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Cedar Fair 2007 Halloween Events

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Welcome to the rather long 2007 Cedar Fair Halloween Haunt/Halloweekends/Valleyscare/Other CF Haunt thread!

Here you can find info on EVERY Cedar Fair Haunt that's going on in 2007.


First up! Knotts Scary Farms-Halloween Haunt.


Haunted Houses


BEOWULF Labyrinth into Darkness

The Lake (New for 2007)

Darkness has a legacy. Every legend has a king. Every man has a demon. Paramount Pictures film, Beowulf, follows the epic poem, set in 5th century Denmark, of the great hero, Beowulf who defends King Hrothgar and his people in three great battles against the monsterous Grendal, Grendal’s vengeful mother, and a fire-breathing dragon.



Timbermountain Log Ride (New for 2007)

A fire bursts out on the mountain due to a tragic accident at the resident Moonshine Factory. It seems the locals have been using toxic waste to make their libation, and now the lethal fumes are turning everyone (including the Fire Fighters) into murderous mutants.


Wilderness Dance Hall (New for 2007)

In an old, abandoned toy factory, the Marionette Murderer, a psychotic serial killer turns his beautiful victims into life-size porcelain dolls for his personal collection. Tour his twisted museum of death and disfigurement, and hope to escape his mechanical lair.



Xcelerator (New for 2007)

Welcome Freshmen, to your initiation into Clown U and it’s fearsome Fraternity.


Mine Ride (New for 2007)

Enter the old, abandoned mine, now overrun by deadly spiders. Get caught in the web of the horrific arachnids as you travel on the old miner’s path of doom.



Balloon Race

Follow the undead as they lurk through catacombs and terrorize night clubs. Watch your neck or you’ll be next.




In this home for the demented, the inmates pale in comparison to the bizarre behavior of the guards and doctors. Who is running this Asylum?



Main Gate Area

Hidden deep in the Gauntlet scare zone lies the cursed pirate ship, the Scarlet Scabbard. If you dare to board the bloody bilge, you’ll set sail on a gory-ghost voyage to the Isle of the Dead and ports beyond.




Aesop and Grimm would run for their lives were they to venture into this twisted telling of famous tales . . . or should we say infamous tales of woe. A third 3-D opportunity.


Mystery Lodge

A once grand Victorian mansion now lies condemned and fenced off from the eyes of civilization. The gruesome axe murders have left the house filled with angry spirits, designed to seek vengeance on the living.



Fiesta Plaza

When someone dies in a grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born. Straight from Sony Pictures’ The Grudge 2, Kayako and Toshio haunt an abandoned, Japanese house, bringing their unique brand of creepy terror to guests who dare venture across the doomed threshold.



Bumper Cars

This casino is ready for the wrecking ball, or did that already happen, where the only thing more frightening than the cocktail servers is the constant refrain of “Seven Out!”



Stage Coach Trail

The maze experience truly becomes interactive when the Haunters are armed with laser tag guns, but run the risk of being shot by our monsters. Up-charge for laser tag but can enjoy the maze without it.



Scare Zones



Ghost Town

You’re never safe from our infamous ghouls, ghosts, goblins and other hideous beasts lurking in Ghost Town’s hundreds of nooks and crannies. Beware of Werewolf, Grim Reaper, half-faced Miss Purdy, The Bride, the notorious Sliders and the hundreds of other “gruesomes” whose sole intent is to make your visit with us utterly unpleasant. You can also visit the Gypsy Camp for palm and tarot card readings.


Silver Bullet Throat

When the Silver Bullet Cowboy came to Calico his heart was pure, but the Halloween season brings out the monster in our resident gunslinger. As night falls our champion undergoes a hideous transformation and roams the “Silver Bullet Mine Town” with a posse of evil miners and other creatures of the night.


Camp Snoopy

A tranquil kingdom swept by a terrible plague, its inhabitants doomed to eternal suffering. Seeking revenge, the tortured, scarred souls search for the one responsible – unleashing their fury on anyone who dares to run the Gauntlet!



The Boardwalk

The living dead roam the Boardwalk to cause misery in this eerie zone featuring entertainment more easily defined as surreal and sinister rather than scary. Watch your back as the grotesque, zombie revelers are always looking for victims to add to their gruesome party.




Next up-Kings Island Halloween Haunt!


