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Photo TR: Nrthwnd's TOP 10 LIST of the TPR Japan'07 Tour!


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^ & ^^


Hey Mark and Adam! That was great fun chumming around with you through a few of the parks.


And I have more pix of us, ready to post starting Wednesday, so I hope you enjoy what I have on you guys, lolol! I didn't do too badly, on ONLY five rolls of in-camera film! Think I greatly improved from the UK Tour, heh heh. You'll see....


And a reminder: Tomorrow, I post Top Ten Picks # 4, 3 and 2 with a few more related souvenirs and such to add to the posting!


Kon bon wa.


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^ You guys . So... what's the right word, here?




Anyway! On to the next three Top Ten Picks of The TPR Japan Tour!


#4 Japanese Efficiency & Cleanliness, Politeness & Friendliness


A country full of pride in it's people and place. Most of us felt so guilty as to even consider dropping any bottles or garbage on the ground. And when entire crowds sit on the ground when waiting to either enter a park, or watch a parade, you know it's cleanliness at it's best.


And the people were gracious, as helpful as they could be even under 'non-communication conditions,' and a friendliess (and all that gentle bowing) that just made me SMILE more and more as we toured more and more. I definitely want to come back and experience Japan again!




Which I must confess, has it's own Top Ten List, lolol! So here:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


#10 The Spaciousness, the Themeing.... the Night Lighting!


Words cannot do this park justice. It was big, it was landscaped beyond imagination, it was... big. And to have an f-ing VOLCANOE as it's centerpiece icon??? Unheard of, for a Disney Park. Yeah there's AK, I know. Still... A wonderful look to an unebelieveable themepark.


And nighttime lighting just made it all the more gorgeous and OMG to look at and admire. Plus active volcanoe activity nightly, heh heh!


#9 Having Photos Taken with Complete Strangers = Fun!


Best example I remember, is me sitting on a parked delivery van's seat while waiting for Big Band Beat show to start up. Four small ladies approach me and ask "for picture"? Sure I thought, starting to get off the truck. "Oh NO NO NO, we want picture with you!" And so I posed with four separate older Japanese women, as they each got their "for picture" with yours truly. Maybe it was the stickers all over my t-shirt. Maybe it was the towel tied around my head, bandana like. Maybe it was the EARS on top of my towel, LOL! I'll never know, but it was fun to sometimes be a part of somebody else's dream trip to this park.


#8 Shows and Spectacles


Easy to remember! In my last day at TDS, I took in first the daytime spectacle, "Legends of Mythica" ( in Med.Harbor); over to American Waterfront for "The Big Band Beat" awesome rocking live 20s-40s tribute stage show; then up to Mermaid Lagoon for Ariel's "Under The Sea" a Cirque de Soleil-like treat, that I eventually called a "quickie show" (Great visual and special effects but way too short, under 15 min. Could have been longer); then eventually waiting and taking in the HUGE, awesomely amazing "BraviSEAmo!" back in Mediterranean Harbor at night.


It just couldn't get any better than all the shows I saw in this one park.


#7 Food Glorious Food - Popcorns too!


Many and varied, nicely priced and some with keepsake collectibles too, this park had it all, for all taste styles and pickiness. Including your fave flavor of POPCORN! Let's see: Curry, Soda, Strawberry, Coconut, Chocolate... even Capuccino! And all stands with MASSIVE keepsake large collectibles I saw many adults toting around and around, lol.


#6 Journey To the Center of The Earth - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of The Crystal Skull


Three of The Best Attractions any other park would be proud to have just one of. These were three faves, placed under a couple of more deserving mentions, IMhO.


#5 An Oasis from TDL!


Best example of this was the final day of our park hopper passes (most of us had a four-day one). A Friday. Waited early and got into Tokyo Disneyland, did my two fave attractions (HM/NBC, and Big Thunder) then hit a couple more souvenir shops (got my silhouette done after so many years, lol) and THEN hightailed it over to Tokyo Disney Sea - and stayed there the rest of the day.... mmmm.


