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Those "moments" at work


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Ever have one of 'those' days at work? Where everything seems to go wrong? Share with the world (or this web-site at least) what went wrong with you, or anyone else, just as long as it has some humor to it!


OK, I'll start, one day working hard at Arby's - yeh OK - There was a manager who wasn't having the best of days. Usually theres a stack of bun trays by this one wall that has a window to the managers' office. Well today, there wasn't one. So the manager, being the smartest of all the managers, decides to walk into that wall. I don't know why, maybe because of the window? Or her glasses didn't fit right that day? Well what ever it was, it was funny. Even she laughed, so it's all good hehe.

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/begin rant

I work at Carowinds for merchandise during the summer, just recently got promoted. However about a month ago, me being a manager i got yelled at by my boss. But it wasnt just being yelled at:


She had told me and another manager at the same level as me the break plan for the two of us to get each others breaks run, just before i left to go on break one of her associates wasnt feeling good and we had to send him home, which isnt a big problem usually. Today however he was very important in running our associates breaks having registers at multiple locations, so with him leaving we had to make another register STAT but we did not have the change to make it ( quarters, nickles, and dimes) so I had to run to the bank to get more change before going on break because timing can and that day needed to be very precise, After getting back from the bank my manager yelled at me for not going on break yet. So i quickly leave for break, once i get back from break she literally started to scream at me for conflicting things such as...


Counting the till, which is a bag that we keep our money in locked in a safe, between breaks we are supposed to count it to make sure it adds up to what it is supposed to be.


Not going on break early enough.


Not being prepared ahead of time to have the change i needed, even though we werent expecting to have the other managers associate leave, and even though my boss told us to send him home.


Having to make a break plan on short notice, which wasnt our fault agian... had the associate not left our breaks would have run perfectly


And she yelled at me for how late some of the associates breaks were, agian because of the new break plan. There might have been more that she yelled at me, but i definately didnt hear it because she was literally yelling at me about multiple things all at once. After that she didnt even hear my side of the story, and she took over my job for the day and placed me at a location like an associate for the remainder of the day.


/end rant.

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Several at my old job and not that many at my new job, I'll go with my most notable one, working a near double shift and working an early morning shift the next day. This was back when I was 17, so imagine the gross numbers of labor laws that were broken.


I worked at Panera Bread, a yuppie sandwich shop that had less than reliable employees. I started my day at 11 AM and I was supposed to end my shift at 7 PM. After working most of my day shift, the manager tells me that they need somebody to close dining room. I, of course, declined since I had to get up at 5 AM tomorrow morning to open up the restaurant and train a newbie. But, they couldn't call somebody in, so I was forced to close dining room.


Cleaning the dining room was a long and very tedious job. I did not get out until midnight that night, I worked 13 hours that day, and I couldn't convince my managers that I wanted off the next morning since I had to train a newbie. That night I only got 4 hours of sleep (would have been 5, but it was daylight savings time ). Then, that morning, I lethargically opened up the store and trained the new guy. It was not until 10 AM that morning when a manager went, "Carl, you look beat. You go off early." After that, I thought to myself, "Thank you God..." and then I just slept the entire day.


Most grueling shift ever.

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At my last job, about four days before they let me go, our server went down and we couldn't do a thing. So, my boss suggested that we clean off our desks and arrange our projects.


I had several versions of this one manual that I was writing, and I was carefully going over each version so I could assemble an accurate history file and not toss something that we might need later to track the changes the manual went through.


At one point, my boss decided that I was taking too long and came over to let me know. Now, she could have just asked, but instead, went ballistic, telling me that she'd seen me go through everything three times and that she needed my help with something she was doing. This woman was almost in tears. I told her I'd take a break from my work and help her out, but she went on to say that if I didn't feel like putting my own manuals in order, she'd send me home.


Finally, not only did I get my own stuff sorted out, but got her stuff done as well. She did thank me and tell me that she appreciated the job I did.


But I'll tell you...that was one WTF?!?!? moment on the job.




BTW...the reason I was let go was because this company was bought out by a larger corporation who started the usual "housecleaning" when a larger company comes in. I got hit by the broom...

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2 days ago I thought i had a 4 oclock shift at paradise pier(DCA) sooo I go to the park early to ride a few things before work. I go to the car to get my things and change. While changing I realised I only had one shoe... ONE SHOE!! so I freaked and tryed to find it in the car but it was no where to be found. by this time it was 340 and I had to clock in with both shoes on at 4 or i was gunna be late. Me and my friend then gunned it ( drove really fast and ran over a few people, mostly tourists) to a shoe "outlet" on Harbor blvd. You would think wow outlet? must be cheap... OH NO they charge more there for shoes than footlocker. I should have known anything on Harbor was gunna be schiesty. so i bought a second pair of polishable all black shoes with 5 minutes to get to the Pier entrance and then walk or RUNNNN!!! to the back of Screamin to clock in. We made it and just as i was gunna clock in ( after running like an idiot through back stage infront of the entire High School Musical 2 schools out cast) the computer tells me that MY SHIFT DOSENT START TILL 430... AT HOLLYWOOD!!!! I was so mad . so i get on the stupid cast tram and go to hollywood where i find that no one has been to the area in 2 hours and theres lollipops smashed into the concreat. Himelick came out ever 30 minutes though AND i got to be a responder ( wanna be lead). Also Ive only been working there for 3 months and they already want me to be a trainer !! WOooooo. I guess it kinda made up for my 60 DOLLER pair of new shoes!!! bah!