Haunted Houses



Action Zone

NEW! This popular night club has never been so bloody good! The club’s exotic dancers are dying to meet you. Come in for a bite. Stay as long as you like. In fact, you can stay forever!



Coney Maul

So, you think the Death penalty is bad? Step inside this sanitarium of slaughter and see what torture is all about! The inmates in this evil prison can’t wait for you to join them on Death Row.




A sense of dark confinement abounds as you tour below the decks of a cursed ship. Evil pirates are ready to challenge even the bravest souls to a duel. Can you get past these swashbucklers and make it out alive? Know this as you try: Dead men tell no tales!



Coney Maul

The Manor is for sale and the price has just been reduced! Never mind the rumors of murder and torture – it’s priced to sell. Potential buyers descend into fear as they make their way down creepy corridors, entering one terrifying room after another. Along the way you will encounter many of the Manor’s inhabitants – most of them long since departed.



International Street

Join the circus like you wanted to when you were a kid … permanently! Despite the presence of elephants, giraffes and other circus animals, this is not your run-of-the-mill Big Top. Only the most determined will make it out alive.


Coney Maul

Come with plenty of friends to hold on tight if you dare to venture down this darkened path of mindbending terror deep into Kings Island’s woods. Hideous creatures are lurking in the shadows and zombies in advanced stages of decay emerge from bushes and wander mindlessly along the trail in search of new life.



Rivertown Train Ride

Covered bridges and foggy terrain disguise the evil that lurks in every direction as you travel aboard a midnight train. But don’t be alarmed. We guarantee you’ll make it to your final destination!



Scare Zones


International Street

Beware as you wind your way through this frightful cornfield! Countless scarecrows rule the overgrown ruins of the formerly vibrant Rivertown. Built by farmhands to ward off any would-be trespassers, these guardians of rubble take their jobs very seriously. Legend has it intruders make these evil scarecrows come to life!



International Street

Vacant for years, this worksite has remained untouched and forgotten since the day when something went disastrously wrong. We dare you to enter this undiscovered path of wreckage. Don’t be surprised if you never find your way out. Fear not; someone ... or something is sure to find you.



International Street

You don’t believe in ghost stories? You’re in one when you visit the Cemetery! Experience the darkness, terror and madness as you attempt to make your way around oversized tombstones, monuments and crypts.






Next up, Kings Dominion's Halloween Haunt


Haunted Houses



Duck into this barn to hide and you might get more than you bargained for. Can you find your way back from this labyrinth of stalls, animal pens, rotting wood and undead farmhands? Be ready for scenes of slaughter that are guaranteed to elicit screams of terror - and turn your stomach!



We have all heard about Roswell and its alien sightings - but are you aware of Doswell's? Creatures from outer space have landed - and it does not appear they have come in peace. After venturing through this area, you’ll really want to phone home.



Kings Dominion's quaint Antique Car ride takes a wicked turn each evening through a haunted wood. This forest houses the remains of an evil doctor's gruesome experiments that have all gone awry. Zombies, half-human/half-monster creatures and dismembered former patients now roam through the trees - some looking for salvation, others looking for new limbs to try to correct the wrong that was done to them.



Nothing in this world - or the next - can prepare you for this deeply disturbing domain where clowns have turned on the freaks, and the freaks have turned... well on you! This is no ordinary carnival - everyone here is guaranteed to "freak" you out!



We are told that the poor souls who were abandoned will never escape. During your tour into this asylum for the twisted and the insane, you will experience a group therapy session like no other. Can you escape from the Maze of Madness or is it off to the padded room for you?



Captain Blackbeard was one of the most ruthless pirates in history, and after his death, he became an even more ruthless ghost. On this island, he has hidden his fortune and protects it against all those who trespass. Beware the woods of Blackbeard, for his revenge will not bypass you.



A new Clan of Vampires has set up residence. Preying on the "in" crowd they have opened the coolest nightclub in town - but beware this Clan does not pick off their meal one person at a time, but rather all of the partygoers at once. Enter this Club and you just may dance the night - and your life - away.



Scare Zones



It's always midnight in this garden - the question is - is it good or evil? Hidden behind the great mausoleums, stalking behind the trees and rising from the ground, the ghosts and spirits of this cemetery are always looking for a few folks to move in... permanently.



Legend has it the Headless Horseman used to stalk the farmers who lived here. Some say - he never left, but instead "converted" some of these poor peasants. Are you next?