I thought I would go back to TDL later, but after a couple of hours of not-very-crowded park areas and a lovely non-busy lunch - it just never ocurred to me to go back, lol. And so I stayed and enjoyed My Park. Right through the spectacle of "BraviSEAmo!" And then did virtual walk-ons for everything I wanted to ride last, incl. Sinbad, Indy (9 times!), 20K, Aquatopia, Tower Of Terror, and Journey to The Center of The Earth.


#4 Aquatopia


A fun silly little boat/car ride that I went on and on again, trying to figure out the trackless patterns (yes this one was like Pooh over at TDL), and hoping to get The Car that would ride me thru a great little waterfall, lol!


And an even better ride at night, with all the lighting on and IN the water and water effects and themeing. Hey - I even bought the candy dish car for this one, lol! An easy repeat just to reinforce one's smile....


#3 Sinbad's Storybook Voyage


And it was "An Arabian World After All," LOL! I loved the attraction's theme song (even if I didn't understand any of the Japanese lyrics, lol)and lush orchestral working of it, the animatronics were 'on' with every voyage I took (over 6 times!)


So happy this attraction was, I found myself thinking it was way happier than "The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed," heh heh. And, it was. I didn't want to leave the park w/o going on this just one more time. Again.


#2 The Hightower TOWER OF TERROR


Compared to basing this attraction on a past US television series, the TDS imagineers had their work cut out for them, working from scratch with an entirely new backstory etc. IMhO, they did not disappoint me, in the least.


From the massive entrance into the building, thru the parlor pre-show area, with that mysterious disappearing "naughty idol" , through all the storage areas, to the elevator lifts - this ride just intrigued me more and more, to slow down and enjoy the 'atmosphere' of the experience. And I did, each and every time I went on it. I loved it all.


It wasn't just the drop. It was true pure theater craft put into the pre-show, which WAS mainly the entire building, prior to boarding your lift car.


Wonderfully, spectacularly amazing - and the drops were cool, too! Gift shop was great as well - my cc knows that for a fact, heh heh!


#1 Location Location ... Locations!!!


Seven ports of call. All starting through a massive huge Mediterranean Harbor "Main Street." They were all wonderful to walk through, enjoy, and just soak in ATMOSPHERE, as only Disney (and a couple of Billion Yen) could create.


The lively American Waterfront (with a little Cape Cod on the side, lol); the streamlined futuristic Port Discovery; the lush and greenery-up-to the-eyeballs Lost River Delta; the massively ornate Arabian Coast; the cooly original undersea world of Mermaid Lagoon; and Mysterious Island located deep in the middle of one very active Mount Prometheus!


It was all great no matter where I found myself. And again, the night lighting of every port just made it so much more than attractions and shows.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


#2 Old Tour Friends, New Tour Buds.... and A New Roomie!


Every person on this tour deserves a mention if only for The Fact that WE DID IT, guys!!! We toured, we trained, we taxiied, we ran, climbed up and down stairs... this tour ROCKED and then some, heh heh. It was great to see so many of you from the prev.TPR UK Tour and chat on how things were going, between tours, etc.


Special mention I must give though, to some touring buds I had for some of the parks, especially Mark/thrillerman1 and Adam/abgould (Us Three Caballeros, heh heh) on a few of the parks we hit; and Mike/miniviews, Peter/Loefet (We Three Amigos, lol) and eventually Ginny/ginny, for most of the Disney Resort touring.


Peter was especially appreciated for his "fastpass aquisition skills" (ran like a demon, guys!), and we used him (hee hee) to full advantage in both parks.


And of course my, "special ride bro" Brian/pagemaster_b for that awesome SPLASH Bandit (Yomuiriland) experience, LOLOL!


And it great to have more women on the tours! Best three examples of this IMhO were on ours - Ginny, Falafel and the ever pornographic Louise - you were all great and wonderful to tour around with, compare attraction/park notes with, and generally chat with. I do hope we get to tour again in the near future. It was great! And Lou, I shall always remember our Wheel Ride together at Pal Pal.


