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Sarah Silverman


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I find her hilarious, esp last night's show when she was the victim of a "hate crime" since the country club would not let her play. Not because she is Jewish, but because she is not a member. Of course, she turned the whole thing around and ended up walking around the city in black face.


Truly offensive yet very funny.

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As a stand-up act, I think she has a lot of good material, but her delivery is very hit-or-miss.


As for the show, I've seen a few episodes - I can chuckle through it, but it hasn't become "Must See TV" for me. If I'm flipping channels, I might watch it.


[Her "Jesus is magic" line is a definite fave, though: "He can turn water into wine, and I think he made the Statue of Liberty disappear." Brilliant.]

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I find her occasionally funny, but never really - gasping for air because I'm laughing so hard - funny. She comes across with a little too much of that - I'm smarter than most people - attitude that way too many comics have already. She is semi-hot, but I just don't get the people that think she's OMG-hot. Different stroke for different folks I guess.

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