In this jungle, magic and evil collide as witch doctors practice their ancient art, hidden in the brush, waiting to place a curse on passersby. (Volcano Arch area)



Ever have clown fear as a kid? After a visit through this carnival - you will now! Evil laughter, frightening grins and garish costumes barely scratch the surface of what horrors these clowns may bring as you wander through their domain.





Next Up Is Scarowinds Halloween Haunt!



Haunted Houses



For years, these woods have remained uninhabited by any humans…or so we thought. Just a few months ago, a team of scientists set out on a mission to map these woods—one of the only remaining uncharted pieces of land. What they found astonished them. Buried deep in these ancient woods were ruins too great and grand to be imagined…remnants of structures that would amaze even the ancient Egyptians. But that’s not the most amazing part. After extensive study on the ruins, it was determined that these structures predated even the earliest records of human existence. Could this mean that humans may be even older than we previously thought?


Originally, the only evidence found at the site was fractures of tablet, written in a language unfamiliar to humans. This meant the only avenue for explanation of the phenomenon was the human imagination. Scientists simply deduced that the culture was one of human origin previously unknown to us. Of course, more abstract thinkers had slightly exotic theories.


Recently, the situation has become even stranger. The teams of scientists previously working on the site refuse to return. They claim to have seen bright lights in the sky, circling as if planning an attack. As they fled, they claim to have discovered the most compelling evidence to date—a tablet written in English but dating to the same time of the other tablets that details plans for a return. A return from another planet to claim what once belonged to another race. No humans will be spared. This world will bow before them. All we can do is sit and wait. Wait for the time when they decide the era of humans has expired. Wait for ANNIHILATION.



Welcome to the famed Cedar Productions. The Dream Factory has been the home of horror for more than 8 decades starring hoards of nefarious creatures from mad scientists to werewolves.


As you enter the studio you will see the scenery from some of our most famous movies. These sets only offer a glimpse of what you will see once you begin your tour. You are entering a world of terror personified. Our art teams have been working tirelessly to recreate some of your favorite scenes from Cedar Productions films.


You will be joined by mad scientists and their creations as you wander through the laboratories of geniuses. Here the tortured minds of evil scientists have created some of the most horrific and inhumane experiments known to man. Reanimation of dead corpses, crossbreeding of savage animals, transplanting brains from one creature to another...there is no telling what you will encounter as you wander through these tortured halls.


As you cross through the gateway of the ancient world be on the lookout for mummies who never made their journey to the afterlife. These creatures were drained of their blood, wrapped in cloth, and locked in a stone tomb. Thousands of restless years have made them hungrier than they ever thought possible...and you may appear to be a tasty snack.


Deep from within ancient Eastern Europe, you will be greeted by Vampires and their familiars as you wander through their sacred great halls. These immortal creatures are the only remaining vestiges of their culture, and it has been a long time since they last encountered fresh meat. Your scent will weigh heavily on their dry palettes, so traverse these dangerous halls carefully.


The full moon is always hanging over The Dream Factory but never fear, our werewolves have rarely converted anyone... usually their victims don't live. These creatures of the night stalk their territory looking for prey. With a savage heart that lusts for blood, there is no escaping their relentless jaws.


Welcome to a place where a new reality is created every day. Where fantasy meets your worst nightmares. Welcome to The Dream Factory, the home of horror.



"Come one, come all to the greatest show of all," the ringmaster's voice echoed through the tent as thousands of spectators made their way inside likes herds of cattle being led to the slaughter. As the last audience members took their seats, the ringmaster stepped into the spotlit ring and started up the show.


Laughter and shrieks of delight roared above the band as hundreds of exotic animals, clowns and dancers paraded into the center ring.


Suddenly, a spark ignites against a sidewall behind Section A of the big top. At first no bigger than a quarter until it burst through in one common flame that lept upward in a furious big column towards the tents ventilation leaves... almost 65 feet up. Eyewitnesses stated that the flame spread faster than you could follow with your eyes and within seconds, huge areas of canvas began to rip away and fall to the seats like burning napalm... covering mostly small children who were too terrified to get up and run.....All the while, the circus band continued to play in a vain effort to keep the patrons "calm and orderly" creating a disturbing contrast to the cries for help and final screams of agony that echoed from beneath the sea of fiery canvas and ash.


One survivor says that every night he can still hear the screams of hundreds of people and animals being burnt alive.


You are about to experience a one of a kind Big Top Spectacular.