And for me, a better hotel room mate could not be found this time round, than in the guise of a "Truly Devoted - and Souvenir Demented - Father" like you, Shane. Your two boys are a really lucky couple of kids. I envied them, every time you appeared in the hotel room with another bagful of... stuff for them.


And we divided the rooms up pretty good I thought. No muss or fuss - for us, eh? Happy to share it with you, and by all means let's do this again in future TPR tours, alrighty? Hugs.


~ ~ ~


And that's the next 3 Top Ten Picks for now. And in three days my #1 TOP PIC of the Japan Tour will be revealed.


Also, I will be starting to post my TRIP REPORT this Wednesday/26th, so I hope you'll all join me for a great look-back at a truly amazing TPR tour experience. One that I know the majority of us "tourers" will never forget.


Got the TPR Tour shirt, and added four more during the trip. Hmm. Not that many compared to everything else, huh?


Me and Peter screaming "we want OFF" on Dodonpa at Fuji-Q park. I ended up calling it "Dumb-Dumb-Sh**" in response to the droning station 'music'. Ick.

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I also decided to do a little "photo shop" (hah) on one of the on-ride photos...


(see below)


I mean, we all gotta have our fangirls and fanboys, hmm?



Hey Rich/sfne2005, great to see you again and tour around with you.


(And thank the Sticker Gods for Parque Espana.... mini-stickers!)


So who's got the fangirls/boys now, HUH? Smile and Grin.

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WOW, what a great write up. Very descriptive and fun to read. Theatrics always where your speciality Bill! Thanks for the nice words, I welled up as I read!.


Can't wait to hear what the "number one" is. I am guessing it is going to be the magic wand in the toilets!!!


Will this wonderful creation take the #1 spot??? (even though it was designed for #2)

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^ Um, I think you already heard what was #1, when I first read The List on the last night of the tour?


How soon they forget....


Anyhoo, my cat Camille got fed up herself, waiting and waiting and...


So, she's just plonked herself down in front of my desk for a snooze - and will resume an "Interested and Attentive Posture" when I finally post TTP#1 on Thursday.



Man, I wish I could relax like this when I need to nap. Grin.

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^I know, but I wont spoil it for the rest of you, and I can really agree with the number one on this list.

Good to finally see a picture of the cat I have heard so much about.


I will probably post the picture today, since I am currently transfering them from my Laptop, so be patient.


Me and Peter screaming "we want OFF" on Dodonpa at Fuji-Q park. I ended up calling it "Dumb-Dumb-Sh**" in response to the droning station 'music'. Ick.
O, no I didn't. I was all about Wiiiiiii!!!!

I really wished that the ride would be longer then it was, because it is awesome. Best launch coaster ever. Hope that my measurements of the ride came out good, haven't come around to see what they look like yet.




Are you happy now Brian?

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^ Peter!!!


The Group Shot is AWESOME!


My smile went immediately WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE when I saw you'd editted in the shot of us and "Our Gals," lolol!


Great! Ka-ching!!!



(ARE you planning to be on the Europe tour, BTW? Just asking, heh heh... )

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My cat Camille just "heard" there's only one more day until My Top Ten #1 Pick of The TPR Japan 2007 Tour is revealed...


"Yeah, prove it" I hear her thinking, lol.


Till tomorrow, then.



Only a day now? I'll wait here till then...

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^ I totally agree with you on that. We have had the joy of having several cats own us thru the years for a few decades. Meow, indeed.


But now - Taiko Drum Roll please! - I reveal to you all now my TT#1 pick of the TPR Japan 2007 Tour!


(as if you're going to be surprised by this, hmm?)


My Top Ten #1 PICK of the TPR Japan'07 Tour - Ms. ELISSA ALVEY!


~ ~ ~


Firstly, a lot of Most Honorable Mentions should go out to all of you guys who helped Robb and Elissa throughout the tour, but espeically when it came time to dealing with, and helping with that Happy Screaming Bundle of Stuff, Miss Kristen Alvey.


