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Sarah Silverman


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Inconsistent but funny. The show definitely has its moments, though. It just makes me happy to see Brian Poseihn play a gay dude, and all the cameos and bit parts by ex-Mr. Show people.


RIP Mr. Show, still the best sketch comedy ever.

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She, like so many of the people in the comedy biz, tries way to hard to shock people into a laugh rather than do anything genuinely funny. When she isn't following the outrage fad, however, she can be pretty funny.


Ah, remember Looney Tunes? No attempts to gross people out, no going to extremes to be somehow hysterical, no making idiotic racial slurs in a joking matter, just a well-applied dose of hard knocks and funny jokes. What happened to shows like that? Why does everyone have to follow the same fads to be funny?

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^ Looney Tunes still make me laugh, no matter how many times I see them---especially Road Runner and Coyote ones.


But you're right. It does take more to impress us. We even see that in our hobby of theme parks and coasters. Bigger and better. 100 ft. tall rides don't impress anymore. Now they have to be HYPERCOASTERS!!! 200 ft. tall!!! 15 inversions!!!


Perhaps it's just human nature to push the limit.



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