A circus consumed by fire, an unsolved mystery, and trapped souls seeking escape and revenge.


"Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, step right up, and enjoy the show!"



These stories always start out with a dream. This one is no different. John Cole and his family had always wanted to open up a cozy little inn in the country. They scrimped and saved for years to bring their dream to reality. In the summer of 1963 the Park View Inn opened for business. After several months with few guests, John became obsessed with making their plan work.


His obsession began to tear his family apart. Following the one year anniversary of the opening the conditions had not improved. John's wife left with their kids and decided it would be best if they went their separate ways. Losing his wife pushed John even further over the edge and he decided that he would make the Inn a success. John believed that if the inn were a success he could win back his one true love, but fate had other plans in store.


Within months of his wife leaving, John began to change and reality began to fade away. He saw each guest that came to his Inn with suspicion, believing that they caused his wife to leave him. Several guests that had visited the inn simply disappeared, never to be seen again. The sheriff’s office began to investigate the disappearances but was not able to learn the truth.


On October 13th 1964 John reached his breaking point. In a violent rampage he murdered 18 innocent guests who had made the mistake of staying at the little inn. Following the massacre, John walked into the front office and slit his own throat.


For years, several owners tried to revive the cozy little inn, unfortunately all of their attempts failed. The story of the massacre is too well known, all of the locals call the inn by a more sinister moniker, Dead Inn. Only a few years ago the inn was condemned and boarded up. The old building that was built on dreams is off limits. Even to this day locals claim that the ghost of John Cole and his victims still roam the rooms.


Within the doors of the Park View Inn history is coming alive room by room.


Who will be the next victim at the Dead Inn?



Deep in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, an old manor stands in great disrepair—a testament to its previous days of grandeur. The Beauvais Manor served as the family home of the Beauvais family for over 100 years. The home was a place for the family to gather each year and celebrate their great heritage. As generations passed, the family outgrew the home, and many lost all connection with the family heritage that had at one time been so dear to their hearts. The only remaining member was an old maid named Aimee Beauvais. Having never married, her only connection to the family she so desperately longed for was the home. That house meant everything to her.


Being alone all the time draws its suspicions. Aimee was known by the townspeople as the old “witch.” Long being accused of toying with Voodon, many people were too terrified to even pass the house. As time passed, Aimee grew older, the house went into disrepair, and people were content to ignore the old woman. All that changed one summer 25 years ago. The town faced the worst plague it had ever experienced. Everyone fell deathly ill…except Aimee. Specialists were called from around the world, but no one could identify the mystery illness that was killing the townspeople mercilessly. It wasn’t long before fingers began pointing at the lonely old “witch” who lived in the Beauvais house. The townspeople, desperate for answers, stormed the home searching endlessly for Aimee Beauvais. Finally the mob reached the attic. When they opened the door, she was sitting in an old rocker. The room was a terrific sight, filled with poppets full of pins and wreaking of putrid flesh. They stormed Aimee, who sat calmly in her chair. There was no struggle….no sign of resistance. It was as if she was expecting them.


As the crowd dragged her from the house, others rushed to prepare a noose in the yard. They slid the rope over her neck on the large oak tree in the yard. The crowd became silent. Aimee let out a laugh that chilled the air. Then, as if she had rehearsed it a thousand times, Aimee spoke these words,


I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld.


I will smash the doors and leave them flat.


I will let the dead go up to eat the living!


The dead will outnumber the living! You will all suffer!


This was all the proof the angry mob needed. They quickly released her and let her lifeless body swing from the tree, leaving her there to rot.


Soon after, the town seemed to return to normal. And so it has remained for the past 25 years. But on the anniversary, strange things began to happen. Things in the house began to stir. The first thing people noticed was that family graveyard was empty. All of the graves dug up, as if something had escaped. Then people began going missing. Now there are tales of walking dead! Zombies who have returned at the hand of Voodon master Aimee Beauvais to seek her revenge. All who enter this cursed place, will be doomed!



For sixty two years, generations of men made their way to the outskirts of town and worked in the dimly lit corridors and bloody death rooms of the Shady Lake’s Pork Processing Plant. For sixty two years, father’s ritually passed down to their sons the secrets of how to best “stick a pig.” For sixty two years they fought against their own primal nature and tried not to “enjoy” their work of committing unspeakable acts of violence and murder upon millions of innocent and defenseless pigs. They succeeded for sixty two years….


