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Geauga Lake 9/15

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I went to GL on Saturday the 15 for one reason coasters. After getting off work at Mc Donalds @ 3pm I hit the road towards GL. I arrived at the Park at 5pm. Wen I got out of my car the park already had a festive feel to it with Polka Music blasting over the systems. I got my ticket and went stright for Thunderhawk.


It was Oktoberfest weekend and also the last of the year so with all the rumors going around I just wanted to get there before it's too late.


Thunderhawk My first SLC Rating 7/10


My first ride was at 5:30 There was way too many People in the station Everyone just cowded in. There was only one train running but the crew did a great job of keeping it going.


Dominator My First Floorless Rating 10/10


I got hoped on Dominator after Thunder Hawk. The wait was about 15 min for the front seat. I relly impressed me. I just hope that Cedar Fair don't take this one.


Head Spin My first Boomerang Rating 3/10


They should call it Head Ache. Now I see why Acr's tryand avoid these. When I got in line for the Front Seat there was no one in the Station other than the Ops who where nerd ( No offence to anyone on here who may be one) They keep taking abought games over the mic. All I can say is I may never ride Head Spin again.


Beaver Land Mine Ride Rating 5/10


For a kiddiecoaster it really packs a punch. All the Forces on it surprised me. I enjoyed it.


The Villian Rating 10/10


At this point the Sun has set and it is a night ride. The wait was the longest of the day due to only one train running. The ride was Very fast and Loaded with Air Time. Great Ride.


Double Loop Rating 7/10


The last time I rode this was when I was 8. Once again there was only one Train Running but the Crew was great. There was alot of air time on the hill after the loops and the hill on to the breaks. Nice Ride.


Big Dipper Rating 9/10


I last rode this was during my 6th grade field trip to SFWOA.


One Train running and an over crowded station. Other than that it was a great ride. The Op at the controls always talked about history of the ride and said a really cool phrase "Thanks for keeping it old School on the Big Dipper".


The Ride was very fun and Packed with Air Time. Front Seat rocks!


Dominator 2 rides Both walkons


First Back seat the ride was going fast than my first. Ops were great.


Second Middle Seat very fun.




My first ride was in the middle seats so I decided to wait for the front. Took a while due to just one train running. And a couple kids causeing trouble on the Platform. It was better in the front.


It was a fun night and I got some Souvaniors on my way out. The Park had grreat smells because of all the food vendors. And a Smell of Booze. The Park was full of Drunk people.


Raging Wolf Bobs I noticed that The park is just letting the coaster rot away. Pint is chipping and I just figure that if the wanted to keep it they would have fixed it already.


Lets just hope that the keep the park together for years to come.


Thanks for reading.

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Glad to see that you had a great time at Oktoberfest! I did not have time to make the trip last weekend, so hopefully I can make it next year.


They need to make it last every weekend in September. The park does so much work only for three days of public enjoyment.

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