Chris, Dan, Joey and Ryan I could see you were part of the main support group for the Alveys and THANKYOU for spending a good part of your touring time, helping them have a better time on tour, themself. Doing everything from keeping the KidTums happy and 'occupied', feeding and holding, carrying/folding/lifting the stroller, etc. etc.


It was also a treat to see the "koochy koochy koochy" come out in all of you, heh heh. Most heartwarming.


~ ~ ~


Then there's Elissa's "other child" we all had to deal with. Robb, it was great see you again, touring with you again, and I'll especially have good memories of us at Nagoya Zoo and you on that "controversial" coaster, heh heh. Photo to follow in TR.


Awesome tour, Mr.A.


~ ~ ~


And Elissa, I know the lot of us in this tour, past TPR tours, and many tours to come will drone on and on about ya...


But you know what? It's all a Great Thing! And well-deserved. And needed to be told to you every so often, okay Ms.A.? You were truly AWE-SOME and an Oustanding Tour Organizer, bar none. One of The Best and you are Ours, all OURsss BWA - HAH - HAH!!!


Bright Blessings to you, Kristen and Robb and your close family and friends. And here's to more touring together as She-Who-is-Now-Getting-Credits proceeds to blossom and bloom, grow and.... run around - hah!


Take care - BIG BEAR HUGS.




(and shameless PR here - next installment of my TR goes up tomorrow/Friday!)


...And amaaazingly packed it all into this set of itty-bitty liddle bags! And an extra carry-on, too. Hee hee hee.


...I took all of this....crap and stuff (everything showing here except the t-shirts, above'em all)...


My charicature (sp?) from Cosmoworld in Yokohama 16/09/07. And why do I appear to look so "slightly smug" here? Well, maybe it's because....

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Thought I would wrap this up even more, by first mentioning there is actually a TOP PICK above all Top Ten Picks Lists I post here.


And that's my huzband David, who I have had the joy of sharing life together for over.... 35 years now!


Not too shabby huh? And he's not even into these coaster tours, although I have managed to get him to enjoy others parts of theme parks - like the shops, the non-thrill rides, landscaping - DisneyParis is one of his current faves, heh heh.


So a Top Ten HUG to my other half for letting me do what I do, when I do it, whenever I usually want to!


One more photo posted of some of my more interesting souvenirs from the trip. The menu from the Blue Bayou is going to be framed, while that black fold-down "box" from the New York Deli in TDS is already up on the entry stairwell wall, under my new TDL silhouette already framed at the park.


And then there's my little "travel luck charm," something from Japanese culture, but bought in Munich Germany last October! And it's a fridge magnet too!!! Eh, you find them where you can, yes? No?


So, I filled in one of it's eyes before leaving on the tour - and filled in the other eye when I got back home, as per custom of the charm. Easy Good Luck, huh? And I think it served us well throughout the journey we TPR-ers all took together.



Filled in the right eye - or was it the left eye? - when I got back home on Sept.17, 2007... The travel luck is finished (for now) and complete!


Taken back in March. A little scruffy, the both of us - but we're survivors, lol!


A nice menu (and great price too), a fold down eats box, small dolls, collector things and.... fans! Grin.

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Um, Barry?


I think whatever you are smoking now? - you should stop immediately, lolol.


The tv is from (I am pretty sure) the 90's and the wood-grain side panels could be one of two things. Either the mantlepiece which is a long piece of wood itself. Or the long, huge wooden (har) cabinet that the tv is sitting on. A ton of VHS vids in there, needing sorting, re-watching or.... throwing out.


But I don't think our tv is from the 80's. Sorry.


(Edit: I forgot. There's also that somewhat-cheap-looking fake wood panelling on the living room wall that the fireplace sits into. You might be seeing that on the right of the tv, hmm?)

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I think he is talking about the tv in the top right of this pic.


I am sad since i killed my 80's TV by inadvertantly pushing it out of the cabinet it was in. In it's demise it also ca.strated my tivo. Poor poor tivo, no longer has a coax output.


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Silly bear I am.



I don't think he has it working - but you never know, with David and his computer room, lol.


Thanks for pointing that out. And Barry? You're off the hook, lol.


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