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Photo TR: Nrthwnd's TOP 10 LIST of the TPR Japan'07 Tour!


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Hey all who asked and commented on -


Just asked my David about that tv in the photo, with the "wood-grained panelling"? (snicker)


He says, "it's an old crappy tv that is temporarily replacing a burnt-out monitor, on a video editting suite."


So the answer is YES, it's still working, heh heh.


"Just barely."

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I decided to post few photos, showing one "childhood reason" why I placed Tokyo Disney Sea so high on my Top Ten List...


I have been a fan of the movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea since I can first remember seeing it as a child. The movie was released in 1954, and I was born in '53, so it made quite the impression, I guess LOL. I remember it totally enthralled me, and I couldn't imagine anything more fantastic than living under the ocean, lol.


Fast forward to Easter 1963, and my mother is taking me to DISNEYLAND for the first time (OMG), and there, in the right-side buildng of the entrance to (then) Tomorrowland (and yes, that's where Star Tours is now, and Adventure Through Inner Space before ST), was The Exhibit.


The 20,000 Leagues Exhibit


And it's right there on my 1963 map, framed and upstairs in a guestroom wall, lol.


So to be able to go to a Disney park, with one Land being devoted to part of a childhood dream.... well, it was amazing and thrilling, just as it was seeing that exhibit (mostly of movie props AND the squid was there too!) back in 1963.


I got the N cap (still not sure if it's for "Nemo" or "Nautiulus," heh heh) from the Nautilus Gift Shop there in mysterious Island. And now it hangs on the mantlepiece below my newly-bought 20K waterglobe, flanked by two miniatures of the dive helmets used in the film.


We actually took two shots of myself, and with that cap on, one w/o flash, so you could see the lights in the submarine lit up there on top of the globe. But it's also slightly out of focus. So - everybody gets a choice which one they like better, LOL!


And now, with the flash. Cap looks pretty good, for a nice "theme park souvenir", heh heh. Grin.


First one without flash. See the lights in the Nautilus up there? And it also plays (wind-up key under it) the music Nemo played on the organ, in the film! Cool, huh?


Here's the 20K waterglobe and the mini-helmets there on our mantlepiece at home. Also, I bought/buy 20K pins too, when I think they're cool enough, lol.

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You will also get further excited, when you know I have original flyers/pamphlets from the attraction, when me and David visited there in 1975!


I also have the old ViewMaster reels of the park, and park maps of course, which include the years that ATIS was there in Tomorrowland? Still clean and fresh to look at, too. Everything is, heh heh!



And "speaking of ViewMaster Tomorrowland reels".... Just took the pic to show you. (o:

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Hmmm. I don't think so. A link? Thanks.


And ALSO - to make you even more you-know-what - I have the still original letter and flyers from MONSANTO themself, when I wrote to them in 1967 asking about the new attraction in Tomorrowland!


There was a form to fill out in a 1967 edition of LOOK magazine, and with it you got the information Guide 1967 which showed only sketches and models of what was going to open there that year! They didn't even want to tip the scales through the media just yet, heh heh.


So I also have a 1967 mail-in guide book, showing a very rudimentary OmniMover system in model form, demo-ing ATIS.


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Very cool!


Thanks for sharing the preview, and the contact URL.


I will look into that, lol!



(And that was Paul Frees who also did the Ghost Host of HM, right?)

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^ You know they use his greeting as the (headless) Mayor in the long dead and gone frontier town of Thunder Mesa that is the ending of Phantom Manor at DisneyParis?


If your doom buggy times it right, you just catch his voice greeting you, heh heh.


And then he takes his hat and head off!


Great tribute to him.

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I'm a sucker for 20,000 Leagues stuff, as well. I think our little group rode it at DisneySea four or five times.


There's actually a biography of Paul Frees. The first half of the book is rather slow going (really just a summary of voice work he had done), but it gets more interesting when it delves into his personality; he wasn't a particularly easy man to live with (definitely suffered from "short man's syndrome"), but an amazing talent, nevertheless.

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^ I've sort-of circled what I think you are asking about - the Stitch-like looking things in my collection of souvenirs?


That's a light-up ring from the Tower of Terror gift shop at Tokyo Disney Sea. It represents the nasty idol that Hightower takes without knowing what Real Disaster awaits him in his newly-built Hightower Hotel.


And I could agree that he looks a lot like a Really Nasty Stitch would look like, if the little guy was angered that much, heh heh.


And like all the souvenirs at the Disney parks that use them, the ring has got an easy-to-replace battery compartment in it.



It's not Stitch - it's the Tower of Terror's Shiriki Utundu, an Idol NOT to be messed with! (grin)

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