Finally, all of the killing and torture has taken its toll on the sanity of the butchers at Shady Lakes. The pigs have now become too boring. Too predictable. Not even smart enough to hide. The crazed butchers have decided that it is time to make their work “fun” again.


You are about to enter a place that you will wish did not exist; A place where your last breath is controlled by the twisted and insane. How many ways are there to die? Our butchers have decided to find the answer to that question. Over the year’s, they have become very creative.


Have YOU been chosen to be their next little piggy?






Next up is Dorney Park's Halloweekends


Haunted Houses




There's a mad scientist on the loose! This walk-through haunted house experience takes brave guests down the corridors of a lunatic's laboratory.



Don't tell these startled spirits that this factory closed years ago! This walk-through haunted house experience produces panic as you travel along an assembly line of madness. Live actors appear throughout this maze of mayhem.



The Magical House on Boo Hill is a family funhouse that is more likely to produce smiles than screams. A scare-free walk-through experience surprises guests with optical illusions around every corner.




Scare Zone



A pleasant stroll through Dorney Park quickly becomes your worst nightmare. Monsters are hot on your trail as they materialize from every direction on this particularly eerie stretch of midway. Live actors add the "psycho" to this "path" in the Park.






Next Up Is Valleyscare


Haunted Houses



Located in the Hi-Test Arcade

You are cordially invited to dine (or be dined upon) at the Chateau du Damné. The Baron and Baroness look forward to…meating you.


Come experience first-hand the many rooms of this nightmarish renaissance castle including the Baron’s throne room, the Baroness’ reception area and finally her “bedroom”. If you survive the visit, you’ll make your way outside to the fabled gardens. The Baron hopes you partake in the delights of his fauna. From there the gardens exit to the entrance of the Chateau’s graveyard and mausoleum where you can meet other visitors who never left. If you’re lucky, perhaps you may leave to live another day. If not, the Chateau always has room for more.



Located in the Bumper Cars Building

Over a century of torture and pain live within the walls of this defunct facility that housed one of America’s most notorious sanatoriums, the Mangler Asylum. At the turn of the century, Dr. Frederick Mangler conducted numerous dreadful experiments on the local unfortunates. Within these halls, his hideous endeavors opened the door to the evil nature of man and his most disturbing nightmares. Some say the wicked doctor unlocked the barrier between reality and nightmare.


With lack of funds and Dr. Mangler’s mysterious passing in the 1970’s, the asylum staff abandoned the facility, leaving the building and grounds unsupervised. Most patients died of a slow miserable death, but some still linger living off the decaying corpses of the dead. The doors of this evil place will now unseal. Guests will be invited within the bloody asylum walls, which house a collection of living fears and phobias waiting to wreak havoc on innocent souls. They could venture, if they dare, into the unholy depths of the building where Dr. Mangler conducted his most bizarre experiments...that is, IF THEY MAKE IT.



Located in the Game Warehouse

The clowns are no longer funny or happy but psycho, demented and over the top.

Plenty of shrilling laughter will be heard as they entice you to be part of their world under the Big Top Tent, but beware, you may never exit the world of the killer clowns! CarnEvil is a 3D attraction.



The pirates of Crimson Isle, though long dead have sworn to protect its precious treasure. Now that the infamous pirate Captain Tack Gallows has gone after the treasure for himself, the isle has become a black and bloody battleground of shock and horror. Rare be the ones who make it through the Carnage at Crimson Isle.



Scare Zones



Blood Creek Cemetery was closed at the 20th century after reports that the local undertaker, Damien Tedrow was cutting up cadavers before burying the bodies, preventing the dead from entering the afterlife.


Valleyfair unknowingly constructed on the abandoned cemetery and has operated ever since. One night as the fog thickens, the dead rise looking for souls to take in order to enter the great beyond.



From the outside, Hillside Farm appears to be a simple abandoned farm with equipment and fields left long forgotten. However, when the sun sets, it quickly becomes apparent that this farm is not entirely abandoned as Hillside turns into Hellside and the demented residents of the farm begin looking to harvest their next victim. Will you be next?






Next up is Cedar Point's Halloweekends!


Haunted Houses



Explore this world of the un-dead and you'll walk with creatures of the night eagerly seeking new members for their unholy society.


Long, long ago, the inhabitants of the Lair of the Vampire were just like you. But then they were lost forever, their souls and lives stolen by creatures who stalk the night. Now they wait in the shadows, seeking unfortunate new victims to share their tortured existence. Located on the Main Midway near Hurricane Hannah's, this gothic dwelling's wayward souls defy gravity! This is one haunted house NOT for the weak of stomach.



This spine-tingling haunted house will take its willing (and unwilling) guests on a frightful journey through ancient Egypt. You don't want these "mummies" to hold your hand when you get scared. Pharaoh's Secret is a 3D attraction.



Come join the students at Undertaker U., where the labs are grisly, the lessons are ghoulish and the final exam is really final. This dreary center of higher learning will teach students about everything from coffin sales to how to use the cremation furnace and finally, to the graveyard for your graduation ceremony.



Scare Zones



Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up to Cedar Point's haunted walk-through attraction, CarnEvil. In this dark, dank world you'll come face-to-face with bizarre residents of a sinister sideshow, all eager to display their grotesque talents. Located along the Wicked Twister midway, this carnival gone bad will be packed with sideshow freaks, ominous clowns, creepy carnival workers and a load of other surprises that materialize from the fog and darkness. CarnEvil, the Fright Zone and the Fear Faire are three places not recommended for those afraid of the dark!



The time: somewhere in the distant past, a time when horror is commonplace and the truly evil is never far away. Visit this take on twisted history if you dare! The peddlers of this medieval market invite you to check out their wares. Don't get too close, or face the Inquisition!



Those who dare to enter the zone will be completely immersed in a deep, thick fog - making it almost impossible to see your hand in front of your face. Enter the Fright Zone at your own risk!


Located on the Frontier Trail, this ultra-spooky area is loaded with eerie noises and the park's roaming Screamsters who could be lurking anywhere … even right behind you! They're just waiting to scare the daylights out of you!



It’s not fun when a wolf with traces of human DNA gets loose, and you’re trapped with his pack. The sounds of vicious carnivores and their eyes glowing in the darkness will haunt your escape route as you desperately try to avoid becoming the mutated beasts' next prey.


Werewolf Canyon, is back bigger and better than ever. The werewolf will meet his demise in the newly expanded canyon by taking a trip through the Three Little Pigs Market. But beware, before you make it there, you could meet your own demise at the hands, or fangs, of the werewolf!





Next up is Worlds Of Fun Halloween Haunt!



Haunted Houses



Processing at the Old McDonald Slaughterhouse has gone horribly wrong. Be aware of your surroundings or you'll be dead meat.




The fear factor intensifies at Asylum Island, an infirmary where the criminally insane are in control.


On the Island, check yourself into Lakeside Mental Hospital, where straight jackets, shock therapy, and padded walls await you-the newest patient. Escaping from Asylum Island only leaves you to face the Park’s other extreme haunts.



For the last century, Dracula and his brides have slept in the underground catacomb-Lore of the Vampire. Now awake and hungry for blood, it will be a miracle if you come out alive!



Scare Zones



Inside CarnEvil, beware of cadever craving clowns and crazy carnies who taunt those who trespass their territory. Sideshow Freaks perform stunts to make you wince and cringe. Try your hand at our midway games, your limbs will love the ring-finger toss.




Dominion of Doom is a gothic cemetery where the forces of evil want to share their tragedies with you.


Wage the darkness with ghosts, illusions, and apparitions, as you attempt to navigate the maze-like fortress of winding pathways and blinding fog.



Hordes of Sceamsters lurk in the nightmarish shadows and blinding fog of the Fright Zone, searching for their next victims to drag into the darkness.



Camp Gonnagitcha Witchahatchet has come to a dead end, and a crowd of zombies and murderous madmen still stalk the grounds of this creepy camp.






Next up, Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt!


(Due to the limited knowledge of the website I do not know which are haunted houses and which are scare zones so I'm just gonna put the category as haunts)







When Thomas Greychild died while working at the paper mill, 200 years ago, his wife swore her vengeance upon all the workers who were present on that dark day and did not help him. She placed a dark curse onto half of the workers, transforming the men into rabid werewolves who trapped the remaining millers inside the paper mill so that they too could feel her loneliness and never go home to see their wives. Years of such solitude and witnessing such carnage have turned them manic as they are unable to die, but not fully alive. Both the millers and werewolves are set to ensure complete carnage on any mortal who dares to breach their territory.