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*-I wrote this in story form, if you do not wish to read the story for, I made a summation at the end of the story.


-Once upon a time, on a penninsula far up north on the shores of Erie in the land of Sandusky, was a young lad who was the first mate to a ship that sail back and forth. The first mate would make sure the passengers did not posses any loose items and that they were of proper height to board the ship. When the passengers had boraded the ship, bars that were to be held on to by the sailors as they journeyed on this vessel named the Ocean Motion would be lowered, and the first mate would check them, and give a thumbs up to the captain to inform him that the ship is ready to sail.

-On one particular sunny day in July, a young girl along with her mother came, wishing to board the ship. The young girl was standing upon the forbidden red line that no one, not even the crew, was to be beyond while the mystical vessel was sailing. So, being a responsible first mate, the lad asked the girl to stand behind the line, which she did. She then proceeded to stick her foot over the line, to which the first mate asked her to return her foot back to the same said of the line as she was. She then place her foot above the line, with an evil grin for the first mate. While he knew she challenged his patcientce, he remained calm, and agian asked her to remain behind the forbidden line. After a few moments, when it seemed the matter was settled, she engaged in this matter once more, which caused the first mate to realize that if she was not listening to him while he stood a mere few feet away from her, what would prevent her from not listening to the captain if she would doing something she was not to do while onboard the good ship Ocean Motion. To this the first mate spoke to the girl "If you can't remain behind the line, you may not be allowed to ride." A message that seemed to finally reach the girl.

-So the first mate had no become the captain of the ship since there was a rotation of postions amoung the crew. It was here that the new captain recived a call on the mystical telephone from the Admiral of the crew. "Did you tell a girl she wouldn't be able to ride?" the admiral asked of the captain. "I told her she might not be able to ride if she didn't stay behind the line, but only because she was not listening to me when I asked her to stay behind the line, and I thought that she may not listen to *insert name of fellow ride op who I can't think of right now* if she was standing while riding." Replied the captain. The admiral thought it over on the other end of the mystical telephone, and then informed the captain that the girl's mother had gone to the governor's office, and complained to one of his secretaries stating that the former first mate was a Nazi.


I am not sure what inspired the story telling version, but oh well. So while working at the Ocean Motion at Cedar Point, this girl and her mom came to ride, and the girl was standing past the red line. I asked her to step behind the line, which she did. Then she stuck her foot in front of it, so I asked her to pull it back. Then she did it again with an evil grin on her face, so I asked her again. Then she did it agian, to which I came to the conclusion that if she wasn't going to listen to me while I was standing not even three feet away from her, she most likly would not listen to the control ride host, who's name escapes me right now, if he called soemthing to her over the intercom. So I told her that if she didn't stay behind the line, she may not be able to ride.


So we had a rotation and I was now in controls, and I got a call from my Team Leader at Peanuts Playground, and he asked me about it, I told him why, and he told me that the woman stormed into Park Ops. and told them that I was a Nazi because of it. She did not even say I acted like a Nazi, but that I was a Nazi.


Now was I wrong for having told the girl that? Perhaps, but her mom could at least have told her that she needed to listen to me after I had repeated myself the third time. But what can you do.

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But you don't understand, how could her perfect little girl do anything wrong? UGH...stories like this burn me up. They're becoming more common too which is even worse. Look, you don't follow the park rules, there are consequences, even if that does make you a Nazi. Yeah, you did the right thing bud. I can't think of any horror stories right now but I work for a bank so I'm sure I have some.

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Ok, I went to clock in on Saturday to Publix. I get there at like 9 A.M. ready for a "fun" day of restocking and bagging items that day. Well, I go down frozen foods aisle, and I see this kid there like one year younger than me. And his tongue is on the freezer door. So I tell this kid to stop, and he's got his tongue on there like "nooooo" so I went up to the boy told him to back away from the door, or I was going to slam the door shut on his tongue. He goes try it, so I take the door, and I smash it forward, and stopped right before it hit the crease and the kid got so freaked out. He was trying to pull away but he was stuck, and he was all lie "Ahh ahhh, mommy Im stuck, ahhh, Im schtuck" in that ice in your mouth voice. So I go to my manager, he RUNS to that kid, and he has a crowed already there, we had to freaking get a fire truck to come, and get the kid off, luckily my shift ended before we had to see what would become of this boys tongue. So just goes to show, DONT SLOBBER ON THE FREEZER, or you might end up like Johnny half a tongue here.


P.S. Im 14 so Im not breaking any child labor laws, my B-day is just wrong on here. I can work only on weekends for certain hours, and if I work overtime, my boss gets messed around with by some Child Labor Law folk.

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Ok, so first of all, I work at a grochrey store...


This redneck looking couple comes in, has a TON of grochreys, I start bagging them, and the husband goes "Honey, we can't put these in the trunk, I've got my TV back there!" The wife says irritatedly "Well, I've got all my stuff in the back of the car! We have to put them in the trunk!" The husband goes "Well, there is no room at all!"


Nothing really went wrong for ME, but I thought it was pretty funny when it happened. They pretty much were stuck, because they had no room in their car for the grochreys they bought! How smart!

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