepy thing, a demon giraffe AND evil clowns. What could be worse than that (well, besides a hungry coaster enthusiast and you're covered in chocolate)


Disaster Transports queue also houses a haunt maze, but we didn't bother


In 3D!!!!! Actually it wasn't. In fact, no effects were on at all with the exception of the lift lights


Time to head over to 12E, otherwise known as Disaster Transport


One old ride that we're glad still exists at the park is Cedar Downs, the Derby Racer. While not as fast as Rye's, it still races AND gallops.


Looks like the best park in the world is in the process of painting Raptor bird poop white


Raptor, still one of the best coasters at the park, I think.


We'll probably be seeing a tombstone for Demon Drop sooner than later, so we had to take a ride on it for Joey


Dave, this darkride's for you!


The park honors all the darkrides and such the park ripped out over the years during Halloween. Elissa would be sad to see a dead rodent that she never got to count as a credit


Everyone here goes "wooooooo!" and as they pass by, everyone in the queue goes "owww, I got sand in my eyes!"


Continuing with the Intamin launched theme, next up, Twisted Wicker


Biggest shocker, we got Nicole on Top Thrill Dragster...just 6 days after riding Kingda Ka again. We both agree Dragster is better. Smoother, more forceful launch, and better restraints


but I doubt Jahan would like encountering this guy very much!


CP is having their Halloween Event now. Buffet, coaster in the background, this has ACE written all over it. And I'm sure Rick and Jahan would approve too


Wildcat is still one fun ride, and still smooth


Mother Goose walks around trying to recruit participants in the Rascal Race. My money's on Gramps, he seems ready to burn


One credit Nicole missed last time was Wildcat, which just looks out of place in the park


Comfy, fun, and semi-thrilling, it's a coaster the whole family can enjoy (as long as they are over 52" and not too large)


Its really tall, really fast, and really just a family ride to us


After a Maverick ride, we made it over to Millennium Force for Nicole's credit


With a slight delay in opening, we managed only 1 ride during resort ERT, as the crowds were pretty heavy on Saturday, but oh what a ride. We chose the front seat while we could.


Staying on site (or having a Maxx pass) gets you 1 hour of ERT. Of course we went right to Maverick, proudly displaying its Golden Ticket Award for best new ride of 07


We start off the day with this front page headline. Lots of GP was talking about it in the park over the course of the weekend

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Looks like you had some good fun. One day I'll have to make an effort to go to Cedar Point.


Hard to believe that SFMM had a Wildcat at one point, called Mountain Express. From what I could see, I think theirs was the same model, too.



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Pics from day 2:


Lucky shot of MF to end this trip report.


mmmm, Maverick, the main reason I can't wait to go back to CP


But we still got nice views on the drive out of the park.


Magnum would be our final ride of the day, as we had to head back to PA.


and it seems that sign is all the GP needs to stay away, as the coaster had almost no line. Poor Magnum


While Magnum apparently doesn't have an entrance sign, it does have this!


you know it's slow when the suspended coaster swings IN during a turn


No ride on Iron Dragon for us today, we didn't want to fall asleep so early in the day


now THAT is Hot Dan Death right there!


When we be hungry, there's only one thing I gotta get at CP, an elephant ear loaded with cinnamon and sugar


Blue Streak may be the best wood coaster in the Cedar Fair family, surprising for how old it is


Raptor still holds its own amongst the inverts, but then again it was one of the first, and has strong forces


Back to Raptor for some more good rides


Robb, does this sign bring back memories


Not as terrible as I remembered it being, but we didn't ride in the backrow where I normally would ride.




Mantis, one of my least favorite standups, but quite photogenic


Shout out to Wes, who apparently made quite an impression during the Midwest Trip


some cute Halloween theming in the Frontier section


back to Millennium Force for another fun ride


They look cool though and adds something to that area of the ride for the viewer


Water cannons look pretty but don't really get people wet


Only sad part of the ride is the brakes right after the 70mph launch. But oh well, it's still freaking fast!


Such an awesome 1st drop, all 100 feet of it. Proving it's not the height, it's the degree


Heath and Kim agree. Even though the back is rougher and more intense, it's worth a ride


Maverick is seriously one of my favorite coasters. It's got a little bit of everything


mmmm, airtime


mmmm, Stengel dive


Unlike Saturday's crowds, Sunday's ERT was fairly lite. Even with a 25 minute downtime on Maverick, we still got 2 rides in during that hour.


Day 2 in the park sees morning test runs prior to Resort ERT


Breakfast good, free breakfast gooder!


A morning is not complete for Nicole without coffee


Just chilling in the lounge eating breakfast, even Heath is ready to rock again, as sick as he was


Best thing about Concierge floor, free food!

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Great TR, Derek. I have to agree with you lot on Maverick, its a little bit of everything that makes an awesome ride. Maybe CF could have themed it a little bit more, but Maverick easily rose to #3 on my list, IMO.


As for your hotel room, I think Jahan's room had the Magnum view as well. All of the rooms on the Midwest trip were in the infamous Bon Air section (aka, the "dorm-like rooms"). And I think everybody had a coaster-side room.


Halloweekends looked like a decent Halloween event as well. I think the "ride graveyard" is a nice touch.

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Ya had to post your damn report right after ours, huh?


I'm amazed at how much people are digging on Maverick, I just don't get it! The back was awfully rough, and the front wasn't much better. Opinions and whatnot! The launch was really cool, but isn't it pointless to have a huge cool launch like that right into brakes? Kind of defeats the purpose.


Oh and boy, am I glad they took that flatspin out after the launch... yeesh.

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^Laughed at the Bon Air section guests?


Too bad I missed you by a week. Every single comment about Mean Streak echoed my exact thoughts when I waited in line. (My arachnophobic friend saw to noticing the spiders, of course. )

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These pictures are all photoshopped! People don't have fun at Cedar Point!!! And it always rains!!!


Although the weather sign in beautiful blue sky did make my day!


It always rains for YOU. On my 3 visits without you, I've had beautiful weather all the time at the Point, compared to the 2 times with you and horrible monsoons of death and destruction. You must attract bad weather more than I scare it away.


So, what have we learned from this PTR? Plan on going to CP when Derek does, NOT when Elissa visits


I think the only thing that was closed for us was MaxAir, which like assploded or something.

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Ya had to post your damn report right after ours, huh?


I'm amazed at how much people are digging on Maverick, I just don't get it! The back was awfully rough, and the front wasn't much better. Opinions and whatnot! The launch was really cool, but isn't it pointless to have a huge cool launch like that right into brakes? Kind of defeats the purpose.


Oh and boy, am I glad they took that flatspin out after the launch... yeesh.


Maverick didn't beat me up at all, but the wife whined about that. You guys must be doing it wrong.


Maverick is my #1 steel. The only reason to go to CP.

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^^We saw Skyhawk running, but never bothered to ride it. We did the one at Kennywood and the one at Thorpe, we're not really fans of it, too short, kinda boring, and LOUD!


And yeah, you should have waited to go with us, now you know better, stupid Canabians!

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Yeah, gotta admit looking at Maverick makes me wanna take a trip out to CP.


Its always nice when its sunny out there. Looks like you couldn't ask for a better weekend to go.


Very nice pictures and TR.

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