When Thomas Greychild died while working at the paper mill, 200 years ago, his wife swore her vengeance upon all the workers who were present on that dark day and did not help him. She placed a dark curse onto half of the workers, transforming the men into rabid werewolves who trapped the remaining millers inside the paper mill so that they too could feel her loneliness and never go home to see their wives. Years of such solitude and witnessing such carnage have turned them manic as they are unable to die, but not fully alive. Both the millers and werewolves are set to ensure complete carnage on any mortal who dares to breach their territory.



In 1857 the circus top tent caught on fire. The spectators escaped unharmed, but the performers were left behind to choke on the heavy smoke and burn in the infernal heat. The audience claimed they thought it was part of the show, but the angry spirits of the clowns and circus freaks do not believe such a claim, and know that the spectators simply did not believe the freaks were worth the effort to save. Every night, the circus freaks appear to perform their act in an attempt to lure in fresh blood until they have gathered enough to return to this world for good.



In 1923 Miles Gravestone was admitted to the asylum after surviving the curse of Slaughter Mill. No one believed his story, and most believed that it was he who gruesomely murdered his camping friends. The doctors forced electroshock therapy while the nurses cruelly sedated him with rusty needles. Pushed to his psychological brink, his sorrow and fear exploded in a rage of fury and he gathered all the other inmates to form a revolt. The inmates have taken over the asylum entirely, and those doctors and nurses who survived such actions are just as deranged as their former patients.



The Van Tassel boy had been warned about wandering too far into the forest, and disturbing thing better left forgotten, but he didn’t listen. He came to the grave of the headless horseman, a soldier who had died not during battle, but by execution for unjust war crimes. When the boy returned home that night, he brought with him the curse of sleepy hollow. The enraged horseman brutally murdered the Van Tassel family and the farm workers in his ever agonizing search for his head. Over 200 years later, this colonial farmhouse is still haunted by the undead occupants.



When the headless horseman realized his head was not in the possession of the humans, he ravaged the Van Tassels’ barn, tearing through the helpless workers and animals that got in his way. The dilapidated barn is now haunted by rabid animals out for revenge against all things human, and the corpses of deceased farm hands roam about in loathsome madness.



With the Van Tassel family and their farm hands all dead, the fields of the Van Tassel Farmstead have become overgrown with two centuries of colonial debris and corn. The evil which occurred on the farmstead that night has sunk into the once lifeless bodies of scarecrows, which now consider these fields theirs, and will stalk and scare any crows, animals or humans who dare set foot onto their soil.



For anyone who thought being burnt-out was bad, they should see how morbid it is to be burnt-up! Tour through the charcoal remains of Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Ozzburne’s open house of terror; just try not to loose your dinner as you witness the after effects of the mother of all parties!



Prepare to enter a behind the scenes look at the undead music industry, as you enter heavy metal hell. It is a battle of the bands-metal heads versus Zombie bubble gum pop stars; and the losers have havoc, death and destruction to look forward to-then again, so do the winners in the world of bloodied musicians, and freaky roadies! Try not to be too taken in by their unglamorous lifestyle or you’ll never get out alive!






All of these sound like great haunts. Although Knotts got voted #1, I think that the Canada's Wonderland Haunt sounds amazing, but a little bit overdone with the whole sleepy hallow theme and such. What do you all think?

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I fixed that just now so ya.


BTW Dorney is the worst Fright Fest Ever!!


You just noticed that?!

Every other cedar fair park (Including paramount parks as well) have received a new haunted house AND/OR scare zone for this year,

excluding. . . yep you guessed it! Dorney Park.

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OH! I just looked at the WOF website, and I thought you meant WOF's haunt opened on October 22nd! You guys are lucky for a september opening. Hopefully we get that next year!

As for the Asylum, it does look really great. From the pics on MWIG, it looks amazing, also that video they did last year made it look really eerie. Hey Swoosh, are you getting POV's of all the houses this year, or are you just doing AI again this year?

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Here's the Asylum Video from last year.




Here's the photos that we got from inside.




We're running slow today so it might take a little longer than normal to get the video running.



We went through Blood Shed training last night and it was pretty sweet.

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I also wouldn't consider Dominion of Doom to be a maze. It's as much a scare zone as Fright Zone is.


They call it "maze like" on the WoF site but it's a straight shot through the fog.


It could also be noted that they entire park is fair game this year. There are a handful of roving screamsters that will be let